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Gro Anywhere Blind

Gro Anywhere Blind – Designed with travel and versatility in mind. Blind is made of a lightweight, light-proof material which adjusts to any shaped window up to a maximum size of 130 x 200cm. If a larger window needs to be covered you could use multiple blinds. Fits directly to the glass it will fit almost any style of window and gives the closest possible fit to block out the daylight. Gro Anywhere Blind now even easier – suckers – that hold the blind on the window- are now permanently attached to the fabric, meaning that parents can use the Gro Anywhere Blind straight out of the box and don’t have to worry about losing any suckers on their travels.

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£29.99 Available Mothercare, John Lewis, Babies R Us or you can purchase online

Gro Anywhere Blind Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Morris - Thomas Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Samantha Morris – Thomas Aged 2 Years

Samantha Awarded The Gro Anywhere Blind Top Marks 5/5

Packaged well and informative instructions on the back of the product which were easy to follow.  We took this product on holiday with us as went to a sunny climate.  When you have the sun blaring into the window every morning this was the ideal product to have with us.  Normally we have used blankets or sheets to block out the sunlight, so was keen to try this out.  Really liked the design with cute sheep.  Blind is easy to apply – by applying plastic suckers to the blind and attaching to the window.  When you wish to take down just pull off the window so easy.  Had not seen this sort of product before.  It certainly did a good job and kept the sunlight out of the room and kept room dark for Thomas to sleep.  This is a very good quality product.  A little on the expensive side but you would get a lot of use out of it as you could use it at home and its portable so ideal for holidays.  The idea and design just great.  We like to go on holiday and visit friends quite often so we will be getting a lot of use out of our blind.  Already recommended to a few people.  Nicely presented and fast to put up giving your baby a dark room to sleep in when on holiday or visiting other peoples houses.  Samantha Morris – Thomas Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Melanie Viranyi – Jamie Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Melanie Awarded The Gro Anywhere Blind Another outstanding 5/5

What a great idea!  Cute, bright and colourful.  Instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  We were on a self catering holiday in South Aftica and  also used at home in Jamie’s bedroom.  If it was not for the blind we would have had a very tired toddler on holiday.  It worked a treat.  We all loved the sheep design on the blind.  This was easy to put up, although I did have a helping hand from my husband.  I imagine it may be a little trickier if trying to do it yourself.  Also very easy to take down when not in use.  Have not seen anything like this before.  This most certainly helped Jamie sleep better.  He thinks that if the sun is still shining it is still time to play so by using the black out blind I could ensure his bedroom was dark as soon as he got out of his bath and we had no trouble at all convincing him to go to sleep.  This is well made and durable.  Good value for money, and I have not seen anything else like it.  Well made with a firm indestructable fabric and comes in a handy travel bag so perfect for taking on holiday (and it is lightweight too!).  Would certainly consider purchasing one and would recommend without hesitation.  A great idea, every family should have one of these for trips away from home!  Melanie Viranyi – Jamie Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Hora – Baby Alfie 6 Months

Sarah Awarded The Gro Anywhere Blind An Amazing 5/5

A fun product that has a function – my favourite kind of item!  The packaging was great – it allowed you to see the product clearly as well as showing what the product is for.  Instructions were very straight forward.  The product itself is very self explanatory and easy to work out how to put it up.  I originlally used the blind in my son’s nursery.  We are in the process of decorating and I don’t have any curtains up so this blind allowed me to move him from my bedroom to his own room without him being woken up in the sunshine.  I would normally have used curtains but curtains do not black out the room enought to convince Alfie that it is nap time in the middle of the afternoon.  It also meant that in the morning he slept longer as it was so dark in his bedroom.  I LOVE the design.  The pattern is cute which actually makes the black item look attractive.  This is so easy to put up.  Not only was it easy it stayed where you stuck it and as it has so many fixing points there was no chance of any light getting through the gaps.  This is also easy to take down.  I did not tend to bother taking it right down, just lifted the bottom up and stuck it higher up the window to allow the natural light in when Alfie was not sleeping.  I have used a blackout blind in the past but the light always came in around the edges which means that they are not as effective as the Gro Anywhere Blind.  Alfie slept much better – he did not wake up so early in the mornings and was able to sleep better during the day.  Quality fantastic.  Fantastic value for money.  I paid £60 for a blackout roller blind that let the light in so £30 for an item that does it’s jop properly is money well spent.  An adult version would be really good!  I am thinking of getting one for my bedroom for the early morning sunlight so that I can have a lie in at the weekends!  I have been using this product in the nursery and will take it away on holiday with us also.  It has become one of my essential items.  Thank You.  Sarah Hora – Baby Alfie 6 Months.

Nicely presented and fast to put up giving your baby a dark room to sleep in when on holiday or visiting other peoples houses


Samantha Awarded The Gro Anywhere Blind Top Marks 5/5

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