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Gro-Clock. A glowing screen shows images of moon and sun to communicate ‘sleep’ and ‘wakeup’ time. Includes fun bedtime story book. Stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time.
Key-lock option. Adjustable screen brightness. Silent operation. Optional digital clock and audible alarm feature. Mains powered (adapter included).Suitable from 2 years.

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£39.99 Available Mothercare, Babies R Us, John Lewis, Harrods buy online

Gro-Clock Reviews

Product Tested by: Maria Tsopanoglou – Evie Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Maria Tsopanoglou – Evie Aged 2 Years

Maria Awarded The Gro-Clock 4/5

A good idea if you have a child who wakes early.  I think this company has come up with some really useful products lovely easy to navigate website. Good packaging Very easy to open.  I found the instructions so simple to follow.  Had the clock set up in seconds! Evie was very excited about the clock and even told Daddy all about it as soon as he came through the door. The first time we used the clock Evie stayed in bed until we went to her, she totally understood the concept that until the sun comes she needs to stay in bed! This clock did help Evie stay in bed longer (about an hour longer not 6am!).  I was very impressed with the design.   I think it is quite pricey, maybe more books would make it more value for money.   I will continue to the use the clock, would consider buying if Evie was a really early riser.  Have already recommended the gro-clock to other Mums at work! I feel you would get huge success with this clock if you have a child who does wake very early, was slightly shocked at the price but suppose it is worth paying for the extra sleep! Maria Tsopanoglou – Evie Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Sally Lakin – Daniel Aged 3 Years & Jack Aged 4 Years

Sally Awarded The Gro-Clock Top Marks 5/5

It looked really expensive the box it comes in is modern and eye catching and I was excited to try it out as my son is an early riser! I was familiar with their gro-bag range but didn’t realise that they did other products such as the clock. Their website is easy to use and navigate around and gives good product descriptions.  The box looks modern and expensive as it is sleek and black instead of lots of bright, bold colours. The clock is well packaged inside and the box isn’t too big or bulky.  Instructions are simple to read and understand getting straight to the point of how to set the clock up and use it.   I found the clock fairly easy to set up although it took me a couple of go’s to get the clock to go through the night time stage. But once I had got the hang of it I had no trouble.  Both my son’s (who share a room) aged 3 and 4 and a half loves the clock! I didn’t let them use the clock themselves instead they get into their bunk beds and I would then set the clock to its night time mode. Every night they say goodnight to Mr. Sun and Hello to Mr. Moon and the stars! I sat both my son’s down and explained what the clock did and what it was designed for i.e.: You don’t get up and come and wake up Mummy until you can see Mr. Sun. They both completely understood and were extremely excited the first few nights to try it out!  The first couple of nights my youngest Daniel still called out to me during the night. I went down to him and told him it was still night time as Mr. Moon was still visible, I then explained to him the next morning that he shouldn’t have called out to me until Mr. Sun had appeared. It only took him a couple of nights to comply with the new rules. My eldest Son took to it with no problems at all.  I really like the product it is well made and safe to use. Some time ago I saw an alarm clock which does a similar thing to the Gro-Clock but it is more like an alarm clock and has a rabbit who when his eyes are shut means sleep time and when open the child can get up. The Gro-clock is far better looking and is far nicer as it has a soothing night light type glow and has a count down to morning with the disappearing stars making it easier for children to understand. If you have an early riser or a child who continually wakes during the night I would say this product would be a big help. It does offer value for money as it can be used every day for many years; it is a clock as well as a night light and can even be an alarm clock for an older child.  I will definitely continue to use this product even now that my son has learnt not to rise until he sees’s Mr. Sun. When my eldest Jack starts Primary school in September I will begin to use the Alarm clock mode too.  I have already recommended it to a few of my friends. A Fantastic product for any Mum/Dad with a little early riser to help them learn that night time is for sleep! Sally Lakin – Daniel Aged 3 Years & Jack Aged 4 Years

Product Tested By Julie Edmondson – Bella Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Julie Awarded The Gro-Clock  4/5

I think this is a great idea and came at just the right time for my little girl, who’s recently started to wake a bit earlier in the mornings. I think this is a lovely website with very clear video explanation of how their products work, etc. I’m also thinking of buying more items from them since viewing the website. The product range is just right, you’re not bamboozled with hundreds of items, just a few well-thought out lines with clear, helpful instructions. I liked the packaging and once I’d read the instructions for myself and familiarised myself with the clock, I let my daughter open the box herself.  She was very excited about it as we’d watched the video online and couldn’t wait for us to read the book together at bedtime.  At first, the clock was a little tricky to fathom but once I sat down without any interruptions, I soon got to grips with how to set it, etc. As I said before, it was a little tricky the first time around but very easy once you understand the buttons, etc.  My little girl loves the clock and looks forward to bedtime. I set the clock myself the first night and then Bella set it every night after that.  Yeah she understood the idea very well, although she’s quite a good sleeper anyway. So some mornings, the sun would have appeared before she woke up. But she tends to wake quite early on a weekend and now lies looking at a book or playing with a toy until the sun appears. Then comes into our room and wakes us up.  Bella now understands that if the sun hasn’t appeared she just has a quiet play in her bedroom before waking everyone else up. She also loves to watch the changing face of the clock and knows if she gets out of bed too early, she might miss that.  This item’s great quality and the packaging and book all add to the product as a whole.  I must admit I did found this item to be a little expensive before I’d used it. But once I used the clock in my daughter’s room, I found it to be invaluable and would quite readily pay the RRP for it. I think if your little one is experiencing sleep problems, you’ll know how disruptive it can be and I think any parent would be prepared to spend just short of £40 to sort the problem out.  Once my daughter’s into a good routine and doesn’t use the clock any more, I’ll parcel it back up and definitely use it again with my next child. Yes, I will definitely carry on using the Gro-clock and once my little girl is finished with it, I’ll most certainly use it again with my little boy.  I have already recommended this product to a friend who’s having a similar problem with her son waking at 5am every morning.  I’d give this product a 4/5. I think the only problem I found with it, was that the moon couldn’t be displayed for a while before bedtime, so my daughter could countdown before she went to bed, as she does on a morning before the sun appears. If this was a feature, I’d rate this 5/5, as it would also sort out the problem of tricky bedtimes.  A great idea and well worth the RRP for any parent who’s child won’t sleep past 5am.  Julie Edmondson – Bella Aged 2 Years 6 Months

I feel you would get huge success with this clock if you have a child who does wake very early.


Maria Awarded The Gro-Clock 4/5

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