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A revolutionary New 2in1 Swaddle and Newborn Grobag from safe sleep experts The Gro Company. The only bedding you will need for your newborn. This cute colourful spot pattern looks great on boys and girls.The Gro-snug enables you to swaddle arms in or out for a great night’s sleep. Extremely easy to use with no folding needed and a long zip that opens from the bottom for nappy changes. Unique design creates space for hip healthy natural leg position. Perfectly transitions your baby in to their first Grobag.Made from supersoft and stretchy cotton, the Gro-snug is available in two different weights – Light and Cosy, for different room temperatures. Babies love it!

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£22.99 Available www/; Mothercare; John Lewis

Gro-snug Reviews

Product Tested by: Helen Cope-Stokes – Ava 5 Months

Tested By
Helen Cope-Stokes – Ava 5 Months

Awarded The Gro-snug 4.8/5

looked a fantastic product and very good quality. The design certainly has the age of the child
in mind especially the dual zip which enables middle of the night bum changes
without having to totally strip the baby.
I loved the fact that you could swaddle the arms but you have the
ability to do just one which was perfect for my little girl. The material was
nice it held its shape and colour well when washed and it was nice to the
touch. It was comfortable at first but then she had a big growth spurt which
meant the size I had became a bit snug. I washed it and it came out lovely and
dried quickly too which is a bonus when you need it for that evening. If you
use it straight from birth then yes it does offer good value, but due to the
size it doesn’t last for long. I used it for as long as I possibly could. I
would recommend this. Great product with
lots of ideas that do work well. I really loved the product it was easy to use
and was easy to get to grips with. Helen
Cope-Stokes – Ava 5 Months

Tested By
Danielle Day – James 16 Weeks

Awarded The Gro-snug 4/5

was impressed with the Gro Snug initially as it seemed light enough for my sun
to wear even in the warm weather. I
liked the design of the gro-snug as it offered the option to swaddle or have
the arms free which was good for my son as he doesn’t like to feel restricted. I
think it is good for newborn but my son is a bigger baby so it wouldn’t last
him very long at all. The material was of a good quality and it washed well. It
was soft and comfortable for bedtime. The Gro bag was very comfortable to sleep
ion both wearing a sleepsuit and wearing just his nappy during the recent hot
weather he slept well in both instances and was very settled. This item was
very easy to launder I washed it with similar colours and it didn’t require
ironing. I didn’t tumble dry it though as I lined dried it. For me I’m not sure
it was good value for money as my son grew out of it quite quickly there are
other products on the market that would last longer proving better value for
money. This no longer fits my son now. I
would recommend it to try from birth as it was of a good quality and it offers
the swaddling capacity but also allows
them to transition to a grow bag
and it gives you the peace of mind that you can’t get from blankets. I
think this is a good product and as long as you don’t have a big baby like mine
then it would be better value for money. It was of a good quality and did do
all that it advertises allowing your baby to transition from swaddling to grow
bag and my son felt settled in it. Good product which gave me peace of mind at
bedtime and made my son feel comfortable and settled at bedtime. Danielle Day –
James 16 Weeks

Tested By
Katie Choules – Baby Boy 4 Weeks

Awarded The Gro-snug 4.2/5

liked the look of this and it seemed a nice thickness. Loved the design as my son could have his arms
free of swaddled. This design is great
for a newborn. Lovely feel to it and
washed well. My son looked very
comfortable and settled in this. I feel
this is a little expensive for the amount of use my baby will get out of
this. I will continue to use this until
my son grows out of it. I would
recommend as it is a lovely item to give a new mum as a gift. Lovely item and my son looked so warm and
comfortable in it and a great gift for any new mum. Katie Choules – Baby Boy 4

I would recommend this. Great product with lots of ideas that do work well. I really loved the product it was easy to use and was easy to get to grips with. 


Helen Awarded The Gro-snug 4.8/5

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