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grobag® baby sleeping bags come in a variety of soft fabrics. They are available in woven cotton, organic cotton, soft cotton jersey and luxurious velour.

  • 100% cotton on 0.5 tog and 2.5 tog
  • 100% cotton outer and 100% cotton woven flannel lining on 1.0 tog
  • Size 0-6 months has shoulder and underarm poppers  
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    Grobag Reviews

    Product Tested by: Hayley Stamp - Baby Ophelia 6 Weeks Old

    Product Tested By Hayley Stamp – Baby Ophelia 6 Weeks Old

    Hayley Awarded The Grobag An Amazing 5/5

    Lovely fabric, soft and well-made.  Great packaging and quirky idea to include free room thermometer!  Information on the packaging helps a buyer make an informed choice.  Instructions simple to follow.  The idea of adding a room thermometer is great as it helps you decide what you should be dressing your baby in to use the product.  Quality superb.  Well-made and when washed came up lovely and clean and stayed in shape too.  I used sleeping bags for my son when he was about 3 months but Ophelia had never used them before this trial.  I had previously used cellular blankets and fleece blankets.  I will definitely carry on using these sleeping bags as Ophelia has slept very snugly in them.  Superb value for money as they are better made and wash up better than previous sleeping bags I have used.  Design is perfect.  I would certainly recommend this product as they are great as baby cannot kick off the covers and they easily explain what clothing to use for which room terperature with the bags which is very important for small babies that cannot regulate their own body temperature.  This is a really great sleeping bag.  A fantastic idea, prevents covers being kicked off and makes baby feel secure..a great buy!.  Hayley Stamp – Ophelia 6 Weeks Old.


    Product Tested By Clare Dunn – Baby Charlotte 4 Months

    Clare Awarded The Grobag 5/5

    Nice pattern, and nice and cosy.  Charlotte slept well in the Grobag and helps her to settle as part of her bedtime routine.  Good strong packaging with information on how to dress your baby correctly for bed depending upon the temperature.  A room thermometer also came free in the packaging which was very good. Fabric is high quality and strudy design.  I used Grobags for my older child until he was 1 year old and then he went straight to pillow & duvet.  Charlotte wears this Grobag to sleep in.  I was not aware tha SIDSandKids do not endorse any baby care products, but I am aware of how to put my own baby to sleep to reduce the risks.  This is a good product and is much better than other makes of sleeping bags, but it is quite a bit more expensive compared to others on the market.  It is a nicely made product and does everything I need it to do.  I would definitely always use the Grobag brand sleeping bags.  Very good product, with a well know name behind it.  Only negatives are slightly expensive, and they can twist round a little if you have a wriggly baby.  A good idea to help baby get a good night’s sleep.  Clare Dunn – Baby Charlotte 4 Months


    Product Tested By Dian Huyton – Baby Adam 5 Months

    Dian Awarded The Grobag Top Marks 5/5

    My initial impression of the Grobag is that it has been produced to a high standard.  Packaging is bright, modern, self explanatory and serves its purpose.  My only critiscism is that the packaging does not state what material the product is made from apart from a cotton lining.  This information however, is provided on the Grobag baby sleeping bag label.  In the mind boggling maze of which tog sleeping bag do you use, which size should I buy, how much sleep wear should I put my baby in, do I/don’t I use an additional blanket….  It was really refreshing to find a product that provided instructions for use which guided me so easily.  The additional free thermometer with temperature and corresponding tog information is an excellent visual tool.  Gives quick reassurance that my baby continues to be safe and warm in what he is wearing as the evening progresses.  Grobag baby slepping bag is 100% soft cotton with a light weight soft polyester filling.  It has withstood a lot of wriggling, has not irritated my babys sensitive skin washes well.  Also clicked onto the website which is comprehensive and easy to navigate and informative.  This is a little more expensive than other similar products.  However, it is reassuringly FSID recommended and the quality and design of this product is faultless.  Grobag baby sleeping bag has plenty of room to allow for my sons wriggling but also has shoulder and under arm poppers for added comfort and security.  The side zipper is much preferable in comparison to those with front poppers.  The ‘Ship Ahoy! motif is also delightful.  I was very pleased with this product and I would consider purchasing more.  Grobag baby sleeping bag has reassuringly offered me both safety and comfort for my baby which is understandably why it has achieved so many awards over the past 3 years.  Dian Huyton – Baby Adam 5 Months.

    A fantastic idea, prevents covers being kicked off and makes baby feel secure..a great buy!. 


    Hayley Awarded The Grobag An Amazing 5/5

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