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Gummee Glove Teething Mitt
Teething can be a very distressing time for the whole family. Poor baby is in pain, and parents want to do everything & anything they can to help relieve the symptoms. Current remedies or articles of help include Teething toys & teething rings, teething powders, teething gel, teething blankets, teething jewellery, cold wet wash cloths & probably a whole lot more.  Up to a certain age, babies can not hold teething toys. It is up to mum or dad or carer to hold a teething toy to babies mouth. Babies will then drop the toy if left for a few seconds, resulting in the need to re-clean & sterilize the teething toy & the swift replacement with another toy.

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Gummee Glove Reviews

Product Tested by: Victoria Pilkington-Fox – Scarlett 4 Months

Product Tested By Victoria Pilkington-Fox – Scarlett 4 Months

Victoria Awarded The Gummee Glove Teething Mitten 4.6/5

I really liked this product. It gives you plenty of information about the product and whether it was the right product for your baby. The quality of the product itself was excellent. I was quite surprised how tough yet light the glove was. It is very easy to keep clean. I would say it is a tad on the large size for Scarlett as she has used it from a young age and she is not really able to bend her arm in a way to get the ring in her mouth easily.  The glove is easy to sterilise; it fitted great in our steriliser. Scarlett does like this teether. Though her teeth are not quite coming through yet she is chewing everything in sight so I think it will be great throughout the whole teething.  I think if offers great value for money.  It does what it was designed to do. Only comment as above is maybe too large but she will grow into it while teething.  We will continue to use it; Scarlett has become attached to it.  I would recommend this to family and friends.  We really liked it and it will be great throughout the whole teething process for Scarlett. Victoria Pilkington-Fox – Scarlett 4 Months

Product Tested By Tawny Wright – Ezra 5 Months

Tawny Awarded The Gummee Glove Teething Mitten 5/5

Ezra is teething really badly so I was excited to try this product. Whilst the packaging didn’t wow me, the glove itself looks fantastic and I was very impressed that it came with its own matching bag. You can see the thought that has gone into it and it looks very well made. I didn’t really need too much information, as anything that may help Ezra teeth easier was worth a try, but I did check out the Gummee glove website to see if Ezra was big enough to use it, as it looks big and potentially too heavy for his hand, but there is plenty of images sent from parents of Gummee glove users, so I was reassured.  It also gave me chance to read more about it and I loved that it was so mummy focused, from a mum to a mum. You can see the care this lady has put into her product, designed completely for the comfort of the child. The quality is fantastic, it feels soft and the material is very durable. I had no problems with washing the Gummee glove;  the teether is easily removed to aid this too.  I used the travel bag that comes with it as a wash bag so I could machine wash it, which was brilliant.  Initially I was worried that the teether was too wide, but I was totally proven wrong. The teether unclips easily from the glove to make sterilising it hassle free, and clips back on just as quickly.  Whilst Ezra prefers the rubber teething squares on the side, he loves to gnaw on the teether after it’s been in the fridge.  This is probably the best value for money teether I’ve come across, it is priced to compete, but is the only teether I’ve seen that can be used for a child not old enough to hold a ring or teething keys.  My 2 year old also wanted to try it and it fit his hand too. He enjoyed the novelty of it. My only suggestion to improve this product would be to have a larger Velcro strap, as Ezra has tiny wrists and when he put some force into it, he could shake it off. I will definitely continue to use the Gummee glove! I would recommend this product because it’s brilliant for even the youngest children who can’t hold onto the usual teething rings, or who have a habit of throwing their toys. The Gummee Glove stops Ezra’s sore gums and tears – why didn’t I hear about this sooner!! Tawny Wright – Ezra 5 Months


Product Tested By Ian Chadwick – Oliver 21 weeks

Ian Awarded The Gummee Glove Teething Mitten 4.4/5

This is a lovely looking product with all the right colours and textures. I was very impressed with the quality. I Googled the product prior to receiving and found the info on the website quite detailed. In fact I was planning to buy one should the trial offer be withdrawn. Olly just started teething as it arrived and he loves it.  The Gummee glove is well stitched.  Before letting Olly chew on it, I tried myself to pull the pieces apart and tear it bu tit did not budge. The rubber/plastic parts are soft enough to not hurt him when he missed his mouth but still hard enough to be worth a good chew. It is very easy to keep clean; washing machined at 40 and no shrinkage/running colours. The textures on this teether are excellent. The size of the glove is great although we found it a little tight to get on Olly.  The sizes of the plastic parts are good but could do with being a little smaller as Olly wanted to chew on his back gums. I did sterilise the ring quickly in the electric steriliser as it dropped on floor but I did not sterilise the glove.  Olly loved the Gummee glove. Once he was used to it he would rotate eating it and looking at it; touching it with his other hand.  I think it is well worth the £9.99 asking price. I would have happily paid up to £15.00 for it myself.  This glove would be loads better to use if there was more room inside the glove to fit the child’s hand.  We really had to squeeze Olly’s hand to get it in and although it was a nice snug fit, the initial getting it on was rather lengthy with a wriggling baby.  It was impossible to fit with the teething ring attached too. We will continue to use it. I would recommend it;  it fits its purpose perfectly.  Overall, both me and Olly rate the glove highly with its bright colours and range of chewy bits.  It is a shame the snug fit will out grow him before too long. Ian Chadwick – Oliver 21 weeks


We really liked it and it will be great throughout the whole teething process for Scarlett.  


Victoria Awarded The Gummee Glove Teething Mitten 4.6/5

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