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Hama Beads Ballerina Gift Box

Hama Beads are the ultimate craft toy. Their aim has always been to stimulate creative play through producing colourful and imaginative designs with their bead systems. With a selection of different coloured beads, pegboards and gift sets there is plenty of fun to be had. Hama offers a large range of bead craft kits, including generic and top Disney licenses.

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Hama Beads Ballerina Gift Box Reviews

Product Tested by: Davina Fox – Chloe & Abbie Aged 4 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Davina Fox – Chloe & Abbie Aged 4 & 7 Years

Davina Awarded The Hama Beads from DKL – Ballerina Gift Box 5/5

Looked impressive, and looked like the children will have hours of fun. I think the website is great there are a large number of toys available including lots of Hama bead sets, but I think maybe it would be nice to have the price for the public to buy and a way to buy direct online (Like be able to put it in your basket to go to the checkout).   I think the packaging is simple to the point shows you what you can make out of the contents. Lovely pink box.  The contents are quality. When you first open the box you look at all the beads 1500 and think that’s a lot but they soon go down when you start making the ballerina’s.  My 4 year old was helping her sister who is 7 but definitely more for the 5+ age as stated as they are fiddly.  We just used the contents as you supposed too.  My daughter made all the recommended items suggested.   My daughter really enjoyed making items; not sure she will play with them, but had so much fun creating them. she really enjoyed this product a lot.  She liked following the pattern to end up with the finished product. For the price and the amount of beads, and the amount of play time they have with it I consider to be good value for money.  I have seen there are many more different packs so will be getting the children some more for Christmas.  Will certainly recommend to friends and family as good quality and delivers hours of creative play.  Fantastic product, lots of fun to be had.  Davina Fox – Chloe & Abbie Aged 4 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Eline Walker – Annabelle Aged 5 Years

Eline Awarded The Hama Beads from DKL – Ballerina Gift Box 4.4/5 

Lovely size box very appealing.  Packaging bright and appealing without too much going on. Obviously aimed at girls and my daughter was certainly drawn to it. The quality and contents are certainly top quality, every thing you need sensibly packaged inside.  I think many 5yr olds would struggle with the tiny pieces and get frustrated especially with such large pictures, so feel would be more suited to older children. Hama beads are so well known and its self explanatory how to use them and you can be very creative.  Annabelle couldn’t make everything as she’s not got the co-ordination or concentration but her cousin who is 6 had a good go and with some help from mummies they were very pleased with the finished items.  My daughter and her cousin both played with the ballerinas and displayed them in their rooms.  My daughter enjoyed playing with these at first but soon became frustrated but she liked it that we all had a go and she loved the end result.  A good product, creative, good play value and good value for money.  Would certainly consider buying this item as a present.   Would certainly recommend as the perfect present for slightly older girls who enjoy art and craft activities.  Eline Walker – Annabelle Aged 5 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Hobbit – Charlene & Tilley Aged 5 & 7 Years

Sarah Awarded The Hama Beads from DKL – Ballerina Gift Box 5/5

Looked like these would be ideal for both my girls and keep them occupied. Great website with so much on offer and you can also find a wide range of Hama bead sets which was a bonus for my girls. Packaging ideal, effective and clearly shows the product well.  Both my girls were very eager to get started and when they saw how many beads were in the box they were delighted. This is a high quality items and a superb craft toy. Both my girls enjoyed making their ballerinas and as this can be a bit fiddly at times Tilley enjoyed helping Charlene complete her ballerina.  This kept them amused for days and ws great to see them playing together and being creative.  Together they both made all the recommended designs. Once they were completed put immediately on show in their bedroom (they were so proud of themselves).  This is superb value for money, good quality, loads int he box and lots of creative play and pleasure gained by my girls.  A winner with us all and we are certainly going to purchase more as great to enjoy craft toys and see your work on show when item is completed.  Good idea for birthday or Christmas present.   Fun craft toy, good quality, hours of fun and creativity and a winner with all of us. Sarah Hobbit – Charlene & Tilley Aged 5 & 7 Years

Fantastic product, lots of fun to be had


Davina Awarded The Hama Beads from DKL – Ballerina Gift Box Top Marks 5/5

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