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Hand Made By Me Christening Invitations

What the price includes: Unless specified our Christening invitations include your guest names printed on the invitations and also the Names & Address is printed on the envelopes. You can opt to have a line or space to write your own names or nothing (an open invitation) We can also print in any language or font. We also include White envelopes as standard.

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Hand Made By Me Christening Invitations Reviews

Product Tested by: Sadie Egbera – Baby Eva 8 Months

Product Tested By Sadie Egbera – Baby Eva 8 Months

Sadie Awarded The Handmade By Me Christening Invitations Top Marks 5/5

Initially I thought here we go another online card service like moonpig. I loved the website design.  It is bright and welcoming. It was easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.  Also very informative. I liked the fact that they had a large variety of different and very beautiful designs to suit different tastes. I must admit they looked better when they arrived.  Initially I did not think the quality looked as good as in real life.  I think the lighting in some of the photos was not right and did not show them off as good as they really looked or may be some accessories around the cards or virtual pictures where you can get a clear close up might help. It was easy  for me to choose as you could choose a design and adapt it.  I wanted my daughters picture on a design and they were happy to do that and adapt the wording. Ordering was very, very easy as they were in constant contact with you telling you the next stage and responded very quickly, I had to keep up!  I recieved delivery after a week and was happy with that.  Because they were in constant contact if there was an urgent request they are so friendly I am sure they would be able to accommodate.  The Christening invitations were  beautiful, clear, well presented, great quality and exactly as requested. I have had positive comments only. People are asking how and where I did them and will want to use them in the future too. The quality is excellent. They are not thin which I thought they would be.  They are also lovely and glossy. Aboslutely superb value for money as price is so reasonable. Yes I would definitely use them again.  Yes I have already recommended them to some mothers to be. Fantastic product, great service and value for moneyThey were so friendly and helpfull even after all the emails I sent them.  They explained the stages very clearly and the end product was beautiful.  I was extemely pleased and hope to use them again in the very near future. A high level of service and the products to match.  Sadie Egbera – Baby Eva 8 Months

Product Tested By Jenni Quinn – Baby Jamie 6 Months

Jennie Awarded The Handmade By Me Christening Invitations 4/5

Beautifully handmade cards with an obvious personal touch. I felt the website could possibly be somewhat clearer in certain aspects such as it appeared envelopes would cost extra when in fact only different colours cost more and white are included in the price. I did notice however that the website has been revised since I made my order to show further information. Lots of very impressive invitations to choose from ranging from  modern to contemporary styles but not too many to make choosing difficult. The pictures were clear and the invitations appeared to be of a very high standard.  The cards are set in different catagories so browsing and choosing is easy but choosing is difficult as they are beautiful. Very easy to order although I did contact the site via email before I placed my order simply to clarify a few details. They responded quickly and efficiently and answered all my queries. It took a little while for me to type in the names and addresses of all my guests, as they print these details on the invitations and envelopes, but I did not have to use this service. I also requested a few to be left black which I later wrote myself which was not a problem for the company. The site emailed me though every process from printing to posting and the parcel arrived the next day via Recorded Delivery.  I was extremely impressed when the invitations arrived as they were wrapped beautifully in gift paper. The quality was much more than I expected and they were beautifully made and it appeared a lot of time and effort had gone in to making each one perfect. Each one was stamped as being made exclusively for Jamie on the back. As an extra touch, which I especially appreciated, was an extra invitation addressed to ‘Mummy & Daddy’ which brought a tear to my eye! Nearly all my guests have commented on how beautiful the cards were and have asked me where I had them made. I have also received comments that they are quite unique and quite different from the normal invitations people receive. Fantastic quality. The invitation details had a card backing with a pergamano top layer and a blue ribbon bow. Yes, excellent value for money as we are having a relatively small Christening but the cost could obviously mount up for a large occasion. I woud definately consider using the company again as their service and product was exceptionally good.   I would recommend these invitations and already have done so to friends and family. The details of the company are stamped on the back of each inviation in order for people to enquire direct. Beautifully made invitations with an excellent customer service which won’t dissapoint.  Jennie Quinn – Baby Jamie 6 Months

Product Tested By Jodie Smitten – Baby Rose 6 Months

Jodie Awarded The Handmade By Me Christening Invitations 4/5

Final product was beautiful really impressed.  Website bit confusing initially, could benefit from a very simple step by step process guide.    Lovely invites available pics do not do the end product justice, good choice of colours. Some more classic/traditional/simple style ones maybe needed but the ones we choose are lovely.  He invites were excellent quality. Wasn’t too keen on the other styles available as I  prefer simple designs, but this is a personal choice. Online ordering was a bit confusing at first but the communication and support given was excellent. I do feel that anyone visiting the site could be put off initially. Delivery time is really quick and I was told when they had been dispatched which was great.  When our invites arrived had to say they were Stunning, excellent quality, everyone rang me when they received them to comment on how lovely they were, its great because people can keep them as something special from the day.  Paper and printing all excellent quality and definitely good value for money.   Will look on this site again for future events where I require invites, and have already recommended to friends and family. Only let down 1 point due to the website and due to size of bow the post office said they may not pass as a usual size letter with normal first class stamp and the bow meant it was a bit tight getting it through there measuring thing, however I risked it and so far most people have received them no problem.  Really, really pleased and thank you.  Jodie Smitten – Baby Rose 6 Months.

I was extemely pleased and hope to use them again in the very near future. A high level of service and the products to match.


Sadie Awarded The Handmade By Me Christening Invitations Top Marks 5/5

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