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Eco By Sonya Hand & Nail Cream for super soft skin, strong nails & a full heart designed to replenish and retain moisture to your skin.  

A beautiful certified organic hand & nail cream designed to replenish and retain moisture to your skin. Non greasy, super absorbent & made using only the kindest organic and natural botanical active ingredients that are known to soothe, hydrate & help restore rough, dry and stressed skin.

Our first NOT FOR PROFIT PRODUCT.  100% of Eco By Sonya Driver’s profits from the sale of this hand & nail cream are going directly to RAFIKI MWEMA

Eco By Sonya Driver Hand & Nail Cream for Rafiki Mwema is specially designed to provide you super soft skin and strong nails.

  • It soothes, hydrates & restores rough, dry & stressed skin.
  • Amazing botanical actives & vitamins to give your skin a revitalised, glowing, youthful appearance.
  • Packed with antioxidants & fatty acids.

We are proud to only use certified organic and 100% natural ingredients, are toxic free, cruelty free, vegan and made in Australia.

We use only the kindest organic and natural ingredients:

Organic Mango Butter is a natural source of Vitamin A and reduces fine lines & wrinkles for a glowing and youthful look. It soothes the skin and moisturises without being greasy.

Organic Sea Buckthorn is also a great source of vitamins and minerals for your skin, while being packed with antioxidants & fatty acids. It helps to minimise loss & restores rough and stressed skin to become smooth and supple.

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Price: £19.95 €19.95 EUR Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Kelly Downey – Elsie & Harry 15 Months & 7 Years

Kelly Awarded The Hand and Nail Cream Rafiki 5/5

I didn’t really like the packaging; I just didn’t like the black with yellow writing. Personally I think it would have been better in white or silver writing. I suffer really badly with contact dermatitis so I was very excited to try a new hand cream with natural and organic ingredients. Instructions easy and very straightforward. It’s standard tube which is all it needs to be to be honest but like above I don’t really like the colour choice, it makes it look quite cheap. Easy to use, however don’t be too heavy handed as it’s not a thick cream so a lot more than needed comes out. Very easy to apply but as stated it’s quite a thin formula so a lot can come out at once if you are not careful.  It really did soften my hands; I didn’t need to reapply again too often. It did absorb well, however hands do feel a little greasy after for a couple of minutes. This worked well for me as I suffer really badly with contact dermatitis and I must admit I haven’t had one flare up since using this hand cream. I know this is also good for your nails but I wear false nails so I didn’t get the effect of this purpose. To be honest I didn’t notice a younger looking hands but I’m only 30 so my hands are quite youthful still.  Definitely important to me the cruelty free and natural ingredients, but I’m not bothered if it is suitable for vegans.  I used this every day for a month, sometimes 3 times a day especially after washing up.  I noticed a difference after the first ever use. I was very happy with the results. I have contact dermatitis I was very pleased as it done exactly what I needed without causing any pain or discomfort. To be honest the smell wasn’t very strong but I’m not bothered if smell as long as it’s not a horrible smell, it could be odourless as long as it does the job. I know all the profits from selling this goes to Rafiki Mwema charity but this does not make any difference to me and would not be important when purchasing item. Very good quality product apart from the packaging the hand cream was of a good quality.  When you have contact dermatitis and it causes you lots of discomfort you would literally pay anything to help, so yes good price as it works. The formula of the cream it’s lovely and thin so goes a long way and soaks into the skin beautifully.  I would buy this because of the formula. I wouldn’t have bought it before testing as I think the packaging makes it look very cheap. I would recommend especially is they had a skin concern. I have given it a 5/5 as I feel it’s a really lovely cream that has made my contact dermatitis calm down whilst using it. Loved the hand cream, not very scented but I’m not bothered about that. I didn’t really like the packaging of the tube and maybe as it’s such a thin formula a pump bottle would be a good idea.  Kelly Downey – Elsie & Harry 15 Months & 7 Years

Product Tested By Abby Cope – Hudson 20 Months

Abby Awarded The Hand and Nail Cream Rafiki 4.5/5

It looked good and of high quality. I like the packaging and the tube size was good. I also loved the little postcard that came with it and thought it was a really nice touch! I loved the fact that it supports a charity and also liked that it was for both hand and nails! Natural, organic ingredients are a real plus as well. Instructions were clear, simple, precise and easy to read and understand. Exactly what you need for this little product! I liked the design, really good size (small enough to take with you in your bag, but not too small that you lose it easily!) and it felt really nice to hold. The only thing that I would say is all the text makes it look quite busy! Really easy to use.  Just open the tube and away you go. The cap unscrews easily and the tube fits nicely in your hand. The cream comes out the tube nicely and you can just squirt straight onto your hands. Lovely and easy! I think this was effective as I noticed a difference to my skin a few days after using the product. It soaked into my skin well. Other creams I have used can feel greasy and leave your hands slippery, but this cream soaked in really well and I didn’t get any greasiness after applying. It helped my hands a lot. I end up washing my hands a lot throughout the day after changing nappies etc., and felt this cream really helped. Hands felt smooth after using it which was lovely. I didn’t really notice that it made a difference to my nails – I’m sure it did but mainly noticed the difference to my skin. The main thing I noticed was smoother hands and they looked lovely and moisturised. I think that is really great and is a good incentive for people to buy this cream over others on the market. 100% natural ingredients tell you that you are purchasing a high quality product. I used this in the morning and evening mainly and occasionally throughout the day if I felt my hands needed it. I noticed an improvement after 3-4 days of using it, which was really good! My hands feel much nicer thanks to this cream – especially now as the weather is starting to get colder. I usually get cracked skin around my knuckles and don’t have any at all! I thought the aroma was lovely and subtle. Some aromas can be too over-powerful but this was just right! I loved it so much I kept it for myself! I really loved this about the product and I would certainly choose to purchase this cream over others because of this reason. You can buy a great product and give money to charity at the same time! Win-Win! I thought the product was really high quality, which shows in the packaging, the feel of the product and how it works so well. It sounds expensive for what it is, but you only need to use a little at a time, so the cream would last a long time, and also supporting charity so it’s for a really good cause! I loved the fact that it is natural ingredients and smells lovely. I would buy this and it would also make a lovely present. I would recommend especially to anyone who suffers from dry skin and rough hands! I thought this was a great product, high quality and it really does what it is meant to. I love the packaging and the cream looks smells and feels amazing. Organic and natural ingredients make this a high quality product to use. I have noticed a real change in my hands and skin since using this product – they feel so soft and not greasy which is a real plus! Love the concept and charity idea and the packaging makes it look and feel like a high quality product – which it is! Abby Cope – Hudson 20 Months

Product Tested By Zoe Naylor – Chloe 3 Years

Zoe Awarded The Hand and Nail Cream Rafiki 3/5

It was well packaged and looked nice on arrival. Was a larger bottle/tube than I was expecting. I liked the concept; it made me feel better about using the hand cream as I knew that it had come from an ethical source. It is a hand cream so the instructions were fairly self-explanatory – they were small on the back of the tube and difficult to read due to the size, but it was obvious what you had to do with it. A very large tube, which unfortunately made it difficult to take out and about with me, which is what I normally do with hand cream. Size of the tube meant it could only really be used at home. The tube itself looked stylish and will last a long time.  The dark colour would make it difficult to spot in a bag. Very easy to use, just squeeze and rub in, nothing complicated about it. it was easy to apply, but I found it quite runny and this meant it took a while to rub in, fine if you are at home and have time to spare but left your hands a little damp to touch if you were doing any jobs straight after. It took a while to rub it in and my hands felt slightly damp after use which meant I didn’t feel that I could go and do jobs straight after applying it. I didn’t notice a massive improvement in my skin; although it did ease the dryness initially I had to reapply regularly. My nails feel slightly stronger but I am not convinced this is a result of the hand cream itself. There was not much improvement in the look of my hands, they just appeared slightly shinier from the application of the lotion. It is important to me that the product is cruelty free and as natural as possible.  I am not a vegan so am not worried whether the product is vegan friendly or not. I applied the hand cream at night due to the wetness of it making it difficult to apply it throughout the day. I have not noticed an immediate improvement. I liked the smell of the cream but felt that it didn’t make as many improvements to my hands as it claims to be able to do. The cream had a nice aroma which was not too overpowering, it was a pleasant scent. I like to know that the product I am purchasing benefits others as it makes me feel better about using it. The product looked and felt of good quality; however the length of time it took to be absorbed would put me off purchasing it. It is very expensive for what it is; I don’t think its ethical credentials warrant the inflated price tag of the product. I felt it didn’t do anything different to cheaper products on the market. I liked the size of the tube as it would last a long time. No I would not buy this product due to the runniness of the hand cream itself and the length of time it took to be absorbed. It is also too expensive and I personally don’t feel it offers me anything that a cheaper product can’t offer me. I probably wouldn’t recommend this product to other people primarily due to the price of it. For me it was too expensive and much too runny. The size of the tube means you cannot easily throw it in your handbag and use whilst out and about, something which for me is quite crucial for a hand and nail cream. Zoe Naylor – Chloe 3 Years








I would buy this because of the formula. I wouldn’t have bought it before testing as I think the packaging makes it look very cheap. I would recommend especially is they had a skin concern. I have given it a 5/5 as I feel it’s a really lovely cream that has made my contact dermatitis calm down whilst using it. Loved the hand cream


Kelly Awarded The Hand and Nail Cream Rafiki 5/5