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Hands Free Brolly

The Hands Free Brolly can be used as a normal umbrella too by simply unslotting the quick release handle from the clamp in one easy movement. Can be used for prams, buggies, wheelchairs or in the garden!

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Hands Free Brolly Reviews

Product Tested by: Bex Mcleod – Baby Tyler 4 Months

Product Tested By Bex Mcleod – Baby Tyler 4 Months

Bex Awarded the Hands Free Buggy Brolly 5/5

My first impression was I was surprised how small the packaging for this product was. I had seen it on the internet and was expecting a large heavy box, so I was very impressed to receive my small neat package. On looking through the directions, I was pleased to see how versatile the product was and that it could be adjusted in many ways to protect from sun as well as rain. The instructions were really simple and easy to follow! I am usually hopeless when putting things together – I tend to take one look at the instructions and panic and then wait for someone else to help me! But I found these instructions clear and easy to follow and there were also photos so even I managed to attach the product with no trouble at all! The product is made from good quality material and looks sturdy. Very easy to attach but only on certain areas of the buggy, will not fit very wide parts, so purchasers need to check their buggies are compatible. Whilst the brolly is securely attached to the buggy, it is actually quite jiggly when walking and sways about a bit so it doesn’t SEEM overly secure, because of the movement but it is. I certainly found the brolly useful and did benefit from it…….it was particularly useful to shelter my baby from sun. It’s usefulness to protect ME from the rain was limited because I needed to attach it quite low down on my buggy (as the handle was too wide for it to fit) so that coupled with the fact that I am slightly taller than average, meant it wasn’t a great height for me. I think this was a well made product of good quality. I was certainly happy to have it attached to my buggy and I think it looked quite expensive. It would make a great (and unusual) gift for a new Mum/baby. I think this product represents good value for money – it can be used in summer and winter and the price compares well with other sun shades I have seen on the market. I would certainly buy this product for myself or as a gift for others and have already recommended this product to friends. My overwhelming feeling is that this is an excellent product to have available. Mine was black and it looked very smart. It worked well and my only complaints would be the wobble factor as I pushed the buggy along in the wind but this is no fault due to the product or its quality. Bex Mcleod – Baby Tyler 4 Months

Product Tested By Katrina Clover – Reuben 10 Months

Katrina Awarded the Hands Free Buggy Brolly 4/5

I thought it looked like a handy and well made product. Nice packaging, brolly comes in a nice compact bag that is hands for storing. Instructions were clear and easy to follow and the brolly itself is made of good quality. Brolly was easy to attach although I did find it wanted to turn when attached to the pram. It felt quite secure but did move slightly when it was windy, so that was a bit of a pain. But it did stop me from getting soaked on a couple of occasions so it worked. I did use it detached from its holder and it was really nice to use. It is quite expensive but if it had fitted better on my buggy it would have been well worth the money. If it was suited to the type of pram they had then yes I would recommend it. I liked & thought the buggy brolly was a fantastic idea it just didn’t seem to want to sit right on my buggy which was quite annoying, if that was sorted then it would be a must have product. Katrina Clover – Reuben 10 Months

Product Tested By Laura Strong – Ben 20 Months

Laura Awarded the Hands Free Buggy Brolly 4/5

Really well packaged, light, small brolly but it extends to a brilliant and practical size. Lightweight but strong.  Good quality thick brolly fabric.  Lovely colour.  However the product is really hard to put together it is very stiff; although I can put it together I cannot push the outer brolly fully into the extension. It is quite easy to attach to the buggy.  The clamp fixes permanently to the buggy (a massive improvement on the previous model) and the umbrella comes out to put under buggy.  OR you can leave the brolly fully attached and swing it down to run down the side of the buggy out your way. Unfortunately I didn’t get caught in the rain but a play with the brolly and a hose in the garden proved it worked. The UV protection was fantastic in the hot weather to use as a sunshade on the grass for my little boy to sit under. I bought the old model and had to have it replaced twice in a year due to different issues (1 being the clamp and 2 being the clasp action once opened.)  It is now much stronger and I do not foresee these issues. It has already been commented on and numerous friends have asked where they can get it. A really useful, compact and easy to use product.  Laura Strong – Ben 20 Months

My overwhelming feeling is that this is an excellent product to have available


Bex Awarded the Hands Free Buggy Brolly 5/5

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