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Hang Buddy Pro from Ukayed. The Hang Buddy Pro is one of the handiest tools for anybody – regardless of whether you’re a DIY Pro or someone that hasn’t even picked up a screw driver! Hang Pictures In Seconds! The Hang Buddy Pro is designed to quickly and easily fit hanging studs to plasterboard walls in your home. It’s really simple to use! Just put the Hang Buddy Pro in the position where you wish to place the stud and hit the fixing handle with the palm of your hand! It doesn’t need excessive force, so it’s a great tool for every adult! Simple Picture Hooks Once you have fixed the stud in place, clip on one of the picture hanging hooks on to the stud. The easy clip-on hooks make it really easy to hang a wired picture frame, calendar and even small clocks! Stud Covers If your picture frame isn’t already wired, just place one of the stud covers over the stud! The stud cover will enhance the protrusion of the stud, enabling the hanging of frames without wire hanging points!  

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Hang Buddy Pro Reviews

Product Tested by: Andy Staffs

Product Tested By Andy Staffs

Andy Awarded The Hang Buddy 4.5/5

This looks like a stapler. Packaging effective and instructions easy to follow. As always it takes you longer to get this out of the packaging but this is standard with most tools. Supplied with accessory pack with studs & stud covers. Also has a spirit level to ensure you hang pictures straight. Best to use on plasterboard walls. Not really effective for solid walls. This is very easy to use and quick and efficient and do not end up hammering your finger! Line up on the wall, ensure straight and press button at top which releases pin into the wall. Hang over the pin the stud cover and ready to hang picture. This is a handy little gadget to have around the home and one my partner can use easily. A good idea does the job with ease and always one of those gadgets you have around the home you can both use. Price is reasonable and I have recommended. Light, easy to use and worked well enough. Andy Staffs


ProductTested By Charlene Percy

Charlene Awarded The Hang Buddy Pro 4.8/5

Arrived very well packaged, actually hard to get out of the packaging. It is neat and tidy design and looks a bit like a stapler. Instructions clear and simple and you can also view the video. Easy to load the nails and studs too. I am useless at DIY and always have to ask hubby or one of my son’s to help out.With this looked like it would be a breeze. Read through all the instructions to ensure loading correctly and also watched video so became a bit of an expert. I found this to be ideal for me. No more hammers, no more cut fingers! I just lined this up on our wall to ensure level, pressed the button the pin went into the wall and then put stud over the top and ready to hang item on the wall. I did have to push the button with some force, but once I got into the rhythm of it all worked well. Yes I went on a bit of a spree in the house hanging some lovely new pics in the bathroom which gave it a quick makeover, new clock in the living room, some fab pics in my son’s rooms. Easy. No mess, no missing the nail and getting more marks on the wall. For me this has been a great little tool. Do not have to ask hubby for help and when I fancy adding a bit of colour to a room just get my Hang Buddy out. Have also taken it round my mother’s house to hang a few items for her. A great little gadget which as a non DIY person I found to be great. Does what it says on the tin. I would purchase it and I have already recommended. Charlene Percy


Product Tested By Susan Hill

Susan AwardedThe Hang Buddy 3.5/5

I liked the idea of this tool and was looking forward to trying it out. Very well packed and you can see the product well, but a bit difficult to open. Then this is the same with many DIY items. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and you can also view the video which shows you how to use the Hang Buddy. Found it easy to load with studs supplied. This is not really that heavy so easy to hold against the wall when ready to push to release the nail. I personally found I had to press the button at the top to release the nail with a firm hand. Not as easy as it looked and would be better suited for my partner as stronger as I found I had to push with some force. The hooks supplied are strong enough to hold pictures etc. Quality is OK. Reasonably priced and if it works for you then worth the investment. If they could make the button at the top easier to push down and release then it would be more suited to my needs.Good idea, good design but for me was not a success. Susan Hill




Light, easy to use and worked well enough              


Andy Awarded The Hang Buddy 4.5/5     

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