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Hape Musical Box Set

Musical toy with five blocks containing five different instruments to stimulate little eyes and ears. Develops motor skills and an appreciation of music. Includes toy drum, xylophone, rattle, scratch board and mini-gong.

STACKS OF FUN: Little ones will have stacks of fun with these blocks and toy instruments. The five differently sized blocks and five different instruments will help them explore music and shapes as they stack up the lightweight blocks and play the instruments.

ROCK AROUND THE BLOCKS: Encourages an appreciation for different instruments and how their sounds differ.

EXPLORE NEW SOUNDS: Children will have endless fun exploring each unique sound and creating music, all while developing their motor skills.

EASY STORAGE: The blocks fit inside each other, making them easy to tidy away.

STACK ‘EM HIGH: The blocks are light and easy to carry, so your little one can have fun piling them up any way they choose.

Suitable 18 Months Plu

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Hape Musical Box Set Reviews

Product Tested By Emma Marks – Ella 2 Years

Emma Awarded The Hape Musical Box Set 5/5

This looked cool, nice and compact. Great that it doesn’t take up much room.  Instructions good but did not really need them. My daughter loves the music concept, still takes a minute to put back. My daughter loved the drum.  She really did enjoy exploring the blocks and all the different instruments and sounds. She was always creating her own unique sounds. The blocks were easy for her to hold as they are the right size.  This did inspire my daughter to try and make sounds and tunes and certainly interest in music. This was played with quite often.  We did receive it at the same time as her birthday so we did have to encourage play as she had so many other toys as well. This was played in the lounge mostly. Potentially unless the 18month old is very advanced they may struggle to put the cubes back together, it depends how much this is a priority I suppose.  My daughter loved making noise.  I like the bright colours and that it’s a wood based toy. The carry case is the best feature as you can pack away easily when finished.  A lovely well made toy, should withstand a lot of damage. I think this is very good value.  I would buy this as Ella loved to make music now.  I would recommend as it is compact and promotes hand eye co-ordination. Great toy, doesn’t take up much room, great quality. Great little toy, nice bright colours, compact, wooden. Emma Marks – Ella 2 Years

Product Tested By Nyasha Mtutu – Azriel 2 Years

Nyasha Awarded The Hape Musical Box Set 5/5

I was delighted to see that the box wasn’t huge! We have limited space so it was great that this toy is compact but still a great size for little hands. I love this toy as it’s perfect for developing minds; encouraging creativity, exploration and imagination. It’s a great concept with an aim to develop a child’s motor skills. Very self-explanatory anyway so instructions not needed. My child took to it straight away and was busy exploring the difference sounds and textures. Each block had something different to offer and my son loved having fun with all of them and discovering their different sounds. Each block is unique with differing sounds and my son really enjoyed this. My son loved the different sounds and loved varying the tones in accordance with how hard he hit the instruments with the stick. The blocks are perfectly created for little hands to lift and maneuver. He was happy to have a block in one hand and the stick in the other. I think it did inspire more interest in music. My son loves his nursery rhymes anyway but I have noticed him being more vocal and singing. We used this every other day but if he sees them, he wants to play with them. This was played with at home. I agree with the age suitability, because it was ideal for his stage of development. It introduced him to new sounds and textures. Aside from the music, you can stack the boxes. My child loved using the stick to make new sounds. He really explored this set and made lots of music. I love that this toy was not overly huge; all the pieces can slot into each other and save space! Definitely ideal for home as it tidies up and can be stored in a place without taking too much space. It is potentially small enough to go on your travels and comes with a useful handle which also stores the stick. Fantastic quality. I love wooden toys! They  feel sturdy and of great quality; perfect to be handed down! Great value as it is a toy built to last and can easily be handed down. I would buy this as a great toy, and one that will last. It develops those all-important skills. I already have recommended because we always on the hunt for wooden toys and this toy promotes learning, encourages the development of skills and so much more! 5/5 for being a great toy that has captured the imagination of my 2 year old as well as his big sister who is 5. My son and I have really enjoyed the toy. It has really helped his development as well as encouraged his creativity. I love that it does not take up a huge amount of space and the noise it creates is not deafening like some musical toys! Definitely a toy I would recommend! Nyasha Mtutu – Azriel 2 Years

Product Tested By Tarra Tyler Hills – Jai 22 Months

Tarra Awarded The Hape Musical Box Set 4/5

The box was very nicely presented, but rather smaller and lighter than I had anticipated. I really liked the wooden construction and the colours looked bright and appealing, certainly Jai couldn’t wait to get started. The way each box stacks together is a brilliant idea, making it easy to keep all parts of the toy together for easy storage and transportation. I particularly liked the way that the rubber stick could be stored in the handle, we haven’t lost it yet! I do not really recall any instructions, the toy seemed very self-explanatory. Jai took the toy out of the box himself and was very happily playing away with the different parts within seconds. Jai enjoyed stacking the blocks in lots of different ways (including, unusually tidying them away again). He is a little young to appreciate the different shapes of the cymbal etc. Jai enjoyed exploring the different noises although each noise was very quiet. This was lovely when he was playing alone, but if playing with another child or with background noise from the radio  or television the individual noises could not really be heard. This is a real shame and I suspect is simply down to the small size of the product. Jai did enjoy creating his own music, but this was hampered by how quiet the toy was. Had it been capable of making a little more noise I think he would have happily played with it for far longer. The blocks were very easy to hold and extremely light. The yellow rubber stick has now been used to bang or scrape pretty much every other toy (and stationary object) in the house. I would say that he has definitely been inspired to explore the different noises he can make. This is a toy that Jai goes back to when it is quiet. It has been used most days since we received it, although not necessarily for very long. Jai mostly plays with this at home in our living room, but it could easily be taken with you when you travel. I found the toy a little young for 18 months plus, Jai has had similar stacking toys and instruments from about 12 months and there seemed no particular reason why this product was aimed at the older age range. Jai liked how he could put the blocks of instruments in to different positions and make lots of different sounds. I liked the fact that the blocks were robust and well made, but particularly the stacking function which made the toy easy to store. The stacking function makes sure all the bits stay together, Jai is even able to tidy up after himself! I’d definitely consider taking this on holiday with us as it is so compact. The quality of this product seems excellent, I can already see it being passed on to my younger niece and nephew. I think the product is a fair price for a nicely constructed toy. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the toy noisy enough to hold Jai’s attention for as long as it could have done. I would not buy this but I can see that many parents and children would find the quieter noises the blocks make very appealing. I would recommend this toy, but more for children who don’t like loud noises. A lovely toy, if only it could be a little louder! The xylophone keys and cymbal in particular were very small which made it difficult to differentiate between the different sounds. Had they been a little larger I think this toy would have been a 5/5. Tarra Tyler Hills – Jai 22 Months






The carry case is the best feature as you can pack away easily when finished.  A lovely well made toy, should withstand a lot of damage. I think this is very good value.  I would buy this as Ella loved to make music now.  I would recommend as it is compact and promotes hand eye co-ordination. Great toy, doesn’t take up much room, great quality. Great little toy, nice bright colours, compact, wooden.


Emma Awarded The Hape Musical Box Set 5/5

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