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Happy Hands Door Stop

An innovative and colourful door safety product which was designed following a growing demand from our customers to supply handle-side finger protection.The Happy Hands Door Stopper is an attractive but effective way to make sure that finger-trapping accidents caused by closing doors on the handle side are prevented.

Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink & White

£5.50 online and Amazon and eBay

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Happy Hands Door Stop Reviews

Product Tested By Claire Earl – James 19 Months

Claire Awarded The Happy Hands Door Stopper 4.5/5

The door stopper has a really fun design. It was thicker/wider than I had imagined it would be but I thought it looked substantial and would be fit for purpose. I was slightly sceptical as to whether the adhesive would hold the item. A great idea. I had seen the foam U shaped items to stop doors slamming but not anything like this that would allow the door to be fully shut if desired. Instructions brief and straightforward (I did look at the installation video online though to double check). This was fitted on my son’s flat bedroom door. We have other doors in the house that I don’t think it would have worked as well on due to their panelled nature.I have been pleasantly surprised that this seems to be stuck fast since being installed. It doesn’t seem to becoming looser. The doors in our house don’t really slam due to thicker carpets but I can see that they were fit for purpose and would be really useful in other situations.This was easy to clean with a damp cloth. I had installed it out of reach from my son so it didn’t get as grubby as if he had access to it.We installed this on my son’s bedroom door. This was because he can walk between his room, the landing, and our bedroom. The flat nature of the door also made it a good option. When it arrived my son liked ‘high fiving’ it; but we didn’t use it for anything sensible. I can see that it could be used to stop a toy box lid slamming for example.The product feels sturdy and, although plastic is not suited to all decors, is certainly fit for purpose. It is not the cheapest option available but seems to be a sensible price (and cheaper options don’t allow the door to be closed). I really liked the option to have the door fully shut whilst keeping the product attached. I would buy this but not for our current home as the doors don’t really slam shut. I would recommend as it’s a really reassuring product and is very fit for purpose. Functions well but very but the very bold design means I wouldn’t use it all over the house- just in the children’s rooms. I think I’d look for an alternative design downstairs. I have been very pleased with ‘happy hands’. It is reassuring to know that the door won’t trap my son’s fingers whilst being easy to rotate if I need to quickly adjust it to allow me to shut the door. I have been pleasantly surprised with how adhesive it is but it will be interesting to see if it leaves a mark on the paintwork when it is removed. Although not subtle, it’s a great design and appeals to small children. Claire Earl – James 19 Months

Product Tested By Carol Day – Amelia 2 Years

Carol Awarded The Happy Hands Door Stopper 4/5

It looks good, cute and fun for kids!Great idea, kids always play with doors and it easy to get their fingers caught in doors. The instructions were good very clear and easy to use. It didn’t fit very well on my daughter’s door as the door is in an alcove but we could use it on top of the door however it was a little bit awkward with the door frame. Once fitted it did stay in place as the fixture is quite large however I don’t think it would be sustainable. I definitely think it’s a good safety option there are so many different ones out there and it’s always good to have them in place around children who play with or slam doors. This product is very easy to keep clean it wipe clean so no stains. I put it in her bedroom as she plays in there and slams the door quite a lot we don’t really have any other doors that she uses regularly in the house. I personally didn’t find any other uses for this, due to the layout of the house and the lack of doors however I think it could be used in multiple rooms for different family.It’s a good quality item well-made and nice to look at. I personally think £5.99 is a little bit expensive for the product as you can buy a cheaper alternative in a multi pack for a pound in other shops that do exactly the same job. I like that this product didn’t have to be removed when the door is shut it can just be moved to one side which is handy so you don’t lose it. I personally wouldn’t buy this the price is too high for the product itself I don’t feel that it should be that expensive however it is a really good idea. I don’t think I would recommend this to friends and family again just due to the price of the product itself is very handy and would tell people about it but I think they will be put off also by the price. The product is self is a great idea it’s very handy that it twists so that you can shut the door and twist back so the kids can’t shut the door and the fact they can’t be removed means that it won’t get lost however certain doors it won’t really work on like my daughter’s bedroom door and also the price is too high for what it is. Carol Day – Amelia 2 Years

Product Tested By Casey Hall – Mason & Kyle 2 years & 8 Weeks

Casey Awarded The Happy Hands Door Stopper 4.4/5

I thought it was really cool, good idea. Brilliant concept. The instructions were not that easy to follow and I ended up doing it wrong. I managed to fit in the wrong place, it is very sticky so now it is stuck there and I cannot move it. Very firm once fitted. This is a good safety item to have in the home for young children. Easy to clean with a baby wipes. I used this on the living room door as my little one is in and out of it all day.Quality is good and looks great.I do feel this is good value and it is effective. I love how firm this is once in place. I would purchase more as this is a good product. I would recommend because it works. The only thing I would say is it needs better instructions.  Casey Hall – Mason & Kyle 2 years & 8 Weeks

With The Happy Door Stop, they no longer slam shut fully!


Dan Awarded The Ring Sling – Little Wrap without a knot 5/5

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