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Harmony Duo Combi Changing Mat

With 5,000 nappies to change before your baby is potty trained, you need a mat that’s practical and durable, but soft and comfy too! Our flexible 2-in-1 combination system gives you two baby-friendly mats, both with soft-touch, wipe or wash covers, so it’s easy to keep your mats and your baby fresh and clean!
When it comes to caring for your baby, the Harmony Duo sets a new standard in comfort, safety and cleanliness. Luxurious AND practical, our double changing mat is the only one of its kind – with larger change areas for growing babies, you can be sure that your baby will be nappy-happy on these cool mats!
The Combi Changing Mat has a contoured top mat plus a second ‘quick-change’ flat blue mat. Both mats have removable covers that are ultra-hygienic, super-soft, stain and tear-resistant with waterproof yet breathable fabric, keeping your baby dry, clean and comfortable. This is the ultimate double mat for one baby or two!3-Way Use – Easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Double-Decker
Provides a luxurious and safe mat for changing your baby. Use with confidence on a high level changing station, raised surface or cot top changer.2. Butterfly Mode
Release the Velcro and fold open to create two soft mats closely connected for quick and easy changing and dressing on the floor. Great for tummy time too!3. Going Solo
One upstairs – one downstairs, changing for bed or after the bath – you choose! Completely detachable for your convenience and baby’s comfort. Luxury Double Mat – It’s the only one of it’s kind!
Overall Size: 75cm Length x 45cm Width x 12cm Max Height (two mats)Contoured Mat: 75cm x 45cm (25cm flat change area) x 10cm HeightFlat Mat: 75cm x 45cm x 2cm (double the area of any standard mat!)Lightweight and portable with carry and storage bag.

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£55.00 available to purchase online

Harmony Duo Combi Changing Mat Reviews

Product Tested by: Victoria Reeves – Theo 8 Months

Product Tested By Victoria Reeves – Theo 8 Months
Victoria Awarded The Harmony Duo Combi Changing Mat 5/5

This looked like a good quality product and nicely packaged which was not over-the-top and easy on the eye. The instructions were easy to read and follow.  The size and shape was excellent; good size for my large baby. The mat looks extremely comfortable and my baby seems very happy when being changed on it. The wipe-clean covering on the mat is very easy and practical. It is excellent quality and looks like it will last for a long time.  I think this mat is very versatile. There is a moulded mat and a flat mat, which gives you choice. Using both together makes the mat nice and high, so easy for Mums & Dads to reach.  It is a bit expensive compared to other mats, but you do get what you pay for, so yes, it does offer value for money.  I think I would consider purchasing one of these products and recommending it to others. I haven’t found a fault with it, which tells me it’s a great product.  Victoria Reeves – Theo 8 Months


Product Tested By EmmaRoberts – Ada 18 Months

Emma Awarded The Harmony Duo Combi Changing Mat 4.7/5


It looked good quality and fit for purpose.  The mat seemed to be well cushioned and of a pleasing design. The perfect amount of package, not excessive and is handy for protecting the mattress on trips away or can be reused to contain other items.  It is a good size, easily fits my daughter with room to spare. The shape is perfect, as the gentle roll up at the sides keeps my daughter on the mat and with no contours there’s nowhere for dirt to hide on the mat.  It’s soft, but does not loose its shape when used.  I’ve even used it myself, to cushion my knees from the floor and once as a pillow!  The cover has a softness too it and is not cold. I was able to just chuck it into the washing machine with the rest of the white clothes and it can be washed on quite a high heat.  I washed it on a lower heat than instructed and it came out fine.  It seems to be a high quality product and very versatile.  It’s great that I can wash one cover and still have a changing mat to use (the thinner blue side).  I used them separate when washing the cover of the white part, I used the other side. I can see how useful the mats would be for anyone with a larger home or twins, as the mats separate easily.  Its great features mean it is worth the cost.  Despite the cost,  I feel that the shape of the mats are great, the ability to clean the cover in the wash is genius and with a younger child having mats in two rooms of the house is really useful.  I would say to anyone expecting twins this ist he perfect changing mat. It is expensive but it has so many features.  I found this to be a really versatile, easy to use and well-designed changing mat.  If I had to say something negative about the changing mat I’d have to be very picky and say when used separately the Velcro did get attached to my carpet.  However, if this really bothered me I could take the time to place the Velcro carefully, so that it didn’t do this.  I love that I can throw the cover into the washing machine and it’s sparkling clean again.  My daughter has no objections to it either! Emma Roberts – Ada 18 Months


Product Tested By Amy Ferrier – Archie 1 Year

Amy Awarded The Harmony Duo Combi Changing Mat 4.8/5


I was very impressed with the product and with the quality of the product;  it seems very durable which is what you need when you are changing a baby several times a day.  The product was packaged well and was appealing.  The instructions were clear although the changing mat is very self-explanatory.  The mat was quite large and took up my entire changing unit, but this is good as when the babies get older you will still be able to use the mat.  The changing mat is very soft and I have used it doubled up so I am using both the mats as one.  The mat is very easy to clean, I wipe it with wipes but I have bleached it and I think it can be unzipped and washed more thoroughly.  I think the mat is produced to a very high quality, using good materials.  I doa gree the mat is versatile;  it is light weight, can be separated and has a multipurpose.  Whilst I think this mat is an amazing product I do think it is priced rather highly for a changing mat, having  said that it would last and is big enough to be used for a couple of years, I would recommend this product to friends over a cheaper one. I would consider buying this now.  It is a brilliant product which I have thoroughly enjoyed using and reviewing, will most definitely recommend to people who are expecting.  Amy Ferrier – Archie 1 Year


There is a moulded mat and a flat mat, which gives you choice. Using both together makes the mat nice and high, so easy for Mums & Dads to reach.


Victoria Awarded The Harmony Duo Combi Changing Mat 5/5

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