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Hauck Beta Highchair

The flexible and multifunctional wooden high chair that grows along with your child for a lifetime. The wooden high chair Beta is serviceable far beyond childhood. It can be used up to 90 kg of weight and is therefore also appropriate for adults. Thanks to the great number of combinations, this wooden high chair can be used in many ways. The seat plate and the foot plate can be adjusted in height and depth and can always be adapted to the particular growth stage of your child. Thanks to the crotch strap, your baby can sit next to you at the table from the 6th months onwards. The two-part seat pad ensures optimum sitting comfort. You receive the Beta with food tray and front bar. Thanks to the large and washable food tray, your child can have its meals at its own little table. Would you rather eat all together at the big table? Just swap the wooden table for the front bar. The Beta is extremely stable and tilt-resistant and can be moved around easily thanks to its two wheels. Hauck makes a contribution to environmental protection with this high chair: The processed wood comes from sustainably managed European beech wood cultivation. The wooden high chair Beta – the safe wooden high chair that grows along for a long time.
Suitable from 6 months grow-along highchair individually adjustable sitting position stilt-resistant thanks to wheels detachable front bar and food tray seat pad makes for ideal sitting comfort resilient up to 90 kg

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£71.99 Available Amazon, Uber Kids and Precious Little One

Hauck Beta Highchair Reviews

Product Tested by: Anna Swallow –Kayla 11 Months

Product Tested By Anna Swallow –Kayla 11 Months

Anna Awarded The Hauck Beta Highchair 4.5/5

Looks great very sturdy and modern. Regarding the instructions, we got stuck once I think but worked back through the steps to find out what went wrong, but all in all was easy enough. I would say this is more suitable from approx. 9 months – I think the recommended 6 months may be a little low as I know when Kayla turned 6 months she was still a little unstable sitting up and I think she would have slouched too much in the chair then. I find this highchair is very safe and Kayla seems comfortable enough in it! The seat has a crotch strap which is permanently attached. I don’t feel it needs a safety harness as she is quite enclosed and supported in it once she is in. The seat fabric is practical until it gets dirty then has to go in the wash – label says hand wash only which isn’t practical for a baby that gets it dirty most days so I have been putting it in the washer on a 30 degree wash and it’s been fine. But whilst it’s in the wash and being dried there is usually at least 1 if not more mealtimes where I haven’t been able touse the highchair as the seat pad wasn’t dry. My recommendation would be to send 2 seat pads in the pack so you always have a spare whilst one is in the wash. The seat and the foot rest adjust – I like the way it adjusts you just slide the seat out and move it up notch in the wood. The food tray is fine big enough size – it isn’t removable. The tray is very easy to clean as there is a slight edge on it but it is easy to get into all the sides and give it a thorough clean. This is a very versatile highchair. I can see it will be as Kayla gets older, only downside at the moment I can see is that I’d like to use it without the tray pushed up to the table like I’ve seen on the box and on the internet but our table seems to be a bit too high so it wouldn’t work. It’s not a big issue though!The wheels tend to drag on the floor unless you tilt it up quite far back so I just tend to lift it when I need to move it– it is light enough to do so. Obviously Kayla isn’t old enough to use as chair yet but I can definitely see how it will benefit her as she gets older. I thinkit does offer good value for money as it is solid wood and looks good – I personally wouldn’t have paid £79.99 for it if I had seen it in a shop but now I’ve got it I can see why it is that much. Make the tray removable, possibly an indented circle on the tray for a cup holder? And as mentioned supply more than 1 seat cover. I would purchase this highchair. As I said above I wouldn’t have if I had not tested it but I would think about buying it again if needed in the future. I would recommend as it is a safe, sturdy, nice looking wooden highchair. Overall I’ve been very pleased with the highchair, Kayla has seemed much more supported in it than some others which appear to have a large open space, I like the fact the tray can be adjusted as she grows. It’s big enough for her to move food around on the tray and not lose too much over the edge, and I really like the foot rest as the one she had before didn’t have one, she looks much more supported using it. Anna Swallow –Kayla 11 Months


Product Tested By Vicki White – Harry 12 Months

Vicki Awarded The Hauck Beta Highchair 3.7/5

Good quality, solid, attractive. Seemed simple at first glance to put together, but quite tricky as all the pieces need to be put together but not tightened fully, then tightened at the last minute. This means it’s quite unstable during the assembly process. The wheels are particularly fiddly to attach – so much so we ended up leaving them off. The chair is advertised from 6 months but I would recommend from 12 months plus as the chair has no restraining straps and the child would have to be fairly confident with sitting as there is less support than with other highchairs on the market. Yes it’s comfortable and seems safe for our one year old. Though the lack of safety harness straps might put off some parents. I do notfeel the material used is practical. It can neither be wiped down nor put in the washing machine … hand wash only on a highchair???? The seat unit is height adjustablebut the whole unit has to be unscrewed to adjust it. The tray is big enough and sturdy however can’t be removed without unscrewing. The tray can be wiped down but the lack of removability means it can’t be washed thoroughly. The strap to separate the child’s legs comes up through the tray. This means any food dropped on it stains pretty much instantly. Versatile in that it grows with your child but not particularly versatile in its functionality. It’s stable and can be moved easily BUT not because of the wheels as they are too fiddly to attach so we didn’t use them. Our son is only 12 months old and we can envisage using it more as he gets older, sitting at the table etc. Compared to other wooden highchairs on themarket it’s not great value as others fold for storage and the trays feeding tray can easily be removed. Make it foldable and easier to adjust. It looks fantastic and our son was really happy sat in it eating his lunch, however, in terms of adjusting it and cleaning it thoroughly, it’s just not practical compared to other highchairs on the market. Looks great, functionality is weak, better for older toddlers.Vicki White – Harry 12 Months


Product Tested By Kristeen Anderson – Aria 7 Months

Kristeen Awarded The Hauck Beta Highchair 4.9/5

Looked very nice, sturdy looking highchair. The instructions were not very clear and description wasn’t straight forward. Didn’t tell you not to tighten the bolts and if you followed the instructions, you ended up having to unscrew the bolt before or the next park would not fit. Age suitability is suitable as recommended from 6 months plus.The seat is safe but for added comfort I feel a cushion over the top of the backrest would be more beneficial for smaller children.This is a very easy highchair to use and I felt confident my daughter was safe and comfortable. The seat fabric is easy to clean and easy to take off and pop in the washing. This highchair grows with your child. Whilst I have not had the need to change it just yet, I feel this can only be a benefit as will serve us well for many years to come. The tray is very sturdy, large, easy to clean and can be used for play too. The lovely wood makes it super easy to clean. As this highchair grows to an adult seat, I would judge this as very versatile. Very easy to move around and feels completely solid, stable and sturdy. The fact that this will grow with your child is a superb benefit as you know it will last them for years. Excellent value for money. The design of this highchair is brilliant as it is, but would suggest offering a cushion to slip over the backrest for younger babies. I feel for the price it is miles above others in the highchair category. I would highly recommend as it is so versatile, sturdy and looks beautiful. Beautiful item looks great in any kitchen and brilliant for a growing child. Kirsteen Anderson – Aria 7 Months

Overall I’ve been very pleased with the highchair, Kayla has seemed much more supported in it than some others which appear to have a large open space, I like the fact the tray can be adjusted as she grows. It’s big enough for her to move food around on the tray and not lose too much over the edge, and I really like the foot rest as the one she had before didn’t have one, she looks much more supported using it.


Anna Awarded The Hauck Beta Highchair 4.5/5

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