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Hauck Lock Me

This stroller lock secures your stroller or kids’ scooters, pedal cars ect. effectively against theft. It offers easy handling thanks to a freely adjustable permutation lock and has a 55 cm steel cable with automatic retractor. Perfect for the big city, where hallways and backyards often provide the only parking space.

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Hauck Lock Me Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Paula Williams –
Travis 4 Months

Paula Awarded The Hauck Lock Me 4.4/5

Seemed nice wasn’t
sure initially why you would need a buggy lock though. Arrived well
packaged. Instructions simple enough to
follow and easy to change code. Very
easy to use and very easy to fit. When I
used it I felt that my buggy would be safe. Good quality and good value for
money. For items like this I prefer to
purchase these sort of items online. I don’t personally leave my buggy where it
would need a lock but if I did I would definitely get one. I would recommend. A
useful tool if you need to secure your pram in a public place. Simple to use
and looks good. Paula Williams – Travis 4 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Mayfield – Clara 15 Weeks

Rebecca Awarded The Hauck Lock Me 4/5

a product I would necessarily purchase, a bit unneeded in my circumstances. Packaging
sufficient for item. Took me a minute or
so to get the hang of the click, set the numbers, click then pull. More
narrative would have been useful in my case. Very easy to use once I got the
hang of it. It is easy to fit provided you have something suitable to lock it to;
I didn’t find the length of the cable long enough in some situations. I did feel my buggy was safe when using
this. Personally I would not use this
sort of item regularly so not something I would purchase. When purchasing items I tend to enjoy
purchasing in store and online so use both methods. I don’t often need a buggy lock, in
most situations I am using the buggy, when I am not the buggy is either at the
side of me in a restaurant or for example when we went to Disney on Ice they
provided a secure buggy parking area, there wasn’t anything to lock the buggy
to either. I have used it when I have gone to the children’s centre for
injections etc. and left my pram outside but if I don’t get a decent position
the lock doesn’t reach the bar provided to lock it to. Rebecca Mayfield – Clara 15 Weeks

Product Tested By Anna Clayton – Hannah & Freya 2 years
6 months and 10 Weeks

Anna Awarded The Hauck Lock Me 3.4/5

I thought it was a
brilliant idea and great for days out when taking my buggy. Packaging was ideal for the product. I didn’t find the instructions that straight
forward and ended up asking my husband for help setting the code on it. Once mastered this fairly easy to use. The cord could be a bit longer for times when
fitting it to railings etc. I did feel
my pushchair was safe using this. I was
disappointed on the quality, and the plastic covering over the wire has come away
already after one use. It is a cheap lock but I think this shows as the product
does seen cheap and cheerful and not that well-made, a shame as the concept is
great. I tend to purchase items in store
and online on a regular basis. Great
concept and a brilliant idea for securing buggies on days out just a shame that
the instructions and quality of the product was pretty poor. Anna
Clayton – Hannah & Freya 2 years 6 months and 10 Weeks

A useful tool if you need to secure your pram in a public place. Simple to use and looks good.


Paula Awarded The Hauck Lock Me 4.4/5

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