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Hauck Malibu Trio Set

Fully equipped right from the start.The hauck Malibu All in One lives up to your expectations. Use the pram with its cosy padded environment for newborns and then transfer to the buggy when your child is older. The turns the Malibu into a practical Shop’N Drive system. Both pram and Zero Plus Comfort clip onto built-in adapters in the armrests. The lockable/swivel front wheels make the Malibu easy to manoeuvre. There is a one touch braking system on the rear wheels and a large shopping basket provides storage space for baby and children’s accessories. To ensure comfort, there is individually adjustable back rest and adjustable foot rest. The innovative Malibu can be quickly and compactly folded and stored in your car boot.The changing bag provides ample storage space and includes a changing mat.
Available in Grey, Navy, Brown, Violet, Petrol & Black
Malibu All In One Set also available in Disney Baby design Pooh Doodle Brown

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Hauck Malibu Trio Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Dobinson – Jodie 19 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Dobinson – Jodie 19 Months

Sarah Awarded the Hauck Malibu All In One 4.6/5

Looked sturdy, modern & stylish. Carrycot is a nice size and shape and plenty big enough. Carrycot was very easy to fit to the chassis. Very clear instructions which meant it was straightforward to put them together. Very simple and easy to erect the pushchair. Folds easily enough but would prefer it to fold flatter. The pushchair seat appears to be comfortable – my child has had no problem and good to see her sitting rather than slouching. Safety harness easy to use but fiddly to begin with. Shoulder straps could be more sturdy. Excellent to shop with – very easy to use with swivel wheels etc. Shopping basket is nice size and good depth but could be longer. Shower hood enables good coverage but I would expect a rain cover too. Fits into my car boot easily but could be a bit flatter (without taking it apart). Material is practical and shower proof but seems a little cheap. Excellent manoverability. I also found this was fine on grass too. I really liked the designs of the Malibu. Good price but could be a little cheaper. Loved using it and it was practical and perfect for my little one. I would purchase if it was a little cheaper. I would also recommend as much better than lots we looked at previously. Thoroughly enjoyed using this as a very easy to use pushchair. The opportunity to unclip and unfold with one hand is very useful. A very good product. Sarah Dobinson – Jodie 19 Months

Product Tested By Kirsti Walters – Mia 7 Months

Kirsti Awarded The Hauck Malibu All In One 4.5/5

Looks great but a bit plasticky! Perfect carrycot. Shape and size are suitable for a newborn and fits easily onto chassis. Carrycot is easy to fit onto chassis and Car seat is okay but sits a little too upright. Instructions were not easy to follow. To open the pushchair was the hardest part of all as nowhere in the beginning of theinstruction booklet did it tell you where the clasp was. This was extremely frustrating. The instructions to place the car seat onto the chassis were unclear and this took a lot of time to get right as the pictures did not show clear enough where the hooks were and how to open them up. Once you know how to erect it very easy. This was easy for me to fold away but my mum could not do it and found it too fiddly. I really struggled to push both the buttons when my hands were cold and this took at least 10 attempts and my fingers hurt after! The seat seems comfortable enough for Mia. I Felt the safety harness was a bit flimsy and is almost impossible to tighten without either hurting your hand or feeling like it is about to break. Loosens easily when you need it to. Very easy to shop with this pushchair no problems at all. The shopping basket is my favourite part of the whole pushchair! It’s huge and I use it every time I go out with the pushchair. The canopy is the right size to keep the sun off baby’s face and is easy to use. This fitted easily into the boot of my car as light enough to quickly pick up and put in the boot of the car one handed. The fabric is suitable as it is does look a little cheap but is practical. I haven’t had any problems with manoeuvring this pushchair. We went for a walk at a country park which is gravel and grass and decided upon taking a different pushchair as I didn’t think this was sturdy enough to cope with the terrain. When I have briefly gone onto grass it has been okay but too bumpy for my daughter and is a little difficult to push for me. The overall design isnearly perfect apart from the plastic all over. Would look so much more pleasing to the eye if there was metal or another material which was more expensive. In my opinion this is almost superb value for money and the only thing that lets it down is The flimsy look. Nearly perfect apart from the flimsy look and materials used. Also how difficult it is to tighten the car seat strap is very annoying. I would recommend this if it was on offer. Easy to use once worked out. Has a couple of difficult/annoying parts which let it down-tightening the harness and buttons to close the chassis when cold or for grandparents.Best thing is the quickness and ease of collapsing the chassis when out and about and getting it in the boot. Looks compact and good in the colour that I’ve got (violet) but is cheapened by the plastic. Kirsti Walters – Mia 7 Months

Product Tested By Victoria Pugh – Zane 6 Months

Victoria Awarded The Hauck Malibu All In One 3.7/5

Looked OK when arrived. The carrycot is very spacious. The carrycot and the car seat are very easy to attach to the pushchair. Was very easy to put together and instructions where easy to follow. This pushchair is also very easy to erect. When folding away I must admit could do with an extra hand as was a bit hard to push buttons and lift up together. The seat looked fairly comfortable but personally I feel it could do with a bit more padding for extra comfort. The safety harness is secure and easy to fit and adjust. I found it very easy to take this pushchair to the shops. The shopping basket is practical and OK, but I would prefer it if slightly bigger. This set does not come with a rain cover which I think should be incorporated within part of the whole set. When folded the Pushchair wouldn’t fit in my 7 seater car so could only use when I was walking from home to where I was going as I have 5 children. Quality of fabric shows dirt easily. Pushchair was ok but very rickety walking along. Found this was easy to take on grass and steer. For us the overall design is not really practical for a large family, could benefit from the frame being more compact so doesn’t take so much room of your boot space. Overall experience of this item was OK but my own personal experience is this is not suitable for our family and I would not pay the recommended retail price for this set as does not fit in with our lifestyle. I also feel a set like this should come complete with rain cover especially with the UK weather. Victoria Pugh – Zane 6 Months

Thoroughly enjoyed using this as a very easy to use pushchair. The opportunity to unclip and unfold with one hand is very useful. A very good product.


Sarah Awarded the Hauck Malibu All In One 4.6/5

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