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HAVANA DRESS From Joiful Maternity

The Havana Dress is a Long Tank Style Maternity dress – Sleeveless- Tank Neck- Empire Waist- Ankle Length- Modal & Lycra- Maternity Dress- Machine Washable- Made in USA .

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$76 – Sterling £50.88 Available to purchase online

HAVANA DRESS From Joiful Maternity Reviews

Product Tested by: Leanne Lewis – Louella 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Leanne Lewis – Louella 3 Weeks

Leanne Awarded The Havana Maternity Dress 4.6/5

On receipt of the dress I was worried that it would be hard to wear due to the length and the fact that the straps crossed over at the back. I thought the colour was attractive and the material seemed decent. I thought overall the product looked good quality. The design of the maxi dressis both comfortable and fashionable; it was the perfect length, which as mentioned above; was something I was worried about when first looking at the product. The size of the product was also very favourable, I wore this up until I was 39 weeks and it still fitted me perfectly. The one problem I had with the dress was that the straps crossed over at the back which meant that when you wore your bra, your straps could be seen at the back. I found this item of clothing to be very practical. It was easy to wear around the house doing the shopping and getting into and out of the car. The dress has adequate material meaning you were covered at all times. I also wore the dress to the hairdressers, where I sat for four hours and I didn’t find any problems with the dress. I found the fabric to be fantastic, thus I would say that the dress could be worn to work for the day comfortably; at no point did I need to adjust the dress throughout wear. The item did not appear creased after a whole days wear. Straight forward washing instructions, easily goes in with the other washing, no colour runs.  After washing the item still looked as good as when it was taken out of the packaging. It does offer value for money; however with a price tag of £50 I don’t know if I would buy this item, without first knowing what I do now? I will definitely continue to use this item as it was so comfortable. I used immediately after birth when I still had a bit of a bump and wanted to be comfortable in loose clothing. I would recommend it to anyone who was struggling to find comfortable maternity wear. It was easy to wear and I had no problems with the product. Overall I was very satisfied with my product. I found it was comfortable easy to wear, easy to style and I had no problems with the quality. The only gripe I have with this product is the cross over straps, but this would not stop me using the item!! Leanne Lewis – Louella 3 Weeks


Product Tested By Danielle Minshall

Danielle Awarded The Havana Maternity Dress 4.3/5

The dress looked lovely and well packaged. However not something I would have usually gone for but was happy to try. I liked the design and was quite practical; it wasn’t too long and was very easy to put on. The fabric was nice; it wasn’t too heavy but thick enough to feel nice. It was very comfortable to wear; a perfect fit for myself; not too tight and no irritations. I would say the cold hand wash and lying flat to dry was the only issue with this product. It wasn’t too bad with it being warmer months but a slight pain to wash. But that’s my opinion. I like items I can put in the washing machine. This item would grow well through pregnancy due to the material and style. I had it when I was 8 months pregnant and would have happily worn it prior to this.  I probably wouldn’t spend the amount of money asked for this item as it was quite plain and didn’t offer anything extra. I would use this item again and I would be happy to lend this item to my pregnant friends if they needed a dress for an occasion. I would recommend this product to others who were after something like this dress because it was a lovely fit and I didn’t feel too whale like at 8 months and it was nice to dress up or down with accessories. I was happy with the overall appearance and feel of this dress, it felt nice to wear and I had worn it on one occasion to a family Ruby Anniversary and did have lots of complements on how nice it looked, etc.  I do feel that it’s only let down was the washing instructions as I am a busy mum of 2 and 1 on the way I do prefer items I can just throw in the machine and not hand wash and it is a little pricey. But I would definitely recommend it and have done to other people. Danielle Minshall


Product Tested By Emily Shepperson – Alyssa 5 Years and Harvey 3 Years

Emily Awarded The Havana Maternity Dress 4.8/5

I was impressed with the style and feel of the material of this dress. The colour was gorgeous! I loved the design of the dress. The wide straps mean that you can wear a crossover bra without having to then resort to strapless underwear. The dress is very practical! It can be dressed up or down and I had no problems with any occasion that I was attending thinking if this was suitable or not; I love it. The quality is fantastic; lovely colour and fabric but it creases with ease so it soon starts to show where you’ve sat down. It is incredibly comfy to wear which is what you ultimately want from maternity garments. I had no irritation at all whilst wearing it and could gladly get on with day to day chores and the occasional nap! To launder it says hand-wash on the label and also has to be dried flat. I’m lucky that I have an option on my washing machine for ‘hand-wash’ or this could have been a slight issue. Also, the material can take a while to dry. This dress will certainly grow with my pregnancy; the material easily moves to a growing bump. I feel that it is quite expensive but this literally is the only dress you would need throughout your pregnancy as it can be dressed up or down. I will continue to wear it and actually, wearing it now. It is so much more comfy than my work uniform. Maybe they should take the hint with this item and supply something similar? I have recommended it to others and will continue to do so. I did markit down on the ‘laundering’ category and also the creasing element so can’t score it 5/5 but it certainly comes up top marks. I love it and will continue to wear it for the rest of my pregnancy. Emily Shepperson

Overall I was very satisfied with my product. I found it was comfortable easy to wear, easy to style and I had no problems with the quality.                 


Leanne Awarded The Havana Maternity Dress 4.6/5

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