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He-Shi Luminous Shimmer

The new limited edition Luminous Shimmer 150ml from He-Shi is a subtle and sophisticated wash off tan bronzer with a gorgeous glittering finish for that special occasion or party. For use as a standalone product or to compliment an existing He-Shi tan. A glittering wash off formulation suitable for face & body that puts you in control of how long your tan lasts. Resistant to splashes of water or rain showers, giving you complete freedom to wear with confidence. Multi layering of the Luminous Shimmer enhances specific parts of the body, perfectly complimenting that little black dress for added glitz and glamour. Washes off using soap and warm water.

New He-Shi Luminous Shimmer is:  ENRICHED WITH ORGANIC QUINOA PROTEIN. For optimal skin conditioning, this luminous shimmer is enriched with organic Quinoa Protein sourced from the purest environments free from pesticides to restore hydration and protect your tan  RICH IN AMINO ACIDS – The Amino Acid Profile is especially high to aid in the conditioning, repairing and protection of the skin  WITH VITAMIN E – Reduces dry skin and restores suppleness, whilst acting as an Antioxidant protecting the skin against free radicals and pollution.

He-Shi Tip: For best results use a He-Shi Bronzing Brush in circular motions all around the face and neck when applying He-Shi Luminous Shimmer. This will ensure a light and even application.


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£12.50 for 150ml Available from selected Harvey Nichols and Fenwicks department stores, salons & day spas across the country and online at and or click online for local stockist

He-Shi Luminous Shimmer Reviews

Product Tested by: Natasha Anne Gower


Tested By
Natasha Anne Gower

Awarded The
Luminous Shimmer  4.9/5

Small for the
money being spent, but then I thought this product might be small for a reason,
good quality does not need to be in a massive bottle. I was totally right. I really liked the size of the bottle; this
enabled me to fit it into my makeup case. The packaging is simple and clear
which made it easier on the eye and more focus on the product. Instructions
very simple
to read, clear font and easy to follow, this allowed the product to be more user
friendly; The shape of the bottle allowed the writing to be spread out. The
product also displayed step by step instructions so the product will obtain
full results. 
Only a small amount of the product was needed in
one application, the consistency was thick to allow the shimmer to be spread
evenly. However I would maybe recommend a little less colorants as it did show
up brownish to start with. This product
is absolutely worth every penny and a must have, I have spent money previously
and not gotten these results. However under these financial difficulties the
price might be a little high. I would
absolutely buy this product again, but with the small amount of product needed
to be used might be a while before I need another bottle. I took this product out with me on an evening
and showed many friends and strangers how good this product was, and they all
loved it. Really good makeup bag
essential and a must have.
women feel every bit beautiful and glammed, with a little shimmer. 
 Natasha Anne Gower

Product Tested By Naomi Brown

Naomi Awarded The He-Shi Luminous
Shimmer 4.9/5

Looks very
different and definitely good for the Christmas period, lots of sparkle!   Good sized bottle clearly shows product
inside. Instructions were not very easy
to read as bottle quite dark in colour and writing very small. Very easy to apply, looks and feels good dries
almost instantly. Wonderful product for nights out and upcoming Christmas
parties.  Bit on the higher side price
wise but since using yes would definitely pay the asking price. I would definitely buy this product. Wonderfully easy to use with fantastic effect.
I would highly recommend.  Adds instant
sparkle for a great night out.  Naomi


Product Tested
Lynn Parsons

Lynn Awarded The
He-Shi Luminous Shimmer 4.9/5

Looked nicely
presented, quite a small bottle. Was
looking forward to trying this out.  The
bottle was a good design and easy to use. Also the size is ideal to keep in your bag too. Instructions clear, but
could be larger print as did find a bit difficult to read. This was so easy to apply and had great
results. Just smooth on skin and you have a lovely glow. Great for face and arms and for party season
nice to put a bit on your shoulders too. Makes you look and feel fabulous. You only need to use a small amount so will last. The effect is really
good. A top product and adds that
special touch for when you are going out for the evening. Will be superb for all the Christmas parties. I loved this product. Had never used this brand before and now a
convert. Definitely good value for money
as still have lots left so will last a while yet. This is a definite ‘Must have’ and I have
been telling everyone about this.  Adds
that extra something special and makes you look and feel great on a night
out. Loved it.  Lynn Parsons



I took this product out with me on an evening and showed many friends and strangers how good this product was, and they all loved it. Really good makeup bag essential and a must have. Helping women feel every bit beautiful and glammed, with a little shimmer   


Natasha Awarded The He-Shi Luminous Shimmer 4.9/5

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