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He-Shi One Day Tan 150ml

He-Shi One Day Tan is a tinted wash off bronzer. It enhances your skin tones to give a flawless natural golden glow, whilst moisturising your skin throughout the day.
This bronzer is a refreshing, non-sticky and quick drying gel which contains a gentle uplifting fragrance. This is an excellent one day, quick fix for evenly bronzed skin.
Using a He-Shi Tanning Mitt, apply a little bronzing gel to the foam side of the mitt.
Glide the mitt over the skin using the bronze tint to cover the desired areas. Use circular movements to blend into the skin (because you can actually see the colour, if any streaks appear simply add more bronzing gel to the mitt and blend over the area).
This bronzer does not contain any active tanning ingredients and can be washed off at the end of the day. 

He-Shi Tip: He-Shi’s One Day Tan is the perfect temporary tanning solution for that last minute hot date or special occasion! 

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£14.50 for 150ml - Available to purchase online or click online to find local stockist

He-Shi One Day Tan 150ml Reviews

Product Tested by: Sheena Collins

Product Tested By Sheena Collins

Sheena Awarded The He-Shi One Day Tan 4.3/5

Arrived and looked like the ideal product for me and I like to have a bit of a glow during the summer and winter months.  The bottle design is nice and very easy to apply.  I tried a few times to get the quantity right.  Was easy to apply and would dry in minutes.  I used this all over my body and note a little bit is needed only.  Do not put too much on otherwise colour will be too strong.  Gave me a nice glow and people commented on how well I looked.  The price is expensive but as I stated you only need to use a little bit so this will last a long while.  Used this before I went away on holiday and gave me a head start.  Then just used as a top up when I came back to keep a nice golden colour.  I have already recommended this as also left my skin feeling soft and smooth.  Nice fragrance not too overpowering.  Best to put on at the beginning of the day as dries so quickly.  Does gradually wash off but a perfect one day top up tan to make you feel good.  Even hubby said I looked good.  A good quality Tanning lotion which I will be purchasing again.  Sheena Collins

Product tested By Kerri Wood


Kerri Awarded The He-Shi One Day Tan 3.8/5

Nice application, not great colour. Way too dark for me.  Went on very well only need a small amount as product goes well.  Very effective, but very dark/orange. Would be better for darker skin.  Goes on well but you need to be careful of the colour around ankles.  This also left my skin feeling lovely and soft.  When you apply this it dried in about 5 minutes. The bottle is a nice design and easy to use.  Also liked the style of the writing.  I’m sure it would for a darker skin type but I couldn’t use it as it was way to orange for me. But product goes really far!  The product is good and personally I feel more suited to a darker skin tone as too dark for me.  Lovely to apply but WAY to dark and not to easy to wash off.  Kerri Wood

Product Tested By Shelley Tinker


Shelley Awarded The He-Shi One Day Tan 4.8/5

Really liked the design of the tube.  Instructions are easy to follow.  Found this very easy to apply and was surprised you only needed a small amount for this to work.  I have olive skin so was careful on how much I used.  This is easy to apply feels nice and smooth and dries within minutes.  This is supplied with application mitt so just put onto the mitt and just gently apply to your skin.  It is easy to apply and really does absorb into the skin quickly.  You work out a knack to apply evenly as sometimes you get a darker colour on your elbows, knees and ankles, but this is easily rectified.  Just follow the instructions and be careful to apply evenly all over your body.  I had a big evening dinner to attend and wanted a summer glow and this worked perfectly.  Gave me a really nice summer glow for the evening.  I have been using this for a while now as great to top up your tan when needed.  The product is expensive but when you take into account this will really last then well worth the investment.  I will be using this through the colder months too as always nice just to have a slight bronze glow.  Just work out best way to apply and remember you do not need much.  A really great product but I would suggest people with lighter skins to try out in stores before purchasing as my friend found the colour too dark for her liking.  I loved it and has been brilliant.  So many I have used in the past have streaked or even left my hands a funny colour.  This is good quality, works and gradually washes off.  Just nice to top up your bronze glow all year round.  Shelley Tinker

A good quality Tanning lotion which I will be purchasing again. 


Sheena Awarded The He-Shi One Day Tan 4.3/5

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