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Healing Calendula Cream

100% Natural, Effective Emollient – Completely Free of Artificial Chemicals.We use generous amounts of our own homegrown Calendula, a natural anti-inflammatory, in this preparation. It can be used as a targeted treatment for any rash or inflammed skin on adults and children over 3 years. This product is now available in a 30ml jar for £8.99 Click Here to buy. Natural treatment for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne and RosaceaThis cream will not only safely soothe, repair and heal scars, perhaps most importantly for sufferers of inflammatory skin disorders, it will bolster and repair breaks in the skins natural lipid barrier (the stratum corneum) preventing invasion by allergens and pathogens which perpetuate the cycle of flare ups and further damage. Natural anti-inflammatories soothe without side effects.It is completely free of artificial chemicals so it is a safe emollient for the most sensitive skin (see contra-indications). All of the ingredients are non-comedogenic (non pore blocking) so it is suitable for dry or oily skin.. 100% Natural 100% Active ingredientsThis product is made from 100% natural oils it is technically a balm, yet it absorbs like a cream. Making it water free allows us to avoid ALL artificial ingredients including harsh antibacterials that irritate sensitive skin, and lipid barrier disrupting emulsifiers. It also means it contains 100% active ingredients:

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£8.99 (30ml) £14.95 (110ml) Available to purchase online

Healing Calendula Cream Reviews

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Product Tested By Emma Gleeson

Emma Awarded The Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream 5/5

I thought the jar was small but looked good. Nicely packaged with plenty of details about the product. Instructions are straight forward lots of details about what is in the product nice and simple. Very easily absorbed it didn’t leave my skin greasy. It instantly soothed my eczema. The cream worked straight away and within a few days my eczema had almost gone. I no longer use twice a day and can use every other day. This is a very high quality cream. Initially I thought the jar was small. However you do not need to use much so it is lasting a very long time and certainly good value for money. I would purchase more and certainly recommend. I was really impressed with this cream from the very first use, it has a pleasant non over powering smell, it doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy. It soothed my skin releasing it from itch and discomfort. I love that this is a natural product that really works. The jar has lasted for so much longer than I thought it would. I would definitely buy this product when I finish this jar. I have also found it useful on small areas of dry skin and spots too! Emma Gleeson

Product Tested By Graham Pearson

Graham Awarded The Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream 4.5/5

Arrived well packaged and opened to see small neat jar. Instructions clear and precise. I found this did absorb well but left a greasy residue on my skin. It did help soothe the eczema on my hands and arms. I would only use this at night due to it leaving greasy residue on my skin. It worked well enough as did ease the itching, but did not clear up my eczema, just calmed it down. The price is not really too expensive as little goes a long way and my prescribed cream is roughly the same price. I would not purchase again as just eased my itchiness. However, it is good quality and would recommend to others. A high quality eczema cream which did help eases my condition. Graham Pearson

Product Tested By Katerina Uddin

Katerina Awarded The Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream 3.6/5

Very good product. I am really impressed. I really liked the size of the product, because unlike other eczema products, this one fits very nicely in my purse. I like the total overview, but it would be safer to pack it in some plastic container as the glass can cause injuries. Very clear instructions to follow. Cream absorbed really fast and doesn’t leave oily stains on the skin. This cream was effective. Quality of the cream was very good. Personally I feel this is very expensive for eczema cream. This did work and I would recommend. Satisfied with the product, which does what it says it will. Disappointed with the price of the small container. Katerina Uddin

The jar has lasted for so much longer than I thought it would. I would definitely buy this product when I finish this jar. I have also found it useful on small areas of dry skin and spots too!


Emma Awarded The Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream 5/5

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