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Hello Home BearHug Toddler Bed

Say hello to the perfect kids’ bedroom. Not too big, not too small – a tumblefree night awaits in the HelloHome BearHug Toddler Bed. This cuddly character has everything your child needs for confidence after their cot.With the bear’s friendly face for comfort, the transition from a cot to a toddler bed flows smoothly. Protected by the bear’s sturdy arms, he’ll feel safe and secure and she’ll be eager to snuggle up for a snooze. Just the right height for little legs to hop up and hunker down, the HelloHome BearHug Toddler Bed is practical too. With protective side panels to prevent bedtime tumbles, a sturdy and strong bedframe to keep her safe and snug, and easy build instructions that make assembly a doddle for mum or dad. This adorable toddler bed is part of the HelloHome BearHug toddler furniture family, creating cosy spaces for hibernating tots. Suitable for 18 months – 5 yearsMattress not included. Takes mattress size 140 x 69cm

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Hello Home BearHug Toddler Bed Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Kelly Matthews – Ava Lilly – 2 Years

Awarded The HelloHome BearHug Toddler Bed 4.5/5

really liked the look of this product looked fun and great for toddlers as not
just a plain bed. When the bed first arrived it was damaged on the headboard at
the bottom the box was only just a bit bigger than the item which I loved. The
down side was the packaging in side was only a small amount of bubble wrap
which did not protect the whole item. The instructions were very easy to follow
I made the bed very quickly without any problems. My daughter loved this bed so
much got very excited by the bear headboard; she got straight into the bed and
laid down. As soon as she saw this bed in her room she got straight in and laid
down saying night night and went to sleep with no problem. The safety elements
are really good they have made the side arms into the bear arms which Ava loved
and she can get in and out of the bed without help. The quality of the bed is
very good it’s made to last which is a plus point as you would be able to use
this bed until they grow out of it. The
quality safety of this product is amazing which would make it great value for
money and plus point it has an element of fun for the children. I would consider purchasing this item and
would certainly recommend. The only down
side to this product was the packaging all it needs is more protection inside
the box. My experience with this product
have been good my child loved this from the moment she got it still she plays
on the bed with the bear. The instructions were so easy to follow bed went
together very easy made to last which is good. Lots of great safety elements
which have been made to maintain the bear style. Kelly Matthews – Ava Lilly – 2 Years

Tested By
Anna Rendall – Leoni 21 Months

Awarded The HelloHome BearHug Toddler Bed 4.2/5

appealing to a child, cute and suitable for boy or girl. Packaging minimal, but adequate. It arrived in perfect condition. Instructions
simple to follow for an experienced DIYer, but not easy if like me you are not
used to doing such things. Could have diagrams that would help less able
people? She likes it because it has bear (she loves teddies) on it and it was
just her size. It was good that it was as low to the ground as she fell out a
few times, until she got a bit more used to the bed with no cot sides. She
moved around a lot in the night and was pleased that she did herself no harm
due to the low height. She seems happy to go to her bed at night as she now has
a proper bed like her sister. She likes the fact there is a bear on her bed! It
is very low to the ground which I think helped keep her safe when she did fall
out three times. I was surprised she has not fell out more as she is often
upside down. Having got used to the bed,
the sides is high enough to keep her in the bed even when she is lying the
wrong way round. There are not sharp edges on the bed which is so important,
especially when she turns over and hits her arm/hands on the sides/edges. The
bed is quite wide. It appears to be made
with standard MDF, but I felt the fixings appear to be of poor quality and
think the bed could not be dismantled and reassembled for storage. The mattress
is not supplied which bumps the price up, but a mattress to fit this bed is
readily available at a reasonable price. The bed is a really good price. As the
bed is very attractive for children, it cannot fail to be inviting for any
child, boy or girl, from toddler to 5. I
would consider purchasing this. I would
buy it, even if it was a bit more expensive as it would be worth it. I plan to
look on the website to find out more information as I really like the bed. I would also recommend. The only downside is
the fixings let it down and would like to store it if I could dismantle it,
once my daughter has outgrown it. My daughter is a toddler and I feel that this
was the perfect first bed for her. I have another toddler bed, but this one is
better due to the rounded edges (no sharp edges to hurt any child). It is also high sided at the foot, which the
other one isn’t. It has an opening so my
child can get in and out of bed herself.
It is of a height that she does not cause herself harm if she does fall
out of bed and hurt herself, she actually continued to sleep! I feel it is a well-made bed, which will
serve a ‘just out of a cot toddler’ until they are 5 years of age comfortably. Anna
Rendall – Leoni 21 Months

Tested By
Rachel Keys – Daniel 2 Years

Awarded The HelloHome BearHug Toddler Bed 3.9/5

look of the bed is fun and my son loves the teddy face. It’s a standard flat pack, small enough to
fit in the boot of a car if you’re looking to buy it locally. The instructions
were pretty good. Like any flat pack item, they underestimate the time needed
to put it together, but all straight forward. My son loved it. Thought the face
was funny. I’ve had no problems with the transition from cot to bed. Daniel has
fallen out of bed a couple of times so we are using a foam bumper as well. The
design is fun and a lot of thought has been put into the look of the bed.
Daniel did like the ears a lot and kept removing them all the time at first.
Luckily the Velcro has stood this test. My child moves around a lot in the
night so the side arms don’t really offer much protection. I need to use an
additional bumper. It’s low to the ground so when he has fallen out of bed he’s
not really been hurt, It is a little on the light side and Daniel can move the
bed if he kicks the wall (which he does every night). On a carpet this probably
wouldn’t be a problem. This means I need to move it back every night so he is
at least protected from falling out one side. I did have a problem putting the
bed together. One of the metal fixings broke as it’s badly designed, a peg with
2 clips holding the top and bottom of the bed together. It would have been
better if the sides were in one piece rather than 2. I’d say the quality is not
as good as a well-known Scandinavian shop. If it were £100 including a mattress
I’d say it was an ok price but £100 without a mattress is quite steep to say
it’s not made from solid wood. I think buying a cotbed (cot that converts to a
toddler bed) would be a better investment as this bed will not last that long
for the price and is the same size. My son likes the look of the bed at 2 but
will he like it at 4? It’s nice if you’re happy spending £100+ on a bed for a
couple of years and like novelty furniture. It does what it’s supposed to do
but does not represent particularly good value for money and I think you can
get a better quality bed for the same amount.
My son loved the teddy bed at 2 and I had no problems getting him to sleep
in it but the quality could be improved. Rachel Keys – Daniel 2 Years

My experience with this product have been good my child loved this from the moment she got it still she plays on the bed with the bear. The instructions were so easy to follow bed went together very easy made to last which is good. Lots of great safety elements which have been made to maintain the bear style.


Kelly Awarded The HelloHome BearHug Toddler Bed 4.5/5

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