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HEMPITAN Body Tan Water



HEMPITAN™ is a certified organic Body Tanning Water that delivers a Super Dark tan and contains Hemp Seed Extract known for it’s phenomenal skin moisturising properties.

A Revolutionary Organic HEMP Body Tan Water™ made from only organic and natural ingredients in a spray on formula. A beautiful blend of organic hemp and hyaluronic treats the skin while delivering your darkest tan yet. Ditch the nasty chemicals.

  • Non- comedogenic. Won’t clog your pores.
  • Provides-long lasting colour.
  • Dries instantly & smells amazing!
  • Your darkest tan yet with spray on convenience.


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Price: £30.95 36.95 EUR Available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Tanning Lotions/Creams & Organic Category

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HEMPITAN Body Tan Water Reviews

Product Tested By Kim Pearson

Kim Awarded The Hempitan 5/5

Nice, small, tidy bottle with a nice design. The concept of Hempitan is fantastic; an organic natural tan that doesn’t behave like other tans is the way forward for the world of fake tanning.  The directions to apply were great; however the length of time was not good for me to develop a dark colour. It says leave 1-4 hours to develop a tan to your desired depth of colour. I think this would work more if left over night. The bottle is designed well, gives enough information and kind of reminds me of sun tan lotion bottle, which is a good thing as you think of holidays. Very easy and simple to use, it glided on better than any other I have used. Very easy to apply, you can apply this liberally without streaks and with full coverage without a full-length mirror. It is the easiest applied fake tan I have ever used. This delivered a good tan that covered all areas. It wasn’t patchy or streaky; however it wasn’t dark like they said after 4 hours. The Hempitan dried extremely quickly; I wasn’t sitting around waiting for ages before I put clothes on, it dried within ten mins. I have dry, sensitive skin and most fake tans with sting and bring red patches up for a while before going back down. Hempitan did none of that. I only used this one time so far, and my moisture level didn’t change.  Being organic, natural etc. never use to be important to me.  I used to get all different high street brands that were all pretty much the same. Now I have tried organic, vegan, natural, cruelty free, toxic free NO BS and had great skin results, I wouldn’t go back. This was great for skin gliding, there was no chance of missing places when using this as it glided on seamlessly and made the application very easy. It was long lasting in comparison to others, most fake tans only last 5 days or so on me before coming off in patches. Hempitan lasted around 8 days and did not come off in patches. I didn’t find this easy as the directions say to leave it for 1-4 hours before washing off. I left it for 4 hours and no longer as I thought I would be too dark if left longer, but it was the opposite. I was left with a nice sun kissed look for about 8 days, but I was going for something darker. I would leave it overnight next time. It was more a sun kissed look as I did not leave it on for long enough, it was still a very nice colour, but to achieve darker I will leave longer next time. I only left it on for 4 hours as the directions say for 1-4 hours. I was worried that it would affect my skin if I left it longer than 4 hours as the directions said 1- 4 hours. To be on the safe side I washed it off after 4 hours but it wasn’t very dark. I will definitely continue using this during the colder months. Fake tan is best used in winter to get that glow that naturally comes in the summer. I saw a nice sun kissed tan after 4 hours. I used 2 handfuls per leg and 3 handfuls per upper body. In comparison to other fake tans, this is the best smelling one I have come across. I couldn’t smell it on myself at all afterwards. With every single fake tan I have used, I have always smelt it on myself. This is fantastic in that area. The quality of this product is excellent, it is nice smelling and easy to use. It is more than I would usually pay, but considering how it doesn’t affect my skin badly like cheaper ones, I would pay it. I liked how it didn’t react with my sensitive skin the most, as this is horrible with other tans. I then liked the way it applied seamlessly with no clogged pores. I would buy this as I have found it to be the best on the market for sensitive skin as well as no bad smells. I would recommend this as it is a fantastic, natural fake tan that is easy to use and good results.  I give this tan a 5/5 simply because it did not react with my skin the way all other fake tans have done, and it did not smell bad. It was easy to use; it did not clog my pores or go patchy/ streaky. The tan lasted a good amount of time and was a nice colour; it wasn’t sticky and was very easy to use. My overall experience was excellent with one point that I did not like, and that was just the recommendation of time to use, 1-4 hours. I didn’t get a dark tan in the 4 hours and was a little worried to leave it longer without implications as it says 1-4 hours. It would have a great dark colour if left over night, but again I am unsure if that is safe. Other than this, this is a perfect natural fake tan, better than any other I have used. Kim Pearson

Product Tested By Laura Dolan

Laura Awarded The Hempitan 5/5

The bottle reminds me of the type of thing you’d buy directly from a salon. Love the idea that you only have to leave on for 1-4 hours so you can shower again before bed or going out.  The natural aspect is appealing especially as it a spray- usually I don’t like the idea of spraying chemicals over myself when in a small space like the bathroom, but you wouldn’t have to worry about this with this product. Instructions clear and to the point. Ideal colours (brown and gold) for a tanning product but the labelling on the front is a bit too wordy.  The ‘Eco by Sonya Driver’ (perhaps this is a famous Australian person or brand but I’m afraid this means nothing to me) in white stands out more than ‘Hempitan Body Tan Water’ in gold, which is the thing that would actually tell me what the product is if browsing a shelf. Bottle is great in that it sprays no matter how you hold it (e.g. when I was holding it upside down to do back). I found it hard to know if I had missed any bits out as it disappears onto the skin straight away.  This is probably because I’m used to gradual tan creams where it’s quite obvious where the cream has gone.  I used a mitt and the first attempt I was left streaky as I don’t think I’d put enough on.  The second and subsequent times, I sprayed much more on and got good coverage.  Most people used to spray type tans would probably have got it right straight away but it took me 2 attempts because spray type tans are new to me. It gave me a lovely, natural looking tan.  I definitely looked tanned rather than the orange effect other tans can give.  I have got olive skin and can find some tans are too light but this was nice and dark. It dried very quickly to the point where I really had to remember where I’d already sprayed it when I was applying! I would say this did not dry or irritate my skin.  It definitely didn’t dry my skin out like other tanning products tend to.  Even with gradual tan creams, I tend to have to alternate between tanning one day and intensely moisturising the next to keep skin hydrated, but I did not have to do that with this product. I think the whole concept of doing something to change the colour of your skin can seem a bit freaky so any way to do this in a natural way appeals. The fact that it only took me 2 attempts to get it right tells me that it must glide on easily. The tan seemed to last about a week without top ups which would be ideal for holiday tanning. I actually left it on for about 6-7 hours each time as I put it on of a morning and then showered off in the evening.  The colour lasted a week without top ups. I was happy with the results.  I thought I looked like I had a natural tan and people commented that I looked well. I used this twice a week. I applied for 2 days in a row, leaving it on for 6-7 hours each time, the days before each event/ night out.  E.g. for a party on a Saturday, I would apply on Thursday and Friday. I would continue using this through the colder months because it is so natural looking.  I don’t think I would look fake tanned in winter.  I could also shorten the time I leave it on for a more subtle tan. On the 2nd day of trying as I hadn’t put enough on the first time. I used a good few sprays per limb section as it comes out a little at a time. The smell is ok and what you’d expect from a tanning product.  When it’s actually on the skin, it doesn’t smell unless you really sniff the skin so I felt quite confident going out and about during the day with it on. The bottle, smell and tan result put it above the obvious ‘drugstore’ fake tan brands. Although it’s more than I’d usually pay, now that I’ve tried it, I would say yes. Especially as I’ve been using it quite often these past few weeks and the weight of the bottle hasn’t changed much, so I’m guessing a bottle will last a long time compared to a cream. I loved the tan result- very natural and long lasting.  It was also easy to correct my early mistakes by tanning over any missed patches/ streaks. How long it lasts- during the time I’ve been using this, I would have used a few bottles of gradual tan cream so from an environmental point of view, this is also much better, as less plastic waste. I would buy this as it gave a natural result without drying out or irritating my skin. I would recommend as the tan result is great and being able to wash it off after a few hours is appealing.  I think this would make a nice present as it looks more like a salon brand rather than a drugstore product. Great tan, long lasting product (still seems to have lots of life in it even though I’ve been using it for a few weeks), and you don’t have to sleep in it all night for the tan to develop. Positive experience overall, especially once I got the hang of it! Easy to use, great result and would reduce my plastic waste if I swapped to this product from my usual gradual tan creams.  The main thing for me to consider is does the product actually work well for me and I would say it does.  As I’ve already got olive skin, I like a tan that can go dark without turning me orange and this does that. Laura Dolan

Product Tested By Kelly Steer

Kelly Awarded The Hempitan 3.8/5

Looks great although I thought I was going to go too brown as I am quite pale.  Excellent I like that it treats your skin while you’re getting a nice tan at the same time.  As I don’t often use tan I did have to refer to the booklet so I knew how to apply it. Style of the bottle looks great.  I did find this easy to use.  Was easy enough to apply, as a beginner once I figured out how to apply it properly. This was good as I am pale and it left me a nice colour.  It dried OK did leave my skin a bit sticky. I would say this did help my skin as ager use my skin was super soft. The more natural a product is the better it is for me as very important. This did glide over skin easily but due to it being like water I couldn’t tell we’re I had applied it. I have pale skin it kept the colour on for around a week started fading after 4 days though. It took me a few uses before I figured out the correct colour I wanted which was natural looking for me. I was happy with the final result. Although it did go streaky but maybe that’s because I need to figure out how to apply it better.  I used this 3 times. I left it on for 2 hours as did not want to go too dark.  This lasted for around a week.  I do think it is a good idea to use during the colder months to keep a nice healthy glow.  I will probably buy a mitt though to make it more even. After applying it took around 6 hours to see the final result. I did like the aroma as it was very subtle. Good quality product. I think it is a great price. I liked that it is easy to apply and natural. I would consider purchasing this.  I am not a big fan of applying tan but this has made me want to use when I need to but not all the time.  I would recommend.  My tan was streaky and had to patch it up which made it uneven colour although it was a nice colour. Because it’s like water it was hard to tell were I had applied it. Once I got used to it my 3rd use was a lot better than my first maybe a tan mitt would be better to get it more even. It doesn’t have a strong smell and the concept is amazing. Maybe because I very rarely use tan, but the ease of this has made me want to use it more often. Kelly Steer

My overall experience was excellent with one point that I did not like, and that was just the recommendation of time to use, 1-4 hours. I didn’t get a dark tan in the 4 hours and was a little worried to leave it longer without implications as it says 1-4 hours. It would have a great dark colour if left over night, but again I am unsure if that is safe. Other than this, this is a perfect natural fake tan, better than any other I have used.


Kim Awarded The Hempitan 5/5

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