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Hexbug Zombie Aquabot

This Hexbug Aquabot gives kids the fun experience of having a pet fish, without all the messy clean up! The Aquabot is equipped with an automatic on and off sensor that activates when submerged in water, a design element meant to get kids thinking about the science behind the robot.When in water, the Hexbug Aquabot comes to life swimming around, diving and changing directions to explore its environment.Zombie Aquabots glow in the dark! 

Suitable for children 3 years Plus 

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£7.99 Available to purchase Toys R Us, Smyth Toys or click online to find local stockist

Hexbug Zombie Aquabot Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Katie Loneragan – Jack 3 Years

Awarded The HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot 5/5

initial impression of the Zombie Aquabot was that it looked quite trendy for a
bath toy! It looks attractive and is not your usual toy. I thought it was good that the packaging was
not excessive and that the product could be seen clearly. A plus point was that the instructions were
simple and clear, so even after just one use it was clear how the Aquabot
worked. I think the design is excellent
as anyone can use it as it is straightforward to use as well as being fun. I would say that it is innovative as it’s
great to have a ‘real life’ bath toy for a change. Jack is currently interested
in acting things out and role-playing games and it has been brilliant to be
able to extend this interest to bath time with an actual moving toy. Despite being quite small the product is very
robust. The Aquabot has been in every bath since receiving it and has been the
centre of attention so has received some rough handling from a 3 year old yet
is still in pristine condition. I am confident in its quality. Comparing the
price of this product to other bath toys I do think it offers value for money.
It has been used a lot and Jack has not lost interest in it in the slightest.
It also doesn’t appear to be inflicted with the usual mould issues that other
bath toys end up with after a few weeks use. I was so impressed with the
Aquabot that I have already bought my son a different style and I have also
purchased one as a gift. I would recommend this product to friends and family
without hesitation. It’s a full 5/5 from me! Overall a great idea to give bath
times a bit of an exciting twist. I cannot fault the quality or price and I
suspect it will remain a bath time favourite for a while to come. Katie
Loneragan – Jack 3 Years

Tested By
Claire Davidson – Callum 3 Years

Awarded The HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot 4.5/5

this first arrived I thought it looked delicate. Well packaged/expensive
looking. Instructions clear and
precise. Good design but seemed quite
delicate. This is a very unusual toy as never seen anything like this before. Good
quality although it was easy for Callum to keep pulling the tail off. Batteries
seem to be lasting well. This is
entertaining and very good value for money.
I would consider purchasing this and would recommend. Lovely product, my little boy has his
in the bath, definitely better than I expected, would buy again but probably
only if price was a little cheaper.
Battery life appears good, only issue would be that my little boy kept
pulling the tail off, it was easy to slot back on but he thinks it a game!!! Claire
Davidson – Callum 3 Years

Tested By
Lisa McNeil – Hugh 4 Years

Awarded The HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot 4.2/5

I liked the
packaging and the hexagonal shape of the minimalist packaging. I appreciated
being able to see the whole toy with no packaging getting in the way of seeing
what I was getting. I liked the pictures
included with the instructions as I felt it helped children to participate in
setting up the toy. Well-made and
sturdy. However I did not like that you could see the battery ‘innards’ from
the outside and detracted from the toy as a whole. We had a robot fish before
and no one was really interested in it. The glow in the dark feature could make
it more appealing to some older kids but I didn’t think it added much to the
enjoyment of our household. Well-made
and sturdy for older kids. I think it is
a good cheap toy that can provide a short period of enjoyment (maximum a few
days) so is well priced given that it is not too expensive for a faddy toy. Hugh most enjoyed using a screwdriver to set
it up and only wanted to open it up again once it was placed in the water. I
think it will be good for some kids and it is very amusing to watch how cats
react to it. Good product for price if
you don’t expect too much. Amusing cat toy. Not really anything that hasn’t
been done before but perhaps a little better than other robot fish provided the
kids haven’t come across one before. Lisa
McNeil – Hugh 4 Years



Overall a great idea to give bath times a bit of an exciting twist. I cannot fault the quality or price and I suspect it will remain a bath time favourite for a while to come. 


Katie Awarded The HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot 5/5

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