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High Tea Shape Matching Set

Charming two tired cake stand

Numbered bases encourage counting to 15

Helps develop matching, counting and spatial awareness

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High Tea Shape Matching Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Wilks – Alicia 3 Years

Product Tested By Claire Wilks – Alicia 3 Years

Claire Awarded the High Tea Shape Matching 5/5

A very well made, attractive looking sturdy product that’s definitely built to last! It arrived in a sturdy box which protected the product well during transit, but it was a shame that once the product was assembled it would not fit back into the box for storage. But, this toy is absolutely beautiful, it’s lovely to look at and the detail is incredible. The product can entertain a child for hours on end, depending on their imagination levels. The only concerns that I had with Alicia playing with this was that she put the sugar cubes in her mouth, but this doesn’t detract from the item. We have used the toy when doing tea parties, teddy bear picnics and also when playing shops. There are many different games you can incorporate the toy into. The toy helped develop my child’s imagination as she held tea parties. It also helped her colour recognition as she put items corresponding in colour together. Really simple to use but can be used in a variety of ways depending on the child’s imagination. The quality was suburb, really sturdy and solid and still looks exactly as new despite hours of play. I feel that this is a toy that would last for several siblings and could be passed on and still be as new. This product offers great value for money as it will last so well. Extremely satisfied and would recommend the product to friends for purchase. Claire Wilks – Alicia 3 Years


Product Tested By Nadine Dutton – Scarlett 3.5 Years

Nadine Awarded the High Tea Shape Matching 5/5

What a great idea! Something a little more special to play with and beautifully crafted. I could not wait to give it to my daughter to see her face light up. In regards to packaging, The cake stand comes flat packed in an easily stored pink gingham coloured box with a large picture of the product on the front. I liked the fact that I could take the stand to pieces very easily to store as this will help it to last longer. All of the cakes are separated by cardboard strips inside the box to stop them banging against each other and my daughter loved to put the cakes and the stand away in the box just as much as she enjoyed playing with them. The cake stand and cakes are all carved out of wood and beautifully painted with high attention to detail. Each cake is numbered 1-15 and belongs in different shaped slots on the stand. The cakes are perfectly sized for little hands and not too fiddly to place in the shaped holders on the cake stand. Even though some cakes are the same shape at the base, my daughter is quite pedantic about putting the right numbered cake in the right slot! The cakes are brightly decorated with various fruits and toppings, my daughter will not let anyone else have her favourite flavor. My daughter loves playing tea parties and these cakes were a fabulous addition to her collection of tea sets. They keep her entertained for about half an hour, which is about the maximum amount of time she will play with a toy before getting bored at the moment (Plus the fact she always wants to tidy it away into its box when she has finished – always a bonus.) On the packaging, the toy is advertised as developing thinking skills, hand/eye coordination and literacy and numeracy and yes I agree it does all that. My daughter has developed various special names for each of the flavours, she ‘sells’ them in her shop and her number recognition is fantastic. I walk around the house spotting various toys eating cakes, there is so much to do with this toy; I cannot see her getting bored with it any time soon. She sells the cakes in her shop, cooks them in her cooker on her little baking tray and plays guess which cake she’s holding (quite difficult to remember the ever changing names she gives them!). Very high quality, if taken care of, i.e. not bashed around too much to scratch the paintwork, this toy will last for years and probably be passed down. It is quite expensive to what I would normally pay as my daughter plays quite rough with her toys and is quite faddy; however, you are paying for quality and this toy will last a long time. I will definitely look at purchasing other products in the range – more as a birthday or Christmas present. My daughter told me this is one of her favourite toys, it is still in one piece and very pretty. I cannot find a negative comment about it. Nadine Dutton – Scarlett 3.5 Years


Product Tested By Janice Howard – Lorna 3.5 Years

Janice Awarded the High Tea Shape Matching 5/5

This is truly something special! My daughters face was a picture when she first saw this item, she fell in love with it and will play with it for hours on end. The packaging was good, you can take the cake stand apart and restore it back into the box if necessary. The size and style of the toy are absolutely perfect, it’s traditionally made out of wood and is beautifully painted in great detail. The cakes are all numbered and you can put them in the designated slots on the stand. I think the toy is very suitable for little hands, and there are no small parts that I am worried about. Lorna loves playing with this so much, she has tea parties with this and all of her friends love playing it too. It’s great for them to use it in a group and after so many hours of using it, it still looks brand new. I like the fact that it helps with recognition, literacy and numeracy skills too, this is very beneficial! The toy is simple and lovely enough that it keeps my child and all of her friends entertained for hours! Its extremely high quality and I can imagine this being passed down for a long time. I will be looking at more products from the range as I cannot fault this at all, fantastic! Janice Howard – Lorna 3.5 Years


Extremely satisfied and would recommend the product to friends for purchase.


Claire Awarded the High Tea Shape Matching 5/5

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