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Highland Midge Lotion

Highland Midge Holiday Travel Insect Repellent Lotion with Jojoba

Harmonising yet uplifting aroma of Melissa has a soothing nature with lemongrass oil for fighting bacterial infections with Bog Myrtle essential oil a medicinal herb with would healing capabilities.

Price: £8.99 100ml Available to buy online

Bizziebaby Gold Award winner 2019 Insect Repellent category

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Highland Midge Lotion Reviews

Product Tested By Jennifer Derry – Chelsea, Imogen & Sophie

Jennifer Awarded The Highland midge Lotion 5/5

It is well packaged .its appealing to look at. The concept is great. We live in a rural seaside town with lots of grass, animals, and flying insects. This was so easy to apply.  It absorbed into the skin really well. We tried it on Chelsea on quite a few sunny day occasions. We have touch wood prevented her from getting bites .even on a school trip to a local farm and wood. I love the fact it is a natural hand and body moisturiser.  It also smells quite nice and feels nice on the skin.  It also helps that you don’t have to wear gloved to apply as with some creams or have to wash off.  We applied to a bite my son sustained whilst walking the dog and it cooled the redness down almost instantly and he said it helped with the itchiness. Loved the design of the bottle. It is a fab size as you know you are going to have enough for the whole family to use for the duration of your holiday and days out. We applied once a day and it seemed to be enough.  In total 4 members of my family used this. Ease of use and smell and overall efficiency of the product warrants 5/5. The price also means ill buy again as I know it works. For the size of bottle I think its good value for money compared to other creams/products available. I liked the smell and feel/consistency. We need to buy this sort of product anyway so I WILL be switching brands. I will be recommending this product as we all have children and family members who have been bitten on trips out weather be it walking dogs, fishing, going to the park etc., and its better to prevent. It does what it says on the bottle really. Knowing a product actually works is such a relief as I do waste money time to time finding something that actually works and this product does. Chelsea got quite bitten a few months ago by insects and she hasn’t had one bite since using this product so it will come in very handy over the next few summer weeks. I have loved trying this product on my family and they have enjoyed using it also as its prevented some itchy sleepless nights. The product is simple to use, simple to store and can be taken anywhere.  Its fab and thank you for letting us try and review. Jennifer Derry – Chelsea, Imogen & Sophie

Product Tested By Emma Dalzell

Emma Awarded The Highland Midge Lotion 5/5

Very tasteful packaging – didn’t look cheap. It is a good concept especially for warmer months – especially useful for spending more time outdoors. This was very easy to apply. It absorbed into the skin well. Well I didn’t get any bites while using this cream (but did get a few bites a few nights ago at a barbecue).  I loved the fact it is natural and a moisturiser as my skin felt wonderfully soft after application. As previously mentioned I got a few itchy bites at a barbecue the other night (I had forgotten to apply the cream) and I applied the cream to the bites and definitely felt relief from the itch. I really liked the bottle design as easy to use. This was very compact – easy to store in child’s nappy bag and would be good for hand luggage if travelling abroad as it is 100ml so is permissible size. I used most days as I am out in the garden with the children most days at this time of year.  I used this and used on my 2 youngest children. Lovely thick, smooth easily absorbed cream. I think some people may find it a bit expensive for only 100mls. I liked that it was 100% natural which gave me confidence using it on my young children.  I also loved the smell! Very fresh! I would buy this. I live in a house with a large garden with lots of trees so midges are a problem plus I love the natural aspect of this product- I don’t like using a lot of chemicals especially on my children. I would recommend it as I felt it worked and it is a lovely moisturiser if nothing else! I gave 5 as I loved the product – well packaged (easy to use), it is effective, it leaves skin lovely and soft and it smells delicious! As previously stated I was impressed by packaging (easy pump action), tasteful packaging (maybe some instructions for use could be put on the tube). Product feels luxurious – smells very fresh and natural and skin is left very soft after application.  For me I would say the biggest selling point (especially for use on children) is that it is 100% natural. Emma Dalzell

Product Tested By Deborah Jane King – Eve, Sienna, Albert & Jemima – 14, 12, 3 years and 4 Months

Deborah Awarded The Highland Midge Lotion 5/5

I loved the look of the product. The size, feel and colour scheme.  Fantastic. We’re so used to putting on potions and creams to protect us against the sun, so to use a similar product for repellent makes sense. A lot of sprays are toxic, greasy and smell bad so an improvement on this is welcome. Very simple and almost luxurious to apply. Non greasy and a little went a long way. Very absorbent. It didn’t leave a film or feel greasy. No bites received!  Being natural is a big deal for me as I am always looking for new natural products to use. It certainly left me feeling moisturised and knowing that I was protected against insect bites was certainly a bonus! My husband had a bite on his ankle and this did soothe it very well.  Loved the bottle design. It looks like a luxury product. Simple to transport and the good design of the pump meant there were no spillages. Used when going in the garden and out for a walk in the evening. Trialled about 10 times. My husband used this, myself, eldest child and 3 year old. Excellent quality, very impressed – feels luxurious and does the job well.  A reasonable price for the product.  I loved ease of application, moisturisation of the skin, scent and protection. I would buy this as seems a better way of preventing my family against bites. I would recommend as it is a beautiful cream that protects well. I really enjoyed using this product. The pump is robust and the design simple and elegant making the repellent look luxurious.  It is very easy to apply, does not leave a film or a greasy feel and moisturises the skin well the scent is fresh and natural smelling and whilst using the product I received no insect bites. Upon application to the skin after a bite, the cream offered a soothing effect and relieved the itch. I was very impressed with its effectiveness and the condition it left my skin in and would certainly buy it for my whole family. Deborah Jane King – Eve, Sienna, Albert & Jemima – 14, 12, 3 years and 4 Months












I have loved trying this product on my family and they have enjoyed using it also as its prevented some itchy sleepless nights. The product is simple to use, simple to store and can be taken anywhere.  Its fab


Jennifer Awarded The Highland midge Lotion 5/5

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