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Hippo string Lights

Ten lovely, translucent hippos in cool blue.

Voltage: extra-low voltage. Bulb(s):  integrated LEDs, not replaceable. Size:  1.8m (6′) + 5m (16’4") cable. Product code:  32630

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String Lights Hippo £22.50 - Available to purchase online

Hippo string Lights Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Arnold – Jessica Aged 5 Years & Freya Aged 8 Months

Product Tested By Emma Arnold – Jessica Aged 5 Years & Freya Aged 8 Months

Emma Awarded The String Hippo Lights 4/5

A very professional and attractively packaged product in a nice compact box. The graphics on the front of the box accurately depicted the product inside, and the box was made of good quality cardboard but was not over packaged. Inside the lights were neatly stored and looked of good quality. I thought the website was very basic and a bit disappointing when compared to the product. The retail website was better but still quite basic.  The colour choices and graphics did not appeal to the children’s market (in my opinion). However, both sites were easy to navigate and the retail site had good clear pictures of the product which were accurate.  Good quality compact packaging and the product was not over packaged. Instructions very clear and easy to follow.  String lights were long enough, although the length of hippos could have been longer.  The lights were of very good quality, although there could have been more hippos. Jessica did like the lights, but she is very girly and the hippos are blue, so I am sure she would have given them 5/5 if they had been fairies or horses. No fault of the lights. I would buy this product and recommend to a friend (in a different style), and they have a variety of styles online.  Quality is good and they are lovely lights.  I would say they are the upper end of what I would pay for string lights; however they look like they will last and be robust so they are worth the money. We have other string lights which are constantly falling apart so you get what you pay for and these ones are high quality. A very nice good quality product which will stand the test of time.  Emma Arnold – Jessica Aged 5 Years & Freya Aged 8 Months

Product Tested By Penny Howard – Oliver Aged 1 Year 9 Months

Penny Awarded The String Hippo Lights 3.6/5

Solid and well made, nice relaxing colour of lights.  Website  is the website is well laid out and easy to navigate, clear pictures with good spacing.  Packaging fine, very solid so should protect lights well. Good in that it does not waste space or materials.  Instructions not required and those provided detail the power usage not the use of the product.  The actual lights could do with being spaced slightly further apart, the cord between the lights and the transformer is a good length.  Like the style, the light reflects well from inside the hippos. Oliver was Very interested in them and liked them on when going to sleep.  If we had known about these before setting up the nursery would have incorporated in design.  They would also make a nice gift.  Lights are Very Good quality but transformer design is not. The Transformer sticks out from the plug at a right angle and means that you cannot put into a socket behind a cupboard for safety requires 10cm minimum, if put in an exposed socket the design makes it easy for small hands to pull out.  . Design of transformer and position of sockets in room make it hard to turn on and off.  Disappointed that the otherwise excellent lights were let down by the lack of practicality of the transformer.  Penny Howard – Oliver Aged 1 Year 9 Months

Product Tested By Marie Walter – Kane Aged 3 Years

Marie Awarded The String Hippo Lights 3.2/5

Very sweet/cute!  Unfortunately had incorrect website details so am unable to comment on the website and content. Attractive quality packaging. Instructions Pretty straight forward however does start with’ With Sirius light decorations, you can create personal style – indoors and outdoors and then in important safety instruction it says ‘for indoor use only’?? The length of flex was great more than enough although it would have been better to have more than 10 lights 15 may have been better. Cute design with the Hippos however more lights would have been nice or more spacing between each light.  Personally I felt my son is slightly too old for these lights, but I would use these more for a babies nursery.  I would buy this as a decoration for a baby’s nursery or would buy someone as a gift if the price was more reasonable.  Good Quality.  Personally I feel that they are slightly overpriced I would probably pay between £15 and £20.  Really nice item, energy efficient and safe. I feel slightly overpriced for the number of actual lights you get.  Overall a good quality product.  Marie Walter – Kane Aged 3 Years

A very nice good quality product which will stand the test of time.


Emma Awarded The String Lights Hippo 4/5


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