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Hippobus & Beetle Bugs Play Set

Have fun transporting the Beetle Bugs round with the Hippobus Play Set. The Hippobus comes with working sounds, just press her ear and the bus erupts into the giggles of the Beetle Bugs, their boinging sounds or the bus horn beeping. Let the Beetle Bugs out through the door or down the slide. During transportation make sure they are safely sitting in their colour coded seats.

Contains:Hippobus – 5 Beetle Bugs – 2 road signs -Scene play mat -Sticker sheet – Requires 3 cell batteries (included) – For ages 3 years and over

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£19.99 Available to purchase Toys R Us, House of Fraser, online or click online to find local stockist

Hippobus & Beetle Bugs Play Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Leenart – Sebastian 3 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Leenart – Sebastian 3 Years

Sarah Awarded The Flair Hippobus & Beetle Playset 4.8/5

My son was immediately enthusiastic about the hippobus as he loves the programme Jungle Junction on Disney Junior. We were both quite excited to try this out. The packaging was bright, enticing, and you could recycle most of it and wasn’t too difficult to get out of the box! It’s a decent size toy and very appealing to all children I should imagine being bright yellow. It certainly stands out in the toy box. Sebastian has beenplaying with this most days now for a month so it’s certainly holding it’s appeal. He probably doesn’t play with it for more than half an hour, but then he’s a 3 year old boy and doesn’t play with anything for more than that! The hippobus is aimed about right for 3-4 year olds. Even my 1 year old finds it very appealing although I wouldn’t leave her on her own due to the smaller parts. It is a shame it’s not suitable for 1-2 year olds as they are the ones most likely to be into the TV program. Sebastian is really enjoying playing with this toy, he uses his imagination to play out scenarios, takes it around the house with him and generally gets really good use out of it. The things I really like about the hippobus are the colour coordinated beetle bugs. Sebastian struggles with his colours sometimes and the fact that the coloured beetle bugs all have a colour matching seat in the hippobus is great, he loves making sure they are all seated in the right place and it makes it easier for me to talk to him about colours. It’s also great for motor coordination as the little figures are quite tricky to put in and take out of the correct place. I think the right level of amusement is achieved from this toy.  Sebastian finds the bus great to play with all round the house, although he does only use it as intended. The door is prone to falling off as well as the parts forming the little slide and barrier once you open out the side. Although they are easy to put back on I am a little concerned they will be lost over time. The rest seems to be made of a fairly firm plastic. I did find the toy quite expensive when I looked at the price but I also looked at other toys that were comparable in size and use and it does seem to be about right. Also now that Sebastian has had it a while and plays with it so much, it would be a very worth while buy. I would consider buying it and have had a look at other toys in this range and I would also recommend it to others too. Overall I think that this is a great product and it has quickly become one of Sebastian’s favourite toys. It doesn’t even get put away at night; it’s ready and waiting for him to play with each day. The fact that he gets to play happily but also helps his development along without him realising I think is great. The only reason I haven’t given this a 5 overall rating is because the little detachable parts are quite flimsy. We are very pleased with this product and would consider other toys made by the same company. Sarah Leenart – Sebastian 3 Years

Product Tested By Priscilla Jones – Jamie 3 Years

Priscilla Awarded The Flair Hippobus & BeetlePlayset  4/5

We were really looking forward to trying this product out when it arrived. It came in nice packaging that was easy to open and was very colourful too. You could see the bus through the plastic sheet so Jamie was really excited. The size and style of the toy is great; it was lovely and brightly coloured and easy to carry if you wanted to take it out and about. Jamie loved playing with it and always goes back to it too. I think the age is suitable for it too. It’s aimed at 3 years + and I had no concerns at all about Jamie playing with it. It’s great for counting and learning colours too as there are 5 beetles in this playset and they are all different colours and have their own seats on the bus. The only downside I had with this toy was that the side door has come off a few times and I had to keep pushing it back on. Other than that, it’s a great product. I would consider buying this now and already looked at other items to buy. I have also recommended it to friends and family too. It does seem a little pricey but it’s the norm these days and all toy playsets are about this price. Overall, it’s a lovely colourful toy that my son has enjoyed playing with. Priscilla Jones – Jamie 3 Years

Product Tested By Nicola Seguin – Callum 4 Years

Nicola Awarded The Flair Hippobus & Beetle Playset 3/5

My initial impression of this product was that it was brightand cheerful, quite cute. The packaging was a little difficult to open. Like all children’s toys, it takes forever to get the Hippobus out of all the wrapping and wires. Not easy to do quickly under pressure from 2 impatient children! I thought it was a good size and liked the shape – rounded with acute face!  Nice bright colours. I thought it was a bit expensive for what it was. The cardboard road that came with it lasted not even a day unfortunately. The age recommendation is ok. I would say that my 4 ½ year old was just past the age range but it’s a bit ahead of my 17 month daughter. I think it would be best aimed at children around 3 years old. The playable context was ok. Like all toys you get more out of it if you play with it with your child. We spent time pulling the ear and copying the noises. We matched the bugs to the correct colour seat and we rolled the bugs down the ramp and caught them at the bottom. We pushed the bus back and forward between us. These are all good for various types of development for your child. The children play with the Hippobus about average compared to their other toys.  They copy the noises the Hippobus makes too. We did accidentally pull off the small door and my son pulled off the barrier too. I expected it to be sturdier than that. It seems a bit flimsy and you could get more for your money. I wouldn’t consider buying it now but if your children are more familiar with the show I think they’d get much more out it. I think it would be more worth while if your children were fans of the show.  We don’t dislike it but probably wouldn’t buy it. Nicola Seguin – Callum 4 Years

Overall I think that this is a great product and it has quickly become one of Sebastian’s favourite toys. It doesn’t even get put away at night; it’s ready and waiting for him to play with each day.


Sarah Awarded The Flair Hippobus & Beetle Playset 4.8/5

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