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WHAT IS THE HOLO? It is so exciting to see the holo fast becoming a pregnancy essential!

Developed for use in pregnancy to enable women to lie on their tummies, the holo is an inflatable airbed with a hole in the middle, Before now, it had always been assumed that once your belly gets too big, front lying was just one of those things that you can’t do, and just had to be accepted as part of pregnancy. Well, now this is not the case and more and more professionals are realising that lying on your tummy is not just an essential part of getting your baby into optimal position for birth, but quite often a way of relieving aches and pains in the pelvis and allowing total relaxation. In the build up to birth, this is often hard to achieve. The holo has revolutionised tummy lying in pregnancy. Midwives, osteopaths, yoga teachers, physiotherapists, obstetricians, all who have seen the holo approve of its use and are amazed nothing like this has been developed before. 10 years on it is now considered by many a pregnancy essential!


The holo can be used at any stage of pregnancy from the moment it becomes impossible to lie on your tummy,  right up until the birth. Always ensure that your hips sit on the raised rim to avoid your back arching through the hole.  This raised rim has been added specifically with back support in mind; without it the holo just wouldn’t work.

on land – either use with both head and body sections inflated or deflate the head section and use a pillow instead for even more comfort

on water – always use with both sections inflated.

Available in Mint, Pink or Silver

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Price Holo Lilo Price £39.99 or Holo with Organic cotton Cover £64.99 available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner Pregnancy Lilo Category 


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Holo Lilo Reviews

Product Tested By Laura Coyle – Emmeline 8 Days

Laura Awarded The Holo 5/5

I was keen to use as I like to sleep on my stomach. I liked the look and colour of the product. I thought this was a really good design for someone who is pregnant as you miss being able to lie on your front. Very simple to follow instructions to inflate. I used this in the garden during the heat wave and found it very comfortable. Using this to lay on my front took some pressure off my back where I had pains from my bump growing. When I got this I was approx.  32 weeks and sadly only got to use for 1 few week before being admitted to hospital to deliver early. I only used about 5 times fully inflated in the garden. Unfortunately I did not get to use this in a pool or in the water. this would be brilliant for holidays when pregnant. My bump never got to big so for me this was perfect however I’m not sure it would be good for those at the latter stage of pregnancy with very large bumps. I used this in the garden when it was sunny so I could sunbathe. I loved that the Holo allowed me to lie on my front for the first time in months. This is good quality easy to use and comfortable to lie on. It’s expensive if you are only using as a holiday Lilo but if you used for more e.g. place on your bed and use its good value. If I was pregnant again yes I would buy as I like to relieve back aches by lying on my tummy. I would recommend this to anyone who was pregnant and missing lying on their front. I think this is a great invention for pregnant women and can make you more comfortable during pregnancy. I found this product easy to use and comfortable to use. I enjoyed being able to lie on my front and would use this if I was to fall pregnant again. Laura Coyle – Emmeline 8 Days

Product Tested By Emma Marks – Mum To Be

Emma Awarded The Holo 4.4/5

I was very excited when this arrived. Fabulous concept, there should be more things to help pregnant ladies. Instructions very easy to follow. It took me a couples goes to get into the right position, I couldn’t use on the floor due to my bump size so had to purchase a pool. In the right position it did help relieve aches and pains. a few time’s I had to move as it put pressure on my back, I believe due to hips not resting on correct part of the float. I am in my third trimester presently. I couldn’t use this on the floor, my bump touched the floor when I tried at 28 weeks, so haven’t tried again. I was worried about the pressure on the baby. I bought a pool, god send with the hot weather.  I didn’t spend all my time on the Lilo as I do get bored and if the pillow is overinflated as sometimes it was, I got a stiff neck. I do generally struggle anyway lying on my tummy on Lilo’s for this reason. Should we have another baby this will be sued again and taken on holiday as it is lovely to be able to lie on your tummy. I’m carrying very forward so was lovely to get bump in the water to cool off.  I mainly used this in the pool I purchased. The concept is amazing, and the fact that you can adjust the head rest too isn’t something I’ve come across before with standard Lilo’s. mines be blown up for several weeks now only had to top up once, very hard wearing. I do think it’s quite expensive at £39.99 this may be due to the lack of demand, but now having felt the quality I can also see why. if I had the money I would purchase again. If I was to go on holiday it would certainly get more use. I think it is a great product, had I got it sooner in my pregnancy I think I may have slept on it. other than the expense I do think this is amazing and more people should try it. Very easy to set up, takes me a few goes to get into the right position but once I’m there it’s very comfortable and I stay put until I get bored or my neck gets uncomfortable. Emma Marks – Mum To Be

Product Tested By Selina Parker – Mum To Be

Selina Awarded The Holo 4/5

Looked like a Lilo and didn’t look cheap or tacky. Great idea as I’ve missed lying on my front being pregnant. Instructions pretty straight forward. sometimes it was pulling on my back so had to keep adjusting my hips up. It helped but didn’t fully relive aches and pains, I find a pregnancy ball does this much better. Used from 28 weeks onwards when it arrived. Used mainly in the garden to read on my front when the weather was nice. I do think this would be ideal to take on holiday dependant on baggage and weight allowance. This was a perfect fit for my growing bump when fully inflated. I loved being able to sunbath in the garden while weather has been nice. The quality is extremely good. I personally think this needs a pump supplied with it as I had to go and buy one as couldn’t blow it up manually. As I am not planning to have any more children I would not find a use for this item.  I would definitely recommend if it came with a pump. If there wasn’t a pandemic you would need it for as long as possible to get maximum use for money and it needs a pump – pregnant women can’t blow that up manually! Selina Parker – Mum To Be

I would recommend this to anyone who was pregnant and missing lying on their front. I think this is a great invention for pregnant women and can make you more comfortable during pregnancy. I found this product easy to use and comfortable to use. I enjoyed being able to lie on my front and would use this if I was to fall pregnant again.


Laura Awarded The Holo 5/5

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