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Holo Lilo

Holo Lilo – One Size fits All. The holo can be used at any stage of pregnancy from the moment it becomes impossible to lie on your tummy,  right up until the birth. One size really fits all! Always ensure that your hips sit on the raised rim to avoid your back arching through the hole.  This raised rim has been added specifically with back support in mind; without it the holo just wouldn’t work.
on land – either use with both head and body sections inflated or deflate the head section and use a pillow instead for even more comfort
on water – always use with both sections inflated


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Holo Lilo Reviews

Product Tested By Keira Bond – Used Holo-Lilo from 30 Weeks

KieraAwarded the Holo-Lilo 4/5

I thought this product sounded like a very unusual idea, I had not heard of anything likeit before. When it arrived I thought the packaging looked great, with very nice pictures and information on it. I would have preferred for the box to be bigger to put the lilo back away, as I found this a bit of a struggle. I was also expecting a pump to be supplied with the product but it was not, lucky I had one handy! When I first tried to use this, it did feel very comfortable indeed. But once I had been laying down for quite some time the material did begin to make me sweat, so it then became uncomfortable for me. The hole though, is a very good idea and it does work well with making you comfortable. I would prefer this to be available with a more softer cover, due to the material making me sweaty. I used this in my bedroom and also in the living room, but I only used it for short spaces of time. I think it is very expensive for what it is, I would not have purchased it but I have been pleased to review it and it is good. Keira Bond – Used Holo-Lilo from 30Weeks

ProductTested By Lacey Mole – Used Holo-Lilo from 40 Weeks

LaceyAwarded the Holo-Lilo 4/5

I hadn’t ever seen anything like this before and was excited to see how well it would work, or not. I liked the packaging that it came in, the box and instructions give you different ideas on how to use the product which was a nice touch too. The first thing I noticed was the material, it was exactly like a lilo. I was expecting more of a softer material but I now realise why this is after testing for a few weeks… Because it makes it very easy to wipe clean! I really did find this product rather comfortable to use, and it felt great for my bump. But the only thing that puts me off is that it really does look like a lilo. So I didn’t want to keep it up in the living room when we had guests over. I found myself deflating it and then blowing it up again which was a bit of a pain. But I did enjoy using it in private and found that I could easily relax for hours at a time with it. I think it’s very overpriced for what it actually is, I would never pay this much for it. I would recommend to other mums to be though, as it’s a fun product and has good benefits! Lacey Mole – Used Holo-Lilo from 40 Weeks

ProductTested By Emily Underhill – Used Holo-Lilo from 34 Weeks

EmilyAwarded the Holo-Lilo 4/5

The packaging is good and has well designed graphics; it would be helpful if the box and bag were slightly bigger to make it easier to pack away though. Product is self explanatory, I liked the suggestions for different ways to useit though in the instructions. When using the lilo I found the hole too big for my bump, and had to add cushions (at 38 weeks pregnant), but otherwise very comfortable.  It would be nicer with a less "plasticky” finish. It stood up to use well, even when my 2 year old decided it was a racing car or a bouncy castle. Nice and robust. I don’t think this is fantastic value, I would want a more luxurious surface, and probably an electric pump included for the money. Didn’t work quite as well for me as I’d hoped, but it is a good idea.  I would have liked there to be a few inflatable rings around the hole, so I could adjust the size of the hole, and maybe have it shaped smaller at the bottom than at the top.  I imagine this would be helpful to people earlier in pregnancy as well, as it can be quite a strain on the back if the bump is completely unsupported. Overall, the product has potential and I enjoyed testing it. Emily Underhill – Used HoloLilo from 34 Weeks

The hole though, is a very good idea and it does work well with making you comfortable.


Keira Bond – Used Holo-Lilo from 30 Weeks

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