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HomePlates decorative light switch covers require NO rewiring and fit perfectly over ALL brands of UK single switches. HomePlates are NOT those flimsy, adhesive "stick-on" covers or stickers. Available in two styles, the original HomePlates switch covers are injection moulded and made of sturdy ABS plastic. The new Artitude by HomePlates Acrylic Switch Covers are the first and only Acrylic switch covers with No Visible Screws and are available in 3 sizes: Singles, Doubles, and Dimmers. The HomePlates Collection features both original and licensed images: from Classic to Contemporary, there is a style and design for every room in the home.

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Homeplates Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Baldwin

Product Tested By Kerry Baldwin

Kerry Awarded The Homeplates 5/5

I really liked the look of the Homeplate when it first arrived. I chose the design I wanted from their Website so I knew a little, what it was going to look like. The item arrived in a Jiffy bag which helped to protect what was enclosed. The Homeplate itself was in plastic sealed packaging. It was simple and easy to open. The instructions are very easy to follow. Just 3 simple steps to do with no re-wiring needed. The Homeplate covered my existing switch cover perfectly. Although I had to change which one I was going to cover. The one I originally wanted it to cover was in my newly decorated kitchen but had to change my plan as I didn’t realise, until this one arrived, that that switch cover had a fuse section. I decided to use this one in my dining room instead but it still matched perfectly because I chose the cutlery design. We use this light switch constantly in our dining room and the Homeplate is still in place. The design is as good as when it first arrived. I think it made my light switch look brilliant. These plates are so easy to put on and really do make a huge difference to a boring light cover. The quality is excellent and after constant use, still looks good as knew. I have wiped it loads of times due to the kid’s sticky fingers. I think it offers excellent value for money. The design is just perfect. I would definitely buy more of these. They have loads of designs on their Website to choose from too. I have already recommended them to family and friends.  I really liked the idea of hiding boring light switches. They have loads of designs on their Website with plenty of choice for any room in your house. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future. Kerry Baldwin


Product Tested By Sharon Booth

Sharon Awarded The Homeplates 5/5

Love them thought it was a brilliant idea. Arrived well packaged, well protected and you could clearly see the item in plastic sealed pack. Very easy instructions to follow and this is so easy to fit. This was a perfect fit for my light switch. Once fitted this is safe and secure. This looks as good as new even after over a month. Really looked good in our room. Great value for money and very good quality. I would like to see brighter designs maybe in line with fashion. Also it would be great if you could design your own to match your décor or pictures of family/kids on them, not sure if that is possible I would pay slightly more for this facility. I think this is afantastic product. I was really looking forward to putting this on the switch and was not disappointed several people have commented on it. I am really pleased. Sharon Booth


Product Tested By Gill Robbins

Gill AwardedThe Homeplates 4.4/5

My initial thought was that my other half would hate it; however he looked at it and thought it seemed like a really good idea. The packaging is very simple – just a cellophane sleeve, so you can see the product really clearly. It’s verysimple to install, and the instructions are very clear. It fitted perfectly over the older white plastic switches. We have some newer ones that have a slightly rounded edge, but it didn’t fit so well on these as they stuck out over the edge a bit. It has stayed in place so far. The design will not rub off as the design is on the back of the plate with laminated plastic over the top. It does look nice in our dining room as the background colour matches our walls almost perfectly. It does seem like a good quality product.  It’s robust plastic, so if you had to remove it in order to unscrew the switch cover, it probably wouldn’t break.  Also as mentioned before, the design wouldn’t rub off due to the laminations. It is good quality and it is a nice product, however I’m not sure I would want to pay £7.99 for it.  Maybe around £5.  The design is really good and no improvements required, however what would be a nice addition (although not possible for all switches) is that instead of having just a white switch showing through that you could have an option to have a tab to stick on the switch itself with the design continued on it. My other half was quite taken with it, so yes; he probably would consider buying others for the children’s bedrooms. I would recommend it. I was quite surprised at how nice the product was. I did think that my other half would moan and refuse to put it up, but he was actually more taken with it than I was! Gill Robbins


 I really liked the idea of hiding boring light switches. They have loads of designs on their Website with plenty of choice for any room in your house. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future.


Kerry Awarded The Homeplates 5/5 

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