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Honey Bear Infant Sleep Aid

The Softest Infant Sleep Aid

Honey Bear can play soft comforting sounds for your baby, her belly lights up giving the room a calming glow. The soft red glow resembles a soothing & familiar environment for baby, helping them feel safe when drifting off to sleep. Honey Bear will also make those night time feeds and nappy changes a little easier. When using Honey Bear’s heart beat function, her belly night light pulsates in sync with the heart beat. Honey Bear has been fitted with an automatic cry sensor, for when baby starts to cry/disturb. Lights and sounds play for 30 minutes.

Automatic Cry Sensor When the cry sensor is activated Honey Bear will listen for the sound of a baby crying, when a crying noise is heard the music and lights will turn on and play for another 30 minutes. The cry sensor will remain activated after 30 minutes of play is up.
Suspend Honey Bear can suspend from the cot using her velcro back-strap, alternatively you can place Honey Bear next to the moses basket, you can suspend her from a buggy/pushchair, the car seat or the car headrest. Pretty much anywhere!

Recommended from birth plus.

Honey Bear is NOT machine washable due to electronic components.

Surface clean only and air dry.

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Honey Bear Infant Sleep Aid Reviews

Product Tested By Alice White – Eden 11 Weeks

Alice Awarded The Honey Bear Infant Sleep Aid 5/5

Nice neat packaging. Great to give babies such comfort when needed. Lovely design, not an eyesore in the bedroom and gender neutral. There was no marking in the instructions for which was the heartbeat button. This was very easy to set up. This was wonderfully easy to attach to cot or buggy or car seat. I think the lights bothered her but the music calmed her luckily the bear was suspended out of sight when using at night. The heartbeat was Eden’s favourite setting. We only used this when she was unsettled throughout the night not to go to bed. Not enough light for a poo nappy change id say.  We used this 3 or 4 times a week when needed. Mainly used in the bedroom at night.  This was very easy to keep clean. This is very high quality. Price seems comparable to others on the market. The heartbeat function was most soothing.  I would buy this as helped my daughter to sleep.  I would recommend for the same reasons. Lovely product which genuinely helps a sad baby. I’m very happy with everything just the instructions need amending. Alice White – Eden 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Naomi Blackmore – Eowyn 4 Months

Naomi Awarded The Honey Bear Infant Sleep Aid 4.5/5

It looked really nice; the grey colour was particularly pleasant and easy on the eye. The box was as expected. The feel of the bear was nice and the initial thought on the controls was that they were intuitive. I think the concept as a whole is a good one. It’s a classic shape bear with aids that can assist in getting your child to sleep and helping them to stay asleep for longer. The concept of the active listening to then respond with the chosen melody or sound is a particularly good one. I think generally the design is quite nice, and it looks good, however, for me the only thing that really lets it down is that it is so classically shaped. In a world rich with diverse animals and created creatures, to choose a basic teddy bear design feels like it could be missing out on something more. I do respect though that the nature of the design may make it more appealing to a mass market rather than a more niche animal/creature that may only appeal to a few. I particularly liked the colour and the stitching of the controls on the body parts of the bear. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. It only took one read through to fully comprehend them and this was backed up by the simple but relative symbols on the bear’s body. The instructions and the bear were easy to understand and identify and the simple click mechanism or click and hold made it very easy to set up. The only issue with set up is that it does not come with batteries included.  The Velcro strap is easy to use and does allow it to be used in lots of places. The nature of the bear sitting also means it does sit easily next to or near the baby without worry of it rolling over. The only downside is that where the Velcro is placed means that if it hung from a car seat handle, a play gym bar and the like it will always be facing sideways to the child rather than towards it. I think this is an easy design flaw to fix but it does mean I have to mark it down. When my daughter is trying to play with it on the play gym she is never able to look straight at it because of the strap positioning. The cry sensor was effective and could be trusted to work. We did use it for the first few nights and I think it did help calm the baby to some extent. However, we did end up turning it off due to the fact it would often trigger at a slight whimper from the baby and play sound when it wasn’t actually necessary as the baby was still calm and asleep but just making a small amount of nocturnal noise. It may be more functional if it registered the need to trigger upon hearing a higher volume level or some such. Thankfully the sound being triggered did not rouse the baby more but it could easily have done so and it was not worth the risk for continued use of that function. In theory I like the function and the light itself is good. However, the heartbeat itself lacks a little in comparison to a competitor product. The competitor heartbeat sounded more like the sonogram heartbeats than the Honey Bear one and so I think this element could be improved. The sounds (other than the heartbeat [see above]) and the light were effective to a degree; however, I think a large part of this depended on how stressed or calm Eowyn is to start with. If she is particularly upset then the noise and light do nothing to comfort or soothe her. But when she is calmer then they are definitely helpful, particularly in the early stage of trying to get her to sleep. The light has been of more benefit to entertaining our daughter than to actually helping light the room. We are in a rented property with quite a large bedroom with dark walls and so the light from the bear, in a similar vein to the thermometer does little to actually help light the room as a night light and therefore help with feeds or changes. Therefore we have to use other lights to assist with this. The red light is definitely nice for Eowyn to look at. I would be interested to see if it was of more benefit as a night light for her as she is older and in her own room or were we to be in a smaller room with her. We have probably used the Honey Bear every two or three days. Upon opening it was closer to everyday but because some of the functions were not as helpful as hoped or at least consistently helpful then the usage has been reduced. On the positive side it has also been used more just as an entertainment, discovery and learning tool as part of her play gym on more regular occasions. Initially attached to the cot side most of the time and then some use on the play gym. Now we use it predominantly on the play gym and occasionally on the cot. I am unsure as it has not actually needed to be cleaned as yet so I don’t know how easy or hard it may be. I suspect that the nature of it containing electronics means it will not be simple to wash and therefore were it to get something particularly bad on it a normally ‘wipe with damp cloth’ or ’surface clean only’ may not cut it enough to deal with higher levels of dirtiness. I think the product feels great, other than the heartbeat it sounds good, looks good and feels like it is made to a high standard. The fabric feels soft and gentle and would, I am sure, feel nice to hold. Honestly, I am not sure I would pay £40 for a product like this. Were it around £25-30 I might be more inclined. That being said, it is a good quality product that is well made and does what it says it will. There are similar competitor products for a lower price that offer similar functions (perhaps not active listening) that have more realistic heartbeats and the same light function. The lullaby on the Honey Bear is particularly good and pleasant to listen to but I don’t think that combined with the listening and the poorer heartbeat sound would make me want to spend another £10-15. My daughter particularly loves the light and lullaby to be on together whilst it hangs from the play gym. She likes to reach and grab for the bear and the lullaby makes her coo and giggle. The light mesmerises her as she watches it and makes here want to reach for it. I would not buy this with competitor products on the market at a lower price point and similar functionality, the additions that this product offers is not enough to make me want to pay a higher price for something that I have found to not always be helpful when it responds to quite soft susurrations and stirrings of my daughter whilst she sleeps. All of the things we need to buy are costly enough and if I can get something that does the job as well or nearly as well and pay 25% less then I would rather do that. I would recommend but caveated with the idea of them looking at the range of products that do similar things to find the one that suits their needs best. I think this is great product and would happily recommend it based on its performance but the price point would make me wary of only recommending this particular one. As a whole this is a very good product and I really like it, as does my daughter. There are just a few little niggles that stop me giving it a full 5/5. The price, the Velcro strap placement, the heartbeat sound, the very traditional shape and the over-active ‘active listening’ just takes it away from being a perfect score. They are only little things what is excellent but it’s enough to make me knock it slightly down. This is a really great product. I have enjoyed using it and my daughter enjoys using it too. It is helpful to an extent regarding sleep but can be overly eager to assist during the night when active listening is engaged. The quality of the product is excellent but whilst the teddy bear design is nice and well-presented I do question whether it is ‘current’ enough to attract attention. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, the stitched icons in particular being helpful. The instructions are easy to understand. It is a helpful product but only so far, however, it has the ability to engage beyond sleep which is appreciated. The lullaby is particularly well done in comparison today child/baby products that I have heard so far. The quality of that music stands out as being easy to listen to and not overly ‘fake’. The heartbeat sound is a let-down in comparison to competitor products but that is not the be all and end all. The Velcro strap, whilst great at securing the Honey Bear is annoying in that it twists the bear 90 degrees to the child which is a shame when she enjoys reaching for it and looking at the light. On the whole a very positive experience of a very good product. There are just a few things that let it down a bit. Naomi Blackmore – Eowyn 4 Months

Product Tested By Carla Magee – Son 3 Months

Carla Awarded The Honey Bear Infant Sleep Aid 5/5

This looked so cute and cuddly. I love the idea; it enables me to see what my baby is doing during the night without turning on a bright light and disturbing us even more. The design very child appropriate, warm and cosy. Perfect size. Very easy to set up, almost no instructions required. I predominantly used this in the cot and the car, simply strapped to the bars of the cot and also to the headrest of the car. Very easy to use and I was satisfied with the security of the bear. The cry sensor is very good, apart from one time when it heard a baby crying on a TV show within the same room, this was a very effective tool. The heart beat function did not soothe my baby, but I think it is a very good idea. The comforting sounds and the lights in the belly are a fantastic effective attribute. I found it one of the most useful features. I look forward to continue using the bear to regulate my babies sleep pattern and encouraging sleep. The light was very effective and it meant that I did not disturb my partner and vice versa. I have used this every night and during the day since I received it. Mostly used this in the bedroom and the car. My child is very young, therefore have not experienced grubby hands on the bear as yet. This is a very good product. Would pay this amount for the bear over again as it is worth its weight in gold. This has been invaluable to me during night time. I would recommend.  I have already encouraged a pregnant friend to purchase and use this item. I simply cannot fault the bear. Carla Magee – Son 3 Months

This is very high quality. Price seems comparable to others on the market. The heartbeat function was most soothing. I would buy this as helped my daughter to sleep.  I would recommend for the same reasons. Lovely product which genuinely helps.


Alice Awarded The Honey Bear Infant Sleep Aid 5/5

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