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Hook & Loopy Super-absorbent Bodysuit

Super-absorbent Bodysuit
The Super-absorbent Bodysuit features our unique Velcro fastening tab design and contains a built in absorbent layer designed to protect your baby against nappy leaks – giving you added peace of mind between changes.

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Hook & Loopy Super-absorbent Bodysuit Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Henderson – Hattie 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Kerry
Henderson – Hattie 12 Weeks

Kerry Awarded The Hook & Loppy Super-absorbent Bodysuit

My initial impression of this product was lovely soft
material; good quality fabric in a pretty pattern. What an excellent idea to
use Velcro to fasten the suit. So much easier to do up and undo than poppers;
it is a very practical design. The quality is excellent quality, very soft
against baby’s skin. My baby was very comfortable in it. The Velcro fastening absolutely
adds value to the product. When you are changing a little one up to ten times a
day the quicker you can do up their clothes the better. The amount of times I
put incorrect poppers together and have to undo garments is numerous especially
when sleep deprived. This eliminated this problem. This bodysuit didn’t cause
any irritation for my baby; the only issue we had was that we have had a very hot
summer and the material of the item is very thick so she couldn’t wear it as
often as we would have liked. It is perfect for colder days though. It washes
well with other laundry and comes out looking like new. I do think this item is
priced quite high however it is made of good quality material and has an
excellent design. I would consider buying this as a gift. I would recommend it
to everyone. It is an excellent product with an easy to use design and made of
high quality material. Kerry Henderson – Hattie 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Amy
Rutherford – Theo 15 Weeks

Amy Awarded The Hook & Loppy Super-absorbent Bodysuit

The packaging that it arrived in was excellent. As an added
touch it was wrapped in tissue paper. It arrived quickly and in perfect
condition. The bodysuit has a nice shape and the pattern on the material is
attractive making it look like a high quality piece of clothing. The hook &
loopy badge is very cute. The Velcro fastening makes changing a lot easier than
poppers but does look a bit bulky. The super absorbent layer is appropriate for
young babies and the Velcro is a great idea for busy parents. The material is
robust and washes well which is just what is needed for this age group. The
material is of excellent quality. It is thicker than a normal body suit which
makes it look like a more expensive product (which is what it is). It also
means that it looks good without needing to be ironed; a bonus for a busy
parent! It is stitched together well
overall quality is that of a high end product. Once on, the bodysuit looks very
comfortable. The material is smooth and soft and there are no bits which stick
out that could irritate the baby’s skin. The bottom section which is made of
absorbent material is very soft and is an extra layer of padding around the
baby although is quite bulky; particularly where the Velcro fastens. It is very
easy to use once on, the Velcro pretty much fastens itself! However it is a bit
more difficult to get on and off than a standard body suit because it does not
stretch as well. The Velcro makes changing a lot easier; this is particularly
beneficial if you are out by yourself; a time when you wish you had more hands.
Just flip the Velcro over and you are good to go. It is the vest that I would
chose if I was going out for the day alone with the baby. It definitely makes
fastening a lot easier. However the design is a bit bulky making trousers a bit
tight. If the Velcro section was thinner this would make it an even better
product. As the material that this product is made of is quite thick it is more
difficult to get on and off than a regular body suit. The absorbent material on
the lower half is not very stretchy so needs to be tugged on and off; this lead
to a little bit of irritation when getting dressed and undressed. Once on though
it looked very comfortable. The sizing is on the small side my son is on the
50th centile and was not quite 3 months when it arrived and the 3-6 months body
suit fitted him well. The suit is getting a bit tight now and he is not yet 4
months. It washes really well and keeps its size, colour and shape. No need to iron which is a bonus! The price
is expensive for one body suit when babies grow so quickly, particularly as the
sizing is quick small for the intended age bracket. However the suit does look high quality when
worn so you would expect to pay a slight premium for this and the ease of the
Velcro fastening. If the friend specifically needed something super absorbent
then this would be my product of choice, but I probably wouldn’t buy it as a
regular bodysuit. I would recommend the Velcro fastening system but would let
them know to buy a bigger size. This is a practical product with a high quality
finish but it is priced at a premium for this reason. Amy Rutherford – Theo 15

Product Tested By Kathy
McToal – Ava 14 Weeks

Kathy Awarded The Hook & Loppy Super-absorbent Bodysuit

The design of this bodysuit was lovely. It is very practical
for the age it is intended to be worn by. The quality is excellent; excellent
fabric, very good quality. My baby looked very comfortable in it. It was very
easy to use; very quick to close on a wriggly baby. The Velcro fastening was
great and added extra value to it. It caused no irritation at all for my baby.
The bodysuit is very easy to launder and no ironing was required. I really
liked this product but it is quite expensive for one bodysuit. Unfortunately
this would put me off buying it again. I would still recommend it to others
though. This is an excellent quality product and easy to use; only lost points
due to cost. Kathy McToal – Ava 14 Weeks


I would recommend it to everyone. It is an excellent product with an easy to use design and made of high quality material


Kerry Awarded The Hook & Loppy Super-absorbent Bodysuit 4.9/5

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