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Hoop-la the Hippo, by Patti Madison

Hoop-la the Hippo by Patti Madison is an animated multi-media read along picture book.  Suitable for chidlren aged 4-7 years. is the first e-book publishing company for kids.

Award Winning – Hoop-la the Hippo was anounced as an award winner in the recent iParenting Outstanding Products 2009. iParenting is part of the Disney Group.

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Hoop-la the Hippo, by Patti Madison Reviews

Product Tested by: Eline Walker – Annabelle

Product Tested By Eline Walker – Annabelle

Eline Awarded The Hoop-la the Hippo e-book 4.2/5

Good fun, enticing graphics and sound.  Great web site easy to use and navigate.  Annabelle enjoyed it but she isn’t into computers much so it’s not a medium I would readily use.  She did like it but obviously it was more my encouragement that kept her reading/looking at it left to herself she would have just wondered off.  Illustrations are very good, colourful and interesting.  The read along text with audio is a good idea idea and I’m sure would help an older child Annie is still a bit too young.  Children thought it was good fun.  Stimulating yes as she enjoys any story time spent with mum! A nice story the interest lay mainly in the computer format as that is something we’ve never used before.  Personally for children I think a book is just that it doesn’t need to be on a computer.  Fun rather than educational.  It’s the same price as any new book and I think would get less use.  As an eBook it is good but just not for me.  EBooks are great on Sony readers simply for saving space and convenience to adults but for children learning to read and enjoying books I don’t see the need for eBooks.  However this is new technology and our children are growing up in an electronic world so it could become just part of their everyday life.  Eline Walker – Annabelle

Product Tested By Ruth Frais – Joshua Aged 4 Years 9 Months

Ruth Awarded The Hoop-la the Hippo e-book 4.5/5

Interesting, fun and worth using.  Fun introduction to e-books website and easy to navigate.  A few games relating to a couple of books, and there are plans to have more games but not yet there.  Also 2 other books to view or download for free.  We looked at the elves and the shoemaker and enjoyed it. It was our first experience of e-books.  My son loved it and kept wanting to read it again.  He thought it was great.    Particularly enjoyed the illustrations and the way they moved. He often commented on what he could see in the pictures. Definitely a good idea to help the reader follow the story and begin to learn the words.  He really enjoyed the story, found it amusing and memorable.  He began to remember the rhymes and sing along with them. Definitely was stimulating and helped Joshua.  We also enjoyed the quiz at the end which had 4 multiple choice questions testing your memory of the story. Well thought out; a fun story. Joshua enjoyed using this feature after he’d heard the story a few times, although it was more fun to him than useful.  But for someone trying to read for themselves it’s a great idea. It’s a good way of getting your child interested in reading and making it fun. It made reading fun and an unusual experience, good for a reluctant reader but not a replacement for traditional books. Relatively expensive for a fairly short first reading book (compared with traditional books available in shops and catalogues). Something I would look out for when online and see what is available – especially free ones to download. It’s a good concept and Joshua enjoyed using. Easy to use, fun and stimulating for my child. Ruth Frais – Joshua Aged 4 Years 9 Months

Product Tested By Helen Gilkes – Isabella Aged 4 Years

Helen Awarded The Hoop-la the Hippo e-book 3.8/5

Unusual – I haven’t seen e-books for children before.  Colourful and bright – my little girl enjoyed the site too She loves anything to do with the computer (I think it makes her feel grown-up!) so this was ideal for her.   She really enjoyed the story and the experience.  Although she wasn’t too keen to read it again when I suggested it. The e-book was quite fun – very colourful and the images moved whilst the story was happening. This is a good idea – it helps with an understanding of reading and as she is starting to recognise words and spell them out in her paper books, she is an ideal age for this. Isabella enjoyed it whilst we were reading it but I don’t think she was inspired enough to read it again. Yes – I think the read-along text is a good idea and probably a different story might have inspired her more. I think it’s a good idea and obviously very eco-friendly.  I think I would use these in conjunction with real books as my daughter does like to hold books and look at the pictures. Glad to hear the spoken word was in ‘English’ rather than ‘American English’!! Try the website and the free books first and see how it engages your child.  Then let them actually choose the story they would like to read – I think this way they would be more likely to want to hear the story again. Educational value Good, I think the books will help encourage reading.  I noticed that most of the books were £5.99 – I thought this was maybe a bit pricey for an e-book.  A product that helps encourage reading and also an understanding of computers at the same time (mouse control etc.)  – For me they would be used alongside ‘real’ books. Helen Gilkes – Isabella Aged 4 Years

The read along text with audio is a good idea idea and I’m sure would help an older child.


Eline Awarded The Hoop-la the Hippo e-book 4.2/5

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