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Hop ‘n’ Squeak Herbie Shoe

Our specially designed squeaker promotes body awareness and will encourage crawlers to their feet. Buttersoft leather lining for breathability and comfort for those busy little feet (did you know babies feet sweat twice as much as adults feet?). Built in wriggle room offering room for toes to spread without compromising fit. We have chosen the highest quality flexible rubber sole for all our shoes ensuring your child’s feet are protected whilst not restricting movement. The way that our squeaky shoes are designed a baby or toddler steps on air and forces it through the ‘squeaker’ in order to produce the squeaky sound. As a result your child is literally ‘walking on air’. Velcro fasteners offer easy access and a flexible fit.
Squeaky Shoes for Kids from HopNSqueak! -Watch the excitement on your child’s face as he or she learns to walk in their squeaky shoes. Our squeaky shoes are magical! Children giggle with delight as they squeak with every hop and step. Our butter soft leather lining and beautiful designs will keep your child skipping all day long.

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Hop ‘n’ Squeak Herbie Shoe Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirsty Shaw – Vinnie 23 Months

Product Tested By Kirsty Shaw – Vinnie 23 Months

Kirsty Awarded The Hop n Squeak Herbie Shoe 5/5

Looks like a good sturdy shoe, nice plain brown, comes in a nice box and well packaged. Good sturdy box, nice bright colours, all together very well packaged! Good quality, nice and soft leather and a good wearing sole. Nice plain style looks lovely with jeans or trousers. My son is a 6G and my initialthought was that they wouldn’t fit with his chunky feet, I was surprised the fit him perfect! Great that they have Velcro. These are extremely easy to put on. My son looked comfortable and there was plenty of room. My soon loved these shoes he most definitely not wanting to take these off himself, they stayed on the whole duration. Vinnie absolutely loved these shoes esp. the squeaking! Running around everywhere. My dog on the other hand thought they were squeaky toy on his feet, so I would say to anyone who has a dog who particularly enjoys squeaky toys need to ask their self if it maybe safe for your child to wear them in front of the dog. Fantastic value for money!!! I would purchase these and recommend without hesitation. A lovely product. Kirsty Shaw – Vinnie 23 Months.

Product Tested By Claire Currie – Finlay 2 Years

Claire Awarded the Hop n Squeak Herbie Shoe 4.7/5

Well made, cute shoes, initial a bit dubious of the squeak. Packaging Perfect – bright colourful box and packed well. Appear to be very well made with good material and strong. Slightly old fashioned style but went well with all styles of trousers. Size was good fitted well. Very easy to put on and fasten. Looks comfortable and made of nice soft leather. These shoes stayed on and never had any problems with them coming off. My son was quite amused with the squeak but then seemed to be unfazed by it and forgot about it until he then seemed to realise again and started stamping his foot. Good Value for money in comparison to places like Clarks very good value. I would purchase for a younger child but I think Finn is slightly old for these. He was a slow walker so I could have done with these when he was 15 months. I would definitely recommend. Great – good quality shoes for pre walkers and new walkers. Claire Currie – Finlay 2 Years

Product Tested By Lindsay Derbyshire – Donovan 18 Months

Lindsay Awarded The Hop n Squeak Herbie Shoe 4.4/5

Nice lightweight leather shoes. A lovely bright & colourful compact size shoe box, with a tissue paper wrap. Plus instructions on how to remove the ‘squeak’ if required. Quality is good Soft leather uppers with manmade soles. Personally I feel the actual style of the shoe is a bit old fashioned for a gimmicky shoe. Sizing was ideal for Donovan. These are very easy to put on as have a very easy Velcro opening tab. Cushioned soles make the shoe look very comfortable to wear, and leather upper provides good ventilation. My boy undoes the Velcro fastening a bit too easy – every time we’re in the car, at home before we even leave the house….Could do with a metal popper or button perhaps? Very good fun. We were all in stitches of laughter when we first put these on, and, yes my son definitely likes the squeak. It’s good that you can hear where he has sneaked off too, but it does get a tad annoying after a while, and have met others out and about who really cannot stand the squeak! A leather shoe for £20, not sure if the ‘squeak’ adds anything to the cost though. Perhaps if you had a slow/non walker it might encourage the child to walk more…? Would prefer a more modern designed shoe though. I would recommend as nice shoe. I felt the overall design of the shoe was a tad boring, combined with the Velcro fastening, which we found to be far too easy to undo and loose shoes around the house/car. The ‘squeak’ was good fun, but as a practical shoe for daily wear, I’d go elsewhere. Lindsay Derbyshire – Donovan 18 Months

Fantastic value for money!!! I would purchase these and recommend without hesitation. A lovely product.


Kirsty Awarded The Hop n Squeak Herbie Shoe 5/5

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