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Our specially designed squeaker promotes body awareness and will encourage crawlers to their feet. Buttersoft leather lining for breathability and comfort for those busy little feet (did you know babies feet sweat twice as much as adults feet?). Built in wriggle room offering room for toes to spread without compromising fit. We have chosen the highest quality flexible rubber sole for all our shoes ensuring your child’s feet are protected whilst not restricting movement. The way that our squeaky shoes are designed a baby or toddler steps on air and forces it through the ‘squeaker’ in order to produce the squeaky sound. As a result your child is literally ‘walking on air’. Velcro fasteners offer easy access and a flexible fit.

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Hop ‘n’ Squeak Shoes Reviews

Product Tested By Michele Rowley-Hill –  Maddison Aged 1 Year 6 Months

Michele Awarded The Hop ‘n’ Squeak Shoes  4.9/5

Very cute design, lovely soft, leather shoes. The website is very easy to navigate, it has all the information you would need if you were interested in purchasing a pair of these shoes.  The prices are clearly stated next to the shoes and the colour photographs are very clear.  You can download a size guide which is an excellent idea and there is a comprehensive list of stockists.  The site is very bright and colourful and quick to load.  The packaging was bright and eye catching. The quality was excellent.  The leather was lovely and soft and the stitching was very strong.  The butterfly on the shoe was attached very securely and despite constant wearing the shoes wore very well. I like the style of the shoe, although they are probably more suited to summer wear than winter as they are quite open.  Having had a daughter who ‘tip toe’ walks these shoes are an excellent idea to encourage a child to walk flat footed as they will be rewarded with a ‘squeak’.  The only problem was when we put a different pair of shoes on she was disappointed that they didn’t squeak!! The size of the shoes were exactly the same as Startrite shoes.  I didn’t download the size guide from the website but I think that is an excellent facility to ensure you are buying exactly the right size.  The shoes are very easy to put on; unfortunately it also means they are very easy for little people to take off!!  The shoes look very comfortable.  They are very soft and flex easily when she walks.  They did not leave any marks on her feet even when she had been wearing them continually for several hours.  The shoes stayed on very well, the Velcro fastener is sufficient to keep them in place.  They only came off when she decided to remove them! Good value for money, but I would not buy these in the winter, they are an excellent summer/holiday shoe.  Very lightweight and comfy. The design of the shoe is great and would consider purchasing again in the future. Already recommended to friends and family.  Super soft, flexible fun shoes in a beautiful eye catching design. Michele Rowley-Hill – Maddison Aged 1 Year 6 Months


Product Tested By Anmarie Smith – Jessica Aged 1 Year 11 Months

Anmarie Awarded The Hop ‘n’ Squeak Shoes 4.5/5

Unique, encouraging and pretty design.  Attractive website, easy to use and attractive products. Durable packaging.  Good quality leather, seems slightly soft on touch but are durable.  The design is beautiful and unique and the squeak encourages movement.   Sizing is good. My daughter was just going into the size we tested and although the shoe was slightly big they still fit comfortably and she could still walk in them easily. They never once fell off.  The shoes are very easy to put on which I liked as I am encouraging my daughter to put her own shoes on whenever possible.  Initially I was expecting them to be uncomfortable for my daughter to walk in as the inside heel of the shoe is higher than normal because of the squeak area but she seemed very comfortable in them after a bit of getting used to and enjoyed wearing them.  I find the Velcro strap rather ‘easy’ as my daughter could take the shoes off herself although I wasn’t particularly bothered by this I was worried she’d undo them whilst in her pram and I would lose one of them.  These are certainly good value for money.   I think this shoe is a good design with no need for improvement.   I would consider buying it although I did find the squeaking rather annoying sometimes, the fact I could take the squeak out has improved my opinion on this one.   I have already begun recommending them to friends and will carry on doing so.  Beautifully designed, toddler proof shoe that has swayed my opinion on this particular style which I wouldn’t have bought beforehand.  Anmarie Smith – Jessica Aged 1 Year 11 months


Product Tested By Lynette Gray – Rohan Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Lynette Awarded The Hop ‘n’ Squeak Shoes 4.5/5

Beautiful looking shoes that were soft and looked very comfortable.  Lovely bright web site where the range of shoes is clearly shown. There is a lot of description about the shoes and some care instructions.  Came in a sturdy shoe box with a note from the manufacturer. Beautifully finished shoes that have survived all types of running and walking that my son has put them through. The little details, such as the stitching effect, make them stand out more. The soles are a good sturdy but flexible rubber and the inner sole is soft and comfortable.  I thought that the look of the shoe was lovely, the leather is very good quality and the style was smart without being fussy. The Velcro fastening is really helpful too. The squeak was fun for about 10 minutes, and then became really annoying, but this was from my point of view not my son’s. I don’t know if it is because my son was already established as a walker and was heavy on his feet or that he never stops running but the squeak did become irritating after a while. A lot of people we met found the squeak entertaining but again, only for a short period of time. On the plus side the shoes did provide some entertainment for people sitting in the doctor’s waiting room.  My son seemed very comfortable in these shoes. There is no obvious marking or rubbing on his feet when we removed the shoes, even after being worn all day. They were a nice wide fit over the toes but not loose around the heals.  Very easy to put on. The Velcro fastening and tongue of the shoe made it easy to open up to put my sons foot in then snuggly secure.  These shoes look very comfortable to wear.  The shoes do stay on when walking, however my son was able to undo the Velcro strap and take them off when he wanted.   I think they are pretty standard price for leather shoes. They have lasted well and despite being worn quite a lot there is minimal scuffing, the soles are still intact and thick, all the stitching has remained in place and the Velcro is still working perfectly.  I really like the look of some of the girls designs and would consider buying them for my daughter, as you can also remove the squeak if required.  Every one had a laugh when they first encountered the shoes and I think that they are a really good idea for first walkers as you wouldn’t have to listen to the noise as much.  Lynette Gray – Rohan Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Super soft, flexible fun shoes in a beautiful eye catching design.


Michele Awarded The Hop ‘n’ Squeak Shoes 4.9/5

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