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Hope’s Relief Therapeutic Cream

This all-natural
cream was developed by an Australian naturopath in response to the need for a
natural, effective alternative for relieving the symptoms of dry skin. Cooling
and soothing, it is suitable for those prone to eczema and dry, itchy skin
conditions and helps to keep skin moisturised. There are no petrochemicals
or other toxic ingredients to be absorbed through the skin, making it is suitable
for use on babies, children and adults for extended periods with no harmful
side effects. Specially formulated to nourish deep down and help repair your
skin’s natural barrier, Hope’s Relief rehydrates skin, leaving it feeling
smooth and supple. It penetrates beneath the skin’s surface, therefore
providing a longer-lasting protective barrier than other creams or lotions. The
formula does not wash off in water, soak into clothing or otherwise lose
effectiveness. Suitable for babies and children with itchy, dry skin who
are prone to eczema, Hope’s Relief offers a natural solution to protect
delicate skin and keep it healthy, soft and supple.

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£17.49 available from Wholefoods, Revital, Planet Organic, John Bell & Croyden, and all good independent health stores and pharmacies plus Amazon and

Hope’s Relief Therapeutic Cream Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Everitt – Amy 2 ½ Years

Tested By Claire Everitt – Amy 2 ½ Years

Awarded The Hope’s Relief Therapeutic Cream 4.5/5

initial impression was that it was a large size bottle so good value for money
and the information on the packaging was informative. I think the packaging was
nice to look at and contained a lot of information about the product and its
benefits. I think the instructions were easy to understand and informative. The
cream did help soothe the skin and after a few days the eczema was gone in one
area. The cream reduced the itching completely. The cream removed one patch of
eczema completely and another one was much improved. I feel that the product is
good quality as it had a positive effect on my daughter’s eczema. I feel the
size of the tube and the fact that you do not need to use much each application
offers good value for money. I thought this product was excellent for my
daughter’s eczema as it soothes the skin and prevented itching. I would definitely recommend it and buy it
again. The fragrance and colour could be improved but I was more than happy
with the results. Claire Everitt – Amy 2 ½ Years

Tested By Carol Monk

Awarded The Hope’s Relief Therapeutic Cream 3.9/5

OK not overly impressed. Packaging is
very neat. Instructions very explanatory
easy to understand. It did work and
would say cleared the skin by about 60%.
It reduced the skin sensitivity by about 40%. I have eczema which improved by 40%. The quality is good and quite smooth to use
and not greasy. I personally feel this
is slightly overpriced. Personally I
would say this cream performed above average compared to other creams I have
used. This product did help my
condition, to a point, and may be better on other persons. Carol Monk

Tested By Christine Miah

Christine Awarded The
Hope’s Relief Therapeutic Cream3/5

My initial impression
is the tube was small and I felt instructions which could have been a bit clearer
on where the cream could/couldn’t be applied. The fragrance was a little sickly
for my own personal use. I could still feel the cream on my skin even after a
lot of rubbing in and I needed to apply more to the skin than what it said on
the tube because it didn’t spread very far.
The packaging was what you would expect for this sort of product. The instructions were easy to follow but a
leaflet with all the relevant information would have been ideal and as for
people wearing glasses etc. would find it hard to read the writing. From a
personal level I didn’t find the cream soothed the bit of psoriasis and dry
skin that I have. Sadly for me, the cream didn’t help soothe the itching I
suffer with. As I suffer from mild psoriasis and dry skin I was hopeful
of finally finding a cream that would help improve my condition. For me
personally this wasn’t the case. It didn’t help at all with my condition. This property could
work for some people. It’s a matter of trying it long term and of course
being cost effective. The cream was a fairly good texture, easy to apply but a
lot of rubbing to soak into the skin. For
me this is a bit on the pricey side and due to the fact some with skin
conditions would need to apply a few times per day and possibly long term it
would not be cost effective. I was looking forward
to using this cream. It was a small 60mg tube with instructions on how to use
but I felt it should be important to me to have instructions on what areas you
can or cannot apply the cream too (if any i.e. Face) . Hopefully the product
comes in a box with the full instructions on application coverage. They didn’t
come with any WARNINGS! In the event of any allergies etc. Christine Miah

thought this product was excellent for my daughter’s eczema as it soothes the skin and prevented itching. I would definitely recommend it and buy it again.


Claire Awarded The Hope’s Relief Therapeutic Cream 4.5/5

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