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Hoppop Pipla Bath Toys

Hoppop Pipla Bath toys. Available in various colours.

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Hoppop Pipla Bath Toys Reviews

Product Tested by: Mrs. K Haigh – Katie 21 Months

Product Tested By Mrs K Haigh – Katie 21 Months

Mrs. Haig Awarded the Hoppop Pipla Bath Toys 3.5/5

Looks interesting, great packaging, can’t wait to try it out. The packaging is brilliant, it looks exciting and unusual. The size and style of the toy holds many different shapes but I feel that it would be more suitable for babies under 1 year old. This toy did not keep my Childs attention for more than a few minutes. I had no safety issues about the toy and my toddler did enjoy trying to put he small circles into the bigger pieces. The toy does seem to help improve hand/eye co-ordination. We also counted the pieces in and out of the bath. My child also sticks the pieces onto the side of the bath and the quality seems like the toy would last forever. I don’t think the price is majorly expensive but I do feel there are better toys available for a better price that would be more suited to my child. Was excited to use it but disappointed as didn’t seem to do anything once wet. Perhaps would be better if changed colour when wet or got bigger / smaller. A small baby would enjoy this toy rather than a toddler.  Mrs. K Haig – Katie 21 Months 

Product Tested By Michelle Lawrence – Kieran 13 Months

Michelle Awarded the Hoppop Pipla Bath Toys 2/5

Very modern looking product with bright eye catching coloured shapes.  Initially I was bemused as to how this toy was going to work. I found the packaging good, the box was compact enough and the toy was clearly visible through the clear plastic.  Basic product information was illustrated on the back of the packaging too but this seemed to be the only instructions provided. The toy itself was basic in nature with the foam pieces fitting together into different shapes. The colours of the pieces were very bright and initially caught my son’s eye. At a glance I didn’t feel this bath toy was going to provide Kieran with hours of entertainment and I was right.  Very basic. Information detailed on the packaging stipulated this toy was suitable for children older than 6 months.  I would agree with this, however personally I would recommend capping the age to 18 months as I believe this toy would not stimulate any child over this age. It didn’t seem to hold my son’s attention for any time at all and Kieran was more than happy at time to just have the shaped floating about aimlessly in the bath. On a positive note for the small periods of time Kieran did play with the toy I do feel it helped with his hand/eye co-ordination. He was attempting to fit some of the pieces together without my help so I would go as far to say the toy would aid your Childs development. For the majority of the time my son lost interest in this toy almost within 2 minutes of it being introduced to bath time. My 13 month old son was more interested in using the toy as a teething aid and seemed to take relief from biting down on the foam pieces! At £9.99 and taking into account other bath toys aimed at my son’s age I do not feel the Hoppop Pipla Bath Toy provides value for money. Overall I would not recommend this toy; I feel it is too one dimensional and did not hold my little ones attention long enough. Michelle Lawrence – Kieran 13 Months

The toy does seem to help improve hand/eye co-ordination. We also counted the pieces in and out of the bath


Mrs. Haig  Awarded the Hoppop Pipla Bath Toys 3.5/5

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