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hUDOMA SoHo Silver Pram Gloves

Add some glamour, handle the cold and juggle parenting while on-the-go with the hUDOMA Silver pram gloves. Switching from pushing the pram to tending to your little one has never been easier – plus you’ll never lose another glove.
Our hUDOMA Silver pram gloves attach to any pushchair, pram or stroller handle, thanks to the easily adjusted fastening, making them simple to use for whoever is pushing.
The cosy, soft and warm faux fur lining looks super stylish against the silver pram gloves. Keep them attached all winter so you have one less thing to remember when heading our the door. we know your hands will thank us.

Product details:
Wind and water-resistant outer fabric
Cosy, soft and warm faux fur lining
Easy to use with a simple adjusting fastening so they can be attached and removed in seconds
One size glove with adjustable fit
Universal fit for all pushchairs, prams and strollers and can easily be transferred
Care instructions:

Always machine wash hUDOMA Silver pram gloves on cold. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Be sure the gloves are thoroughly dried and turned inside out during the drying process.

Size: The hUDOMA Silver pram gloves are one size. 28cm in length and 18cm wide

hUDOMA Pram Gloves are available in Chelsea black, SoHo Silver or Hudson Blue

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Price £40.00 Available online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2022 Pram/Stroller Accessories & Travel Product Accessories Categories

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hUDOMA SoHo Silver Pram Gloves Reviews

Product Tested By Vicki Jones – Lyla, Lincoln & Zachary – 1, 4 & 6 Years

Vicki Awarded The hUDOMA SoHo Silver pram gloves 5/5

When the pram gloves arrived first thing to notice was minimum packaging, they kept it simple in a box wrapped in pretty tissue in a bag to keep nice and clean. I opened them up and felt unsure on the silver colour thinking they would show up all the dirt. Popping my hand inside they felt nice and fluffy so I thought these will definitely keep my hands warm, the outside of the glove feels a bit like a coat so I felt these will stay dry. When looking at the gloves I did initially feel that they looked bulky and was unsure of how easy it would be to attach them to my pram, and if it would be easy to manoeuvre. To begin I was unsure on the colour we had silver, they felt a bit like space gloves lol. But I did get used to it and really like them now. The design is simple and practical. Despite my initial thoughts the gloves attached really easily to our pram, I have adjusted them as well as I can there seems to still be a slight gap which on occasion gets a little draft but despite this all seems good. Mine are still attached to the pram they are very secure. I have had my older children pulling at them shoving their hands in them and they still haven’t budged. Definitely better than your traditional woolly gloves or mittens, they are also better for the checking of your phone as you don’t have to whip one off to scroll though as well ask going into shops and not having to scramble to get your card out of your purse. They have so far kept my hands warm when needed we haven’t had too colder weather just yet but they are great when the wind picks up. I do think they have helped as I have just been able to pull my hands out when needed which has helped with the school run as well as my little one. These are very effective in the rain and so far so good as no rain has reached my hands and I have been out when the rain is fairly bad (not torrential yet!) The otter material seems like a really good quality coat so I can’t see the rain ever getting through. They are brilliant for windy weather I think my hands are the warmest compared to the rest of my body when the wind picks up. Great fit for me, my partner hasn’t used them although I am sure when we are out more this winter he will want to push the buggy so he can have warm hands. Also great for little hands as these have been sneaking into the gloves when they aren’t on my hands. It does make life easier just having them attached to the buggy so even if it’s mild but starts to rain I can just pop my hands in and they stay nice and dry. Saves hunting for your gloves as well. I use these pretty much every time I have done the school run (especially the mornings) some days have been more mild than others so no need to use all the time but it’s great having them there for if I do feel cold. I use the gloves on the school run. My partner has not used these gloves. So far they are still pristine still (somehow) they dry quickly so haven’t noticed any smell from when I have been in the rain with them either. So I haven’t had to wash them just yet. I do think having them dangling from the pram so I guess that can be called availability?! I like that I can pop my hands into them without giving it much thought. They are really good quality, look well-made and look like they will last. These are great quality so I think they will last and last for years. The outer material feels really strong so I can’t see anything other than eventual old age causing any issues. They are expensive but the more I think about them, their quality and how much use this year as well as years to come I do think they are value for money. I think I would buy these when you think about how long they will last and how much use they will be getting especially in our country where the majority of the winter is cold and wet. I would recommend and I have had several comments about the gloves so they are recommending themselves. I would recommend for the same reason I would buy as they will defiantly last years, and if you are on baby number 1 you would get more than your money’s worth if you went on to have more children. The gloves are great quality will last for years in my option, they are practical and handy. So when I first looked at these gloves I was unsure how they would attach to the buggy and how practical they would be for getting about but once I attached them with ease I was proven wrong. I was able to manoeuvre just as easily as with no gloves, I was also unsure about them especially when my eldest said they looked like space gloves. But got used to the silver and actually really like they now. I have had several comments about how nice they are and how the other mums with babies in buggies could do with a pair. They are warm and waterproof and stay on once secured to the buggy which is great. No more wet gloves when it’s hammering down when you are out and about so no more cold wet hands. No faffing around taking gloves off to look at your phone, pay for things in the shop or having to deal with your children. The only issues I had were when I wore my raincoat unless I tightened it round the wrist I couldn’t get my hand in that easily and it made the arm on my coat ride up slightly, small issue easily solved though. And there was a small draft at times slipping through where the glove is attached to the pram again not a major issue as the gloves are so warm in every other part. Vicki Jones – Lyla, Lincoln & Zachary – 1, 4 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Siobhra Cran – Coldagh 8 Months

Siobhra Awarded The hUDOMA SoHo Silver pram gloves 4.3/5

When I opened the box for the first time, I was slightly shocked by how big the gloves were and the colour of them gave me tin-man vibes. The design is actually very clever, with the Velcro done is such a way that they could be attached to my handle (and presumably any other handle) but could be done loosely enough to moved them to the side of my handle when not required. I thought they were quite long so were sometimes quite difficult to get my hands into without having the arm part bunch up. I really liked the Velcro fastening. Completely fool proof and presumably allows the gloves to be attached to handles of varying thicknesses and materials. There was a decent amount of Velcro, which ensured the gloves were attached securely and didn’t result in the gloves being pulled off/wonky. They were super secure and even held up to my four year old pulling at them. They felt really secure on the buggy and I liked that I could do the Velcro loose enough that the gloves could be moved to the side of the handle when not in use without impacting the security of the attachment. These were lovely in the cold weather. I’ve always wondered why people bother with pram gloves, that surely wearing a pair of gloves does the same job without the bulk attached to your buggy, but I confess I am now a bit of a convert. I even used them in warmer weather as I liked the cosiness so much! The outer fabric was wind and water resistant and did a good job protecting me from the rain, however the fluffy lining near the end of the gloves got wet and they suddenly became really difficult to get on and off as they were bunching so badly. Once the edge of the fluff got wet, I ended up not using them as they were more of an inconvenience. They definitely fit all sizes, including my 4 year old, who enjoyed using them very much. Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about not having to take gloves with me/not losing them, but now that it has been highlighted, I suppose it was quite handy. However, given them amount of stuff a baby needs, a pair of gloves doesn’t seem like much, but always nice to be able to streamline the bulk of a changing bag! I do a mixture of babywearing and buggy-pushing, so I would say I used them about 2/3 times per week over the last few weeks. On a number of these occasions, the gloves were definitely not necessary as the weather as mild enough to not need them, but I left them on anyway as I liked the cosiness of them. I used these going on walks with the buggy for naps. My partner did not get a chance to use these gloves as he enjoys baby wearing when he gets the chance at weekends to reconnect with my baby after working full time during the week. I’m not sure I used these enough to get dirty, however, given that I used them 2/3 times a week and they still look pristine, I would say they’re pretty good at hiding dirt! I imagine a quick wipe with a cloth would be enough to clean them up on the outside. I liked that the Velcro fastening was so easy to do and adjust to make the gloves tighter/looser without affecting how secure they were. I liked that there was minimal chance of them getting lost. I liked that they were windproof and the lining was so super cosy. These are very clearly a high quality product, with care and consideration given to the smallest of details. The fluffy lining didn’t shed or stick to my hands and the outer fabric was good at resisting rain and wind. These gloves will very clearly stand the test of time as well as the test of young children. I have no doubt in my mind that these will last for however many Winters I end up pushing a buggy. Definitely a worthwhile investment, even if only using the buggy a handful of times each week. I think these are quite expensive and if I were in the market for the pair of pram gloves, I would be tempted by some of the cheaper products available that provide a similar service. Given the high quality of these gloves that I have experienced, I’d be more inclined to choose these over a cheaper item due to my confidence that they would have a long lifespan and last for a number of winters. Had I not had the chance to use them/see them in real life, I would find it difficult to justify £40. I would recommend if they used a buggy as their main mode of transport for their little one. If, like me, they did a mix of baby wearing and buggy pushing, I’d say this is more of a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘need to have’. Overall, I really like this product and feel that it does a really good job at what it does. I have taken a point away as I do not like the colour of the silver fabric and feel a dark grey/less shiny material would be better. I really like these pram gloves: They were easy to attach/detach/alter. They were super cosy. The lining is a really nice material and doesn’t get sweaty. They have been made to a very high quality. They withstood a 4 year old’s ‘investigations and explorations’. They were windproof and reasonably water resistant. There’s plenty of room inside for bigger hands. They absolutely serve their purpose and serve it well. They were sometimes difficult to get on when the edges got wet. Siobhra Cran – Coldagh 8 Months

Product Tested By Sam Davies – Sophie, Jake and Willow – 8, 5 and 3 Weeks

Sam Awarded The hUDOMA SoHo Silver pram gloves 4.4/5

They were lovely and soft inside, almost felt like fur. I wasn’t too keen on the colour. I was sent the silver ones to try. I like the design, they are big enough for both myself and my husband to use but don’t feel overly big. The fastenings are very easy to use and easy to attach to the pram handle. The Velcro is nice and soft so they’re easy to fit as you’d like them. They are definitely secure once you have attached them. There is no worry that they would fall off at all. I think that they kept my hands nice and warm but it would be nice if the white fur like material could be around the hands in some way and not just on the arm area. You don’t get the benefit of the soft warm fur as it’s against your coat/jacket sleeve. I appreciate the material does help to keep you warm but it’s a shame you don’t get to feel the softness of the white fur against your hands to keep warm. I definitely didn’t feel any wind or draft when using them. I’m afraid I can’t comment on whether they are water resistant as I didn’t use them in any wet weather. My husband used them too and he found they fit him fine. There is plenty of room in them without feeling too big. Being able to attach to the stroller was a great feature. It’s great to be able to leave them on the buggy when you’re at home so they’re exactly where you need them for next time. As my baby was only born at the end of October I have only been able to use them for a couple of weeks when needed. I haven’t experienced using them in extremely cold weather yet. I used these when I walked the dog and going to the local shops. My husband used these and thought they worked fine. I haven’t had any problems with them getting dirty. They look as they did when they arrived. I really like the soft white fur like material and also how easy it is to use them and convenient to leave them attached to the pram. I really like the quality of the gloves and they don’t feel too bulky either when you use them. The Velcro is strong so they don’t come loose at all and the fleece material round the hand area is cosy too. I do think they will last. I have only been using them for a few weeks now but I can’t see that they would wear easily. They seem like good strong durable gloves. Personally I wouldn’t be able to afford £40 for these. As nice as they are and as great as they are for convenience I would not be able to justify spending so much on gloves. The only reason I would not buy these is the price. They are too expensive for my budget unfortunately. I would definitely recommend this product to others as they definitely do what they say they do. I really did like the product but for me the price is too high and if I had purchased I would have selected a different colour. Overall I really enjoyed trying these gloves out. They are very cosy, light weight and easy to use. The Velcro is soft enough not to be able to feel it when attached to the pram and the overall product is soft and not restrictive when you use them. It’s great that you don’t have to worry about carrying them when you’re not using them as they are securely attached to the pram without the fear of losing them. Sam Davies – Sophie, Jake and Willow – 8, 5 and 3 Weeks

I have had several comments about how nice they are and how the other mums with babies in buggies could do with a pair. They are warm and waterproof and stay on once secured to the buggy which is great. No more wet gloves when it’s hammering down when you are out and about so no more cold wet hands. No faffing around taking gloves off to look at your phone, pay for things in the shop or having to deal with your children.


Vicki Awarded The hUDOMA SoHo Silver pram gloves 5/5

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