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There are so many reasons why HUGGALUGS are great for your little ones – here are a few – Huggalugs will…. Suitable 3 months to 6 years -Make potty training easier -Save tiny knees when crawling -Make a great second layer under trousers or coats(for arms) to keep out the cold without having the bulk of clothes around their tummies. Will pull over socks to keep out draughts.Look trendy and great for dance class.

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Huggalugs Reviews

Product Tested by: Michelle Jones – Evie 3 Years

Product Tested By Michelle Jones – Evie 3 Years

Michelle Awarded Huggalugs 4.5/5

I was pleased to be testing these baby leg warmers as I have seen them about. I like the concept and the leggings looked pretty. I haven’t got anything like this at home so thought it would be a useful accessory for Evie’s wardrobe. Think they would fit a very wide range of sizes. Evie is very petite and I am not sure if they would have been too big when she was a baby. Evie is 3 years old and although I thought they would be useful I struggled to think of a time when I would use leg warmers instead of trousers or tights. However, while we were testing them we went swimming and we put them on to keep her a bit warmer; this saved changing her whole outfit and I think they would come in useful now and again. lovely soft fine knitted material. They feel warm but not too chunky. Comfortable for Evie to wear, did not dig into or irritate her skin. Instructions state to cold hand wash…not ideal for any children’s product in my book! Relatively cheap, and can be used over such a long period of time. I think they will make an appearance every now and again. Would have liked them when Evie was just learning to crawl or when potty training. I struggled to find a scenario when they would be used as an alternative to tights or trousers, but enjoyed trying them out. I think if Evie had been younger they would have had a lot of use while potty training / crawling. Lovely soft children’s accessory with a very long shelf life and lots of uses at different ages. Evie loved wearing them and did look very cute (ok I am bias). On the downside is the washing instruction which was to wash by hand in cold water. Michelle Jones – Evie 3 Years

Product Tested By Emma Arnold – Jessica & Freya Aged 5 years & 10 Months

Emma Awarded Huggalugs 3.5/5

A really attractive product with a funky design. A really attractive product made from a lovely soft fabric and I really love the print (pink butterflies). I also love the fact that this product was not overly packaged. We love the design of the Huggalugs. We received the pink Huggalugs with butterfly motif which looked great on my 10 month baby girl. The leg warmers are advertised on the packaging as being for babies and kids, my 5 year old loved the pattern, although they were on the narrow side and might not be good for the older or chunkier child. I also used them with my baby girl (10m) instead of tights and they did help protect her knees as she is crawling around. They also looked great over a pair of white tights so would be excellent for my baby in the winter. A very versatile product. The fabric was really soft and stayed soft after washing. However, I have found that the material has pulled and left a hole at the top which is a shame, although I think this might be a one off as the other one is fine. It did look comfortable and my baby did not seem irritated. They are quite restrictive on washing and the packaging recommended only a cold wash, and not to be tumble dried. It would be easier if they were able to be washed in a 30 degree wash. At £6.99 I think this product is excellent value for money. I have marked this down only due to the washing restrictions, but it is otherwise a lovely product and for £6.99 represents good value. These leg warmers are lovely, they are made from a soft organic fabric, and come in a range of fabulous designs which really stand out. We had the pink butterflies which were lovely. They are excellent value for money; however they do require a cold wash only which I would find quite restrictive. Emma Arnold – Jessica & Freya Aged 5 years & 10 Months

Product Tested By Jill Fellows – Keely 10 Years

Jill Awarded the Huggalugs 5/5

Nicely designed product, very modern and fashionable. It also fit my child great and did not roll up or down. My daughter found them very easy to put on and thought they were fun, she loved the design! Great quality, not too thick or bulky but not too thin. I put them on a gentle wash and dried them on the radiator, there was no ironing needed. I think they are great value for money and we will definitely continue to use it! Really practical and trendy, ideal for everyday use. Jill Fellows – Keely 10 Years

Lovely soft children’s accessory with a very long shelf life and lots of uses at different ages.


Michelle Awarded Huggalugs 4.5/5

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