Saved In Nappies - Disposable Swim

Huggies® Little Swimmers®

Special absorbent material that doesn’t swell or fall apart in water, so it won’t weigh baby down. Special leak guards help protect as kids play in the water. Easy open and close sides for a quick change after swimming. Fun Disney characters make the nappy look like swimwear

Size 2-3: 3-8kg (7-18lbs)Size 3-4: 7-15kg (15-34lbs)Size 5-6: 12-18kg (26-40lbs)
Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2018 Disposable Swim Nappy Category

£5.25 Available •Morrisons •Sainsbury’s •Waitrose •Asda •Ocado •Amazon •Amazon Pantry

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Huggies® Little Swimmers® Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah McFarlin – Isla 2 Years

Sarah Awarded The Huggies Little Swimmers 5/5

The looked very good, loved the design and packaging. Very appealing. Instructions straight forward and easy to follow. The pull up function is very easy to use as child does not have to be lying down. This was a really good fit for my daughter. When she had these on there was no noticeable restriction of movement in the water. The stretchy side panels make the product more comfortable and easy to get on and off child. I cannot comment on the leak guard as she did not have any accidents while using these. I did feel confident using these when my daughter went swimming. My child doesn’t pay much attention to the graphics on nappies, I’m not sure it makes much difference to us personally. No issues with the quality. I would normally buy these when on offer, which I think is then very good value. At full price they are reasonably priced. I loved how easy they are to get on and off. I would buy these. It’s a good product and readily available in most stores, by a well-known brand so I would buy it. I would recommend as nothing negative to say about this product. A very good product, great fit and works well. Sarah McFarlin – Isla 2 Years

Product Tested By Katharine Merrick – Frankie 17 Months

Katharine Awarded The Huggies Little Swimmers 5/5

Fab packaging, quality looks good. Great packaging but found it boyish and I have a girl (just a girl’s opinion). Good instructions, glad it was pictures on the back, as far too much writing in the small print for all the other languages. These are very easy and easy to take off. Perfect fit, no sagging. These do not swell in the water and it is very effective, I was impressed.I loved the stretchy side panels.The leak guard was very effective. I was totally confident using these and I will use again for sure. I loved the graphics on these, but maybe do a pink one for girls. Great quality, attractive, simple and very easy to use. Quite cheap I think for the quality.I loved the fact no sagging and the sides and the pictures. I will be buying these again. I have already been recommending these. Great product, attractive good value for money, just maybe do girls pack too. Katharine Merrick – Frankie 17 Months

Product Tested By Emily Heart – Lindy 18 Months

Emily Awarded The Huggies Little Swimmers 5/5

These looked adorable when they arrived and could not wait to try them out. Loved the packaging really eye catching.Instructions easy to follow no problems.These are so easy to fit on and you are ready to go in no time. This was a perfect fit could not have been better. They looked so cute and comfortable on Lindy. Great these do not swell up in the water and she was kicking away in her swimming lesson as not restricted at all. I just loved the stretchy side panels just make it easier to fit. Also no leaks whatsoever, worked very well. I really did feel far more confident when she was in the water wearing her Huggies little swimmer. The design and the Disney graphics are appealing and she loved the colours and the bright design so would say appealing to her as well as me. I think these are great and will continue to use them for my daughters swimming lessons. Also recommended to a lot of mum’s at the swimming classes as she looked so adorable and they asked where I got these from.Great value and work well. The fit was great, looked adorable and worked well.Will definitely be buying more. Emily Heart – Lindy 18 Months


Sarah Awarded The Huggies Little Swimmers 5/5

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