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i-angel hipseat baby carrier

The original multi-position baby carrier with revolutionary hipseat Introducing the next generation of baby carrier to the UK. The i-angel hipseat baby carrier for more comfortable weight distribution, meaning you can carry your child for longer periods of time, for everyday use and from a baby to toddler age. Replacing the need to buy 3 different carriers, the i-angel hipseat carrier is a baby carrier, hipseat and toddler backpack all in one. Made from 100% cotton with detachable hipseat and teething pads, giving your baby the best!

Bizziebaby Bronze Award winner 2016 Hip Seat Category 

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Price from £88.99 - £132.99 Available online

i-angel hipseat baby carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Julie Cavanagh – Eleyna 8 Months

Product Tested
Julie Cavanagh – Eleyna 8 Months

Awarded The i-angel hip seat carrier 4.9/5

sturdy easy to use item that has a versatile approach. Strong fabric but not rough to touch meaning the baby can rub against it
in comfort. Also a good durable style of fabric that appears relatively wipe
clean. Very easy to pull the straps to adjust fitting once all connected up on
the body, and easy to adjust to loosen to remove the baby. It is easy to put on
and very self-explanatory, however the upper back belt clip was sometimes more
difficult to grab and on occasion it was easier to get someone to do it for me.
Once fastened though easy to reach. Very easy to load baby in – lots of room
with one strap on to slide the baby in and then pull the other strap over
without it being dangerous or discomforting to the child. Very sturdy and
secure to carry the child, even when trying to move around and escape. It never
felt as though the straps were moving or adjusting and needed re-tightening. Very
comfortable and the weight in a front carry was well distributed and never felt
under strain. Takes the pressure off carrying a child in the arms and stops the
back and shoulders from aching. Even on a relatively long walk there were no
aches or pains. I did outdoor type stuff as I choose not to carry my baby
around in the house, however as this is so easy to click on and off I could
continue to do household things as baby is secure. With the hip seat in the
carry position it is a little more bulky than normal slings that tend to be
used around the home for baby wearing. She doesn’t like being carried too much anyway;
however she soon settled inside and was carried in comfort with no distress. Extremely
versatile carrier, I used as the hip carrier and as a front carrier. My
favourite being the front carrier. So easy to keep in the car for being out and
about when the baby no longer wants to be in the pram. The hood is a great
attachment as a lot of competitors don’t have this as standard so can keep the
sun off and the wind out of the way. My baby didn’t particularly like the hood
being on so was more comfortable with it off. It is good value for money
because of the hip carrier also included which if you don’t want to buckle a
carrier and it is just for assistance it is a great addition. It is a
relatively competitively priced carrier on the market. Will most definitely use
as it is so easy and useful. We will share this one in my family but I would
recommend because I prefer buckle carriers and this is so easy to use and so
versatile. This carrier ticks the boxes for me – ease of use, ability to fit a
larger style person and comfortable to wear. Great product, competitively
priced, and very easy to use in numerous positions. Appealing to look at and a
comfortable sturdy material. Julie Cavanagh – Eleyna 8 Months

Tested By
Anne Rice – Isaac 5 Months

Awarded The i-angel hip seat carrier 4.4/5

great, well-made and can’t wait to start using it. The fabric feels strong and durable, and the stitching and joins all look
well made. Although the carrier was easy to adjust to fit, when other members
of family tried to use it unfortunately they could not do the waist belt up as
they have a larger frame. The first few times I tried the carrier I needed some
help to get used to how it works but once you have the hang of it, it was easy.
Like with anything you just have to use it a few times to get used to it. If
using it front facing then it is fine but felt uneasy loading baby in when
using it on the back so needed someone to help with this. I tried this with my
5 month old and my 17 month old and both seemed secure when I was using the
carrier. The carrier is more comfortable to wear forward facing especially with
an older baby as on back the belt began digging into my tummy if worn for any
length of time. Was great to use for every day, having two babies exactly a
year apart it would mean that I didn’t need to take the double buggy out with
me, I could just use a single pram and carry the other baby in the carrier. Both
my 5month and my 17month old liked being in this carrier. My younger one must
have been comfortable because he would fall asleep in it ok, and I could have
my hands free! As I said I think it is more comfortable for me as a forward
facing baby carrier but I did like using it as just the hip seat with my older
baby as it was quick and easy to put on and off when he wanted a cuddle but less
pressure on back than just holding him. The dribble cloths are brilliant
especially with a teething baby, easy to remove and wash again and again. It
has some great features for hot weather i.e. detachable cover so baby doesn’t
get too hot and sleeping hood for protection against sun but for our lovely
weather here a waterproof cover would be a great asset to this product. Although
this carrier is expensive I feel the quality and comfort to both baby and the
person carrying is worth it. I will definitely continue to use this product is
great to have in the car when I only have the single buggy with me. Although it
is fairly expensive it is comfortable and versatile so I will be recommending. Overall
this carrier is well made, good quality and comfortable for both baby and
person wearing the carrier. It can be used in a number of positions and is
great for a growing baby. The downsides are that there is no waterproof
protection for baby and can only be used from 3 months + so no good for a
newborn. Anne Rice – Isaac 5 Months

Tested By
Kirsty Clarke – Olivia 7 Months

Awarded The i-angel hip seat carrier 3.9/5

Material looks a good quality,
stitching perfect. The box is a nice design and makes the product look
expensive. The fabric is thick and looks strong, doesn’t look like it would
rip. The fabric is denim, so I do wonder if it would wear with heavy use. It
was a bit tricky, quite hard to adjust when on and baby sitting on hip seat. It
didn’t take too long though. Once adjusted to fit (the hardest part) it was
quite easy to put on. It was easier to do sitting down, it’s quite bulky and
lots of straps so I did get muddled trying to find the right strap whilst
holding baby securely. Baby felt very safe and secure. I felt the padding was
quite uncomfortable under the arms; I am quite petite and found they rubbed and
were too padded. I could not carry on with my daily routine with this. Because
of the padded straps under my arms, it was too uncomfortable and a bit bulky to
use indoors, but ok with a coat on first. My daughter seemed comfortable. She
did get a bit upset when I was fiddling with the straps but once in, she was
content. I didn’t really like the hip seat, I found it didn’t provide an
ergonomic position for baby; I did like using it without though. The hood was
very handy for windy conditions. I feel the price is a bit high. I’d never heard
of the brand before either. I will use it without the hipseat when needed, but
it wouldn’t be my first choice as it is too bulky. It’s better worn over my
coat in not too cool conditions for things like walks to the park etc. Lovely
design, good fabric, good as a ‘regular’ carrier. Not comfortable for a petite
lady/man, hipseat doesn’t appear to be ergonomic, quite a high price for an
unknown (to me) brand. It was ok, there were good points and not so good
points. I wouldn’t rule it out however. Kirsty Clarke – Olivia 7 Months

This carrier ticks the boxes for me – ease of use, ability to fit a larger style person and comfortable to wear. Great product, competitively priced, and very easy to use in numerous positions. Appealing to look at and a comfortable sturdy material.


Julie Awarded The i-angel hip seat carrier 4.9/5

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