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 "If I’m lost" single-use ID wristbands. Contact details such as a mobile number and important medical information can be written on the inside. These wristbands are waterproof and tear proof. They have a sticky closure and are for single use only.

Ideal for outings and very useful for holiday trips. ID Wristbands come in packs of 10. 

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£3.50 for pack 10 Available Available to purchase online


Product Tested by: Zoe Kennedy - Niamh, Libby, Rachel & Thomas – 6, 5, 3 & 1 Year

Product Tested By Zoe Kennedy – Niamh, Libby, Rachel & Thomas – 6,
5, 3 & 1 Year

Zoe Awarded
The Pregnancy2Baby ID Wristbands 5/5

Clever idea.
I loved the colours and pictures which were very eye-catching.  My children were very excited about wearing
them.  There wasn’t any packaging as they
were simply sent in an envelope. Instructions Very clear and simple to follow. I really liked the video
demo too.  Really good quality.  My children wore them all day while out on a
family outing and at the end of the day they all looked as good as when I put
them on in the morning.  No tears on the
bands and none came off.  Kids get lost –
it is easily done for a child to wander off and if like me you have 4 young
children then you need eyes in the back of your head to watch them all, all the
time.  Although I have never lost any of
my children I found it reassuring that if that did happen then there was now a
way of contacting me.  My children are
all too young to know my mobile number of even their full address so this is a
great idea.  Definitely good value for
money.  I would certainly buy these for
£3.50.  I think they are a great idea –
very reassuring.  Would certainly
recommend.  Also I used to be a
childminder and would loved to have had something like this.  Superb. The only suggestion I would make would be to move the writing that says
‘if I am lost please cut here’ as it means cutting through the parents information.  A simple but effective product that made a
family outing just that much safer.  Zoe
Kennedy – Niamh, Libby, Rachel & Thomas – 6, 5, 3 & 1 year


Tested By
Anna Cowell – Henry 2 years

Anna Awarded The
Pregnancy2Baby ID Wristbands 5/5

A simple but
effective product that made a family outing just that much more safer.  Nice to receive a product that was not over
packaged.  Instructions were via a link
to the website which was a video with written captions across the screen.  Concise and showed/told me everything I
needed to know.  Such a lightweight
product and whilst we didn’t test it in water, it does appear to be sturdy and
intentionally pulling at it didn’t break it. Any measure to safeguard your child is worth investing in.  We have used alternative re-usable wristbands
and my children have worked out how to remove them, so when the parent/child
risks are greater i.e. when travelling, these are a more secure measure.  Children of course need to be educated that
in the height of such an emergency i.e. separated from family, that they know
to show Shop/Airport worker etc. these wristbands (and parents need to be sure
they are not tucked under layers of clothing). I also liked the additional space for Room and Flight details and a
great plus – a space for a password.  These
are very good value for money.  As a
consumer with a boy and a girl, I would also appreciate a unisex design.  I would certainly recommend.  Great lightweight durable design, a must-have
low cost investment when travelling anywhere with children.  Anna Cowell – Henry 2 Years


Tested By
Nicole Collins – Alex 2 Years

Awarded The Pregnancy2Baby ID Wristbands 3.7/5

These look
professional, smart and good for purpose. Arrived in standard plastic packaging. No instructions supplied, but really not necessary for this item.  The wristband is thin, smooth plastic, softer
than that of a hospital wristband. It seems ok for purpose, possibly too thin
to stay on the child’s wrist and worry about the sides of the wristband on a
wriggly child’s wrist. If boarding transport or in a foreign country, this
would be excellent. It offers room to put a flight number, which could save a
lot of distress should a child get separated from their family. The noticeable
design and train picture on wristband would be fun for travelling for the child
and easy to recall if trying to find a lost child. I think the price is too
high for only 5 thin plastic strips that can only be used once. I would look
for something cheaper or a bigger pack if travelling a lot.  I think it is too risky to rely on these alone
should a child get lost. Reins, writing in pen on the arm and badges may be a
better option. If a child is wearing a coat or sleeves then these wristbands
become useless too, as who would immediately think to look under a sleeve?  Good for travelling with kids, especially
boys.  Good for travellers but overpriced
and slightly disappointing.  Nicole
Collins – Alex 2 years




A simple but effective product that made a family outing just that much safer.   


Zoe Awarded The Pregnancy2Baby ID Wristbands 5/5   

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