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Il Tutto, gorgeous practical bags for mums, is an exciting new brand for the style conscious mother – a woman who wants the practicality of a baby bag hidden in the façade of a cool, luxe, must-have handbag. Meaning ‘everything’ in Italian, Il Tutto handbags have been designed to hold literally ‘everything’. Il Tutto knows that mothers still pine after the latest ‘it bags’. Having a baby is not having a style lobotomy. These gorgeous practical bags for mums are crafted from buttery soft Italian leathers, with subtle styling that keep numerous compartments for all your baby needs inside a handbag you want to be seen with. Il Tutto bags hang neatly on a stroller or can be worn over the shoulder, and feature linings that can be removed for washing, or when you want to use them as a regular handbag. This means the life of your bag extends beyond your child’s infancy so you can use your Il Tutto bag for its obvious purpose – a gorgeous handbag you want to keep using. With insulated bottle holders, pacifier clips and waterproof changing mats, among other features, Il Tutto bags also have mobile phone pockets, pen holders and zip pockets for all your personal belongings. Il Tutto remembers the woman you were before having a baby, and makes the transition as easy and effortlessly cool as possible.

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Prices from £149 - Available in Harrods, John Lewis, Mamas and Papas. Mummy & Little Me store or you can purchase online

Il Tutto Changing Bags Reviews

Product Tested by: Julie Mundell – Harry, Rosie & Annie – 3 Years and 19month old Twins.

Product Tested By Julie Mundell – Harry, Rosie & Annie – 3 Years and 19month old Twins.

Julie Awarded The Il Tutto Stella Bag 5/5  Price £1.99

I love the style of the Stella bag. So many changing bags can look a bit mumsy, but it looked like a normal handbag. The long shoulder strap is great as it fits over my double buggy but the fixed shoulder strap was long enough to keep on my shoulder with my coat on, so I didn’t have to use the long strap that goes over the buggy and have the bag flapping round by my knees! It also has useful pockets on the outside, as well as internal pockets for nappies etc and a changing mat and clear zip up pouch.  Really lovely leather finish, with metal corners on the bottom to help prevent wear and tear. Plus the leather is not so soft that it will show signs of wear too quickly. The internal fabric is really lovely, being black with red spots and not mumsy.  I was really impressed with the overall quality of the bag, in style and finish. It has a really usable amount of compartments. I have three children, still all in nappies, so I had one pocket for Harry’s nappies and a separate pocket for the girl’s smaller nappies. There’s a small pocket for your mobile phone (although I use this to keep crayons in!), two pockets at either end which would be useful for bottles if you had a smaller baby – I put my purse in one of these sections. It also has zip up compartment for keys, personal items etc and a couple of pen slots. There are also two decent sized zip up pockets on the front and two small slip-in pockets on each side of the bag, useful for keeping spare dummies and reins/harness in.  It’s really good sized bag without being cumbersome. I have enough nappies, wipes etc for three toddlers and still have a bit of spare space. I would have space to put their drinks in the bag as well but I won’t as I don’t want them to leak and ruin the bag! It’s also a very good shape, as some bags have lot of compartments within in them, but once you have filled all the compartments, there sometimes isn’t any space left to put anything loose in the bag.  This bag really will see you through for years. The quality of the leather means that you probably won’t wear it out using it as a changing bag (I have already gone through about four changing bags already!). And as it won’t wear out it will live to see beyond needing a changing bag, and once this day comes, the interior of the bag with all the compartments zips out, so you are left with a normal usable handbag. You probably would fit a laptop in it, although I haven’t tried. It would also serve well as a school bag for an older child, but it’s far too good for that! The bag fits snugly on your shoulder under your arm when using the fixed strap – even with a thick coat on. So many bags have such short handles, so you can only carry them over your elbow, which isn’t too easy to handle with one child and two toddlers running in different directions. The long shoulder strap is also very comfortable, but I have to keep it too long to carry comfortably as I need to fit it over a double buggy. It has a fixed strap with long enough to carry on the shoulder and stay there as well as a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. The fixed strap is great, as it is quite slim, but not so skinny that it digs in to your shoulder. The detachable strap serves its purpose perfectly. It is long enough to fit over a double buggy. It could perhaps be a bit thicker and a bit more sturdy, to feel that it matches to quality of the rest of the bag. I love this bag. It is easy to access when it is on the back of the pushchair. It has no annoying flaps to try and open when you’re struggling with a wriggling child as well. I can find everything first time. I will continue to use this bag until it falls apart, which will be a long time to come! I would absolutely recommend this bag to anyone and everyone. £200 seems a lot to lay out for a bag, however I have gone through several bags already ranging from cheap £10 rucksacks, a £50 messenger style changing bag, to a posh red leather bag costing £125 (which seemed a real extravagance), but all of these bags either wore out, or did not work properly for my needs. The total cost of these is much more than if I had bought this in the first instance. Although at first glance, £200 does seem really quite pricey for a bag, especially when you have so many other things to buy when you have a baby, this is worth every penny and then some. I have used a lot of changing bags in three years and this is by far my favourite one. It is well thought out, well constructed and beautifully finished. I would happily recommend it, but certainly wouldn’t give it to anyone after I no longer need a changing bag, as it will work perfectly as a normal handbag, and besides, I love it too much and won’t part with it! Julie Mundell – Harry, Rosie & Annie – 3 Years and 19month old Twins.


Product Tested By Maria James – Misha 14 Months

Maria Awarded The  Il Tutto Mia changing Bag 5/5 price £249 

Nice colour, nice size, and lots of compartments.  Very fashionable and could also be used as a handbag. The quality of fabric very good as it was easy to clean.  Overall quality of the bag very good. Number of compartments is superb as you can store different things for baby also personal things for yourself. Overall size of the bag was very good. Versatility of the bag was quite good as I do think it could be used for personal uses, Travel Bag, schoolbag, college bag, etc.  This was a very comfortable bag to use and carry around.   You had the option to use as carry bag or shoulder bag.  Straps on the bag were just right in length also in thickness which made it comfortable to carry. Yes I really enjoyed using this bag, as you have different compartments to put the babies’ things in. Where as a normal bag you would have to put everything into the same compartment which would lead you to search for things.  I will certainly consider purchasing this bag and will carry on using and have recommended already.   I think this bag as made my life easy when taking my baby out. As you can fit most things in for the baby and myself.  Maria James – Misha 14 Months


Product Tested By Katie Prince – Joshua 1 Year

Katie Awarded The Il Tutto Nico Bag 5/5 Price £149 

Lovely bag, ideal size and lots of hidden extras too, such as bottle bag and changing mat. Was very impressed that this bag came with an alternative strap so you can either use it with 2 handles like a handbag or attach the longer strap so it fastens easier onto your pram handles.  Bag itself scratches fairly easily but all in all good quality and sturdy- changing mat is lovely and soft and bottle bag and case are of good quality too. Lots of compartments but if anything maybe one too many, but we always end up using them all.  Very large- ideal for me as I was able to use it as a handbag too with there being so much room but as it so big it is sometimes hard to find things in there.  Very large so couldn’t really see me using it for much other than a changing bag or maybe an overnight bag.  As the bag is quite bulky I chose not to carry the bag and attached it to my pram handlebars instead. Was comfy when carrying it on odd occasions though i.e. to and from the car.  This bag it has a choice of two straps- one with two handles and another with one longer strap which is the one I preferred to use as it easily attaches across the pram handles so you don’t have to carry it on your shoulders.  The straps are Perfect, just the right length and thickness for me and easy to attach/ detach when swapping straps.  I loved using this bag it is much easier and lots of people comment on how lovely it is.  Will be using this bag for a long while as I have another baby on the way but this product is large enough to store 2 lots of nappies/ bottles/ snacks etc. A few friends have already asked me where I got it from and where they can purchase one. A great bag with lots of room, easy to attach to pram.  I always feel good using this bag as it so shiny with the lovely silver bear attached too and attracts lots of positive attention The contents inside- bottle g, changing mat and plastic case- are a great hidden extra too.  Katie Prince – Joshua 1 Year  


I would happily recommend it, but certainly wouldn’t give it to anyone after I no longer need a changing bag, as it will work perfectly as a normal handbag, and besides, I love it too much and won’t part with it!


Julie Awarded The Il Tutto Stella Bag 5/5 

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