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I’m Not Scared Book

I’m Not Scared: A Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog Adventure.
Filled with gorgeous, richly textured, and softly colored illustrations, this book about navigating childhood fears will help young readers understand that everyone gets scared no matter how big or little you are.
This charming and relatable story about being afraid brings back Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog, two of Britta Teckentrup’s many marvelous characters who embody human emotions young readers can identify with and easily understand. From dark basements to deserted streets, swooping birds to cars’ glaring headlights, menacing foxes to friendly cats, the two friends spend a day and evening confronting things that are both frightful and harmless. As the two hedgehogs walk through their neighborhood, they talk casually about their fears and strategies for dealing with them—whistling, holding hands, counting, being still, and accepting kindness. Few children’s illustrators working today are able to capture nature’s lush colors and textures quite like Teckentrup. Vibrating with warmth and charm, this gentle story offers valuable skills for identifying and dealing with the things that make us scared.

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I’m Not Scared Book Reviews

Product Tested By Pippa Selby-Morris – Casey 5 Years

Pippa Awarded The I’m Not Scared Book 4.5/5

The book looks beautiful with its illustrations and colours, and also feels very good quality, with a lovely texture to the cover. It felt like the sort of book I would’ve been drawn to at a book shop. The front cover is beautiful, and the quality of the paper makes the woodlands look more textured and intriguing. The Big and Little hedgehog endeared my son to it, and the large title font meant that he felt able to try and read it himself. Overall, my son enjoyed the concept of this book and reading it together. The detailed illustrations were helpful in keeping him engaged as we tried to talk through what was happening, and the repetition made him eager to join in when it came to the phrase “I’m not scared at all”. Sometimes the story felt a bit wordy, and this can overwhelm him when he sees too much text, especially as a Neurodivergent child. As a result I had to read it quick speedily to keep him engaged, and use the images frequently to ask him questions and keep him involved, but I feel that the illustrations do work well for this. My son is starting to read himself and did enjoy spelling out some words, including Hedgehog, and the repetition helped him follow the storyline. As a Neurodivergent child with attachment issues, this story resonated well, and was a good talking point for us together, to look at the themes of fear, worry, and reassurance. It felt like a reassuring message, packaged in a wholesome story that wasn’t overly confronting, but was easily relatable. I feel that the process of reading this together and the talking points about fear and getting scared was helpful to my son’s understanding. I felt that the imagery also proved a helpful pairing exercise, for him to recognise the association between story and illustration. I think the illustrations are beautifully textured and evocative, and certainly helped bring the story to life, and were undoubtedly a focal point. This has bee read 3 times. My son liked the characters and being able to relate to being scared, and the images. I loved the illustrations and feel of the book, and that it provided a helpful talking point for myself and my child. The quality of the material and illustrations are extremely high. The only complaint is that sometimes the volume of words on each page felt overwhelming, and small in comparison to the size of the page – if they had perhaps been spread out more and larger, my child might have been able to read them himself more. Incredibly beautiful artwork and illustrations that I could see as having as separate prints in my child’s room. Yes I agree ideal for 4 years plus. However, again, I feel the wordiness was a deterrent from it being a more frequent read. Good value. I liked that there was a relationship between characters that could relate to family and be used in this way. This would also be ideal book to pass onto other siblings. Yes I would buy this book. I would be endeared by the illustrations and title first, and think it would be a useful book in terms of its themes. I would recommend for the same reasons. The book is great in terms of its concept, the storyline, the illustrations and quality. If the text was condensed in volume on each page this would have enhanced its readability. It was a very enjoyable experiencing receiving and reading this book, and my overall impression of this book was positive. Pippa Selby-Morris – Casey 5 Years

Product Tested By Emma Brierley – Lola 4 Years 6 Months

Emma Awarded The I’m Not Scared Book 4.3/5

Looks very well made and of good quality. The front cover was appealing and my daughter was intrigued by the forest feel to it. This book did not really keep her attention once we began reading. There was a lot of mature words I had to keep stopping to explain to her and the main characters were “Big hedgehog” and “little hedgehog” instead of names and my child didn’t like the repeated use of this instead of names as it must have said each of these at least 3 times on every page. Unfortunately my child has never got to the end of this book with me, she loses attention half way through, if not before, and we have tried quite a few times together at various times of the day. My child has used this to tell me she isn’t scared about going up to “big” school (reception class) in September when I explained the message to her. I have explained the message and I think she did understand about the world and different fears. Regarding did it help her learn skills to help her in the future the answer is yes and no. If I had not explained the book to her should would not have learnt anything about not having to be scared. The illustrations are well thought out but very dark/low light for a children’s book. We tried at least 3 times a week to read it since we received it. She likes that it is a hardback book and won’t gey ruined as easy as her other paper books. I liked how good quality it looks and feels. This is a really good quality and sturdy book. Lovely illustrations but not as bright and eye catching for children. Personally I feel this book would be more suited to 6 years plus audience. £10.99 is a bit steep for a children’s book, I would say it needs to be priced less. The message in the story is relatable to everyone and ideal to pass onto other siblings at the right age. I would have not purchased this book until my daughter was older. I would recommend for older children. I think this book would have more benefit to an older child, not 4 year old, some of the language isn’t aimed at that young of a child. The book looks good and feels good quality but this is more for an adult to appreciate than a child. Emma Brierley – Lola 4 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Karly Jones – Stella & Henry – 10 & 5 Years

Karly Awarded The I’m Not Scared Book 3/5

I thought it looked like a very well presented book. The art work is beautiful. The front cover was very appealing, the art work is lovely. The book was enjoyed. My eldest and youngest both sat and listened to the book, although my youngest did start to move and interrupt towards the end. Both my children understood about being scared but it I don’t think it was written well enough for them to relate to. My daughter understood what the story was trying to say after I explained it to her but she said the hedgehog wasn’t exactly facing fears. The encounters weren’t planned. Except for going in to the basement. The illustrations were beautiful and lots of detail for my children to look at. My eldest read it twice and I read it a few times with my youngest at bed times. Both my children liked the pictures and their details. I liked the pictures and the style of the illustrations and colours. The quality of this book is excellent. The illustrations are so beautiful. I think it used words that most young children wouldn’t understand “penetrating” my youngest and eldest both asked what that meant. The story was too jumpy and only briefly touched on each fear/obstacle which I think would make it hard for a young child to keep up with. I think it is quite a lot of money for a story without a proper storyline and detail. My eldest and youngest both read this book (my other child didn’t want to) and neither of them seemed to find it relatable, I had to explain the moral and message of the story to them. I don’t think the storyline is good enough or strong enough to catch a reader’s attention. It hasn’t got enough structure to it. I would not recommend for the same reason. The overall look of the book is lovely, its detailed drawings and colours make the book look family friendly and appealing. However the experience with reading the book itself wasn’t a positive one. It had no real moral or structure. The whole book felt like it was rushed over. Karly Jones – Stella & Henry – 10 & 5 Years

Yes I would buy this book. I would be endeared by the illustrations and title first, and think it would be a useful book in terms of its themes. I would recommend for the same reasons. The book is great in terms of its concept, the storyline, the illustrations and quality. If the text was condensed in volume on each page this would have enhanced its readability. It was a very enjoyable experiencing receiving and reading this book, and my overall impression of this book was positive.


Pippa Awarded The I’m Not Scared Book 4.5/5

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