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I’m Thinking of a Pet Book

Guess the animal from the clues, then pull a slider to reveal the answer!

A brilliant non-fiction board book series perfect for little animal lovers. With vibrant energetic artwork and a friendly rhyming text, these interactive books are great for reading aloud.

Each child is thinking of pet . . . What do they look like? What do they eat? And what noise do they make? Follow the simple clues, make a guess, then spot the animal hiding in the beautifully illustrated scene and pull the slider to reveal the answer! With four favourite pets to find – and animal noises too!

Other titles in the series include:

I’m Thinking of a Jungle Animal

I’m Thinking of a Sea Creature

I’n Thinking of a Farm Animal

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Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2022 Children’s Books Category 

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I’m Thinking of a Pet Book Reviews

Product Tested By Jennifer Derry – Chelsea 4 Years

Jennifer Awarded The I’m Thinking of a Pet Book 5/5

The book looked appealing and my 4 year old seemed interested straight away. My daughter thought the book looked good and wanted to read it instantly. My daughter loved guessing the animals .she liked pulling the tab to see if she had guessed correctly and was really happy when she had.  The book made my daughter want fish as her next pet ..she liked the underwater scene.  My daughter did understand more about each animal. It  would have been nice to have had a little bit more knowledge about each animal. The illustrations are lovely. The underwater one my daughter especially liked, but all are colourful and brilliantly drawn. The book did keep my daughter entertained .she sat and drew some of the pictures in her drawing book afterwards. My daughter has looked at  and read and played with this book most days since receiving .she said it’s one of her most favourite.  The quality of the illustrations is really good. They are bright and colourful and each animal is easy to tell. My daughter loved the fish pages with the underwater scene and snail. She liked how colourful it was .she liked all the animals in the book too. I liked how easy to read it was. I liked the guessing of the animals and the pull tabs to reveal.  This book is suitable for 2-5 year olds .it’s bright ,colourful easy to rea . It’s a game as well as a book so keeps them entertained while guessing. It’s  also an activity book with the use of the tabs. I do think the book is value for money. It’s well made and very well illustrated. The quality of the book is fantastic. It’s well made and sturdy. I believe it will last  my daughter a long time. I would buy more in the series as my daughter will love them. I would consider purchasing this book as it’s informative, it’s a nice book for any young child to enjoy. I would recommend this book to family and friends and I have recommended it since receiving. My nephew really enjoyed looking at it with my daughter and wanted to take it home with him. I think the book is lovely for any young child to read. The animals are well drawn, it’s tactile with the tab features. I really enjoyed reviewing this book so did my daughter. She loved all the animals especially the fish so much she wants some as her next pet. It’s well made, colourful ,tactile and it’s a guessing game and overall we loved it. Jennifer Derry – Chelsea 4 Years

Product Tested By Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 4 Years

Siobhra Awarded The I’m Thinking of a Pet Book 5/5

I like a board book and this one lived up to my expectations of board books. I liked the bright bold colours and how the child on the front was representing an ethnic minority, something that is, unfortunately, not seen enough in children’s books nowadays. My son was excited to get a new book and immediately used his fingers to trace over the section with the dog in it, identifying that it was not completely smooth and that the insert could be moved by gentle pushing .This encouraged him to investigate a bit further and he noticed the arrow pointing downwards, which certainly engaged him. He did, however, find it slightly difficult to pull the tab downward and needed a bit of help with this. Once I had managed to convince him to listen to the clues before using the slider (!!), he enjoyed listening. He also liked that there was a slight ‘sneak peek’ of the animal, which helped to build his confidence when making a guess. The animals were well-known to him and therefore provided him with a feeling of accomplishment when he guessed them correctly. We often speak about pets and he has often spoken about wanting a cat. The cat picture on this book resulted in further conversations around having a cat, however I am unsure whether it would have prompted the conversation had it not been something we had discussed before. As my son is at the upper end of the age recommendation for this book, he already has a good understanding of animals, what they eat, where they live and the noises they make, so I would be reluctant to say that the book helped his understanding; it did however, consolidate what he already knew. I really like the illustrations in this book as they were exceptionally child-friendly and relatable. I also really appreciate the representation of various ethnic minorities, and not just white children. My son was entertained by this book the first few times of reading it, however it soon lost its novelty, possibly because he was that bit older. In saying that, as interactive books go, it held more shelf life than other books he owns. Upon first receiving this book, my son wanted to read it immediately. It was then requested each of the following two nights, intermittently within the following two weeks, and then was banished to the box of books under the bed. When placed back on the book shelf a couple of weeks later, he asked for it once and then not again. The illustrations were one of my favourite parts of the book. I felt they were very relatable and child-friendly. The colours used were lovely and very appealing. As I have already mentioned, the diversity represented across the pages was noted and appreciated. My son enjoyed the familiar concept of pets a lot, particularly as this has been a common topic of conversation in our house recently. He also absolutely loved the interactive element of the book and was motivated to read the book and pull the sliders. I liked the rhyming element of the text, which helped my son to listen for the words and at times (although not often) make predictions about the next words. The quality of the book is good and the sliders appear to be able to withstand clumsy hands quite efficiently. I really enjoyed the illustrations within the book and found them very appealing. My son was close to turning 4 when we received this book, and in truth, I feel that 4 would be the upper end of the age suitability. The majority of his books are paperback and ‘stories’ so I could tell that this one was not quite as appealing as it was a faster read (he loves story time) and not quite as imaginatively stimulating. Absolutely great value. The quality and the general concept of the book make it good value for money. I would predict that this book would last well – a common issue with slider books is that the sliders rip easily; this is not the case with this book. I feel the quality of this book could not be improved. The colours on the pages are bold and appealing, the board pages themselves are good quality and can easily withstand the bashing and thrashing that young children will subject them to. If my son had been a bit younger, I would see great value in purchasing other books in this series based on his overall engagement with this one. They would be a series of books I would consider for future children. Without having reviewed this product, I would still be attracted to the interactive nature of the sliders and the familiar topics/animals that it addresses. If I were to see it on a shelf with a range of other books, it would certainly be one I would pick up to explore and likely purchase. I would recommend for younger children and for gifts. It would work perfectly with a story sack, particularly as it addresses common and familiar pets. The context for the reader is relatable to most if not all and I have yet to meet a child who does not enjoy interacting physically with a book, which the sliders in this book offer. I loved this book and felt that it had so much scope for high quality discussion and further learning. The rhyming element is good for slightly older children, and helped with predicting the next line, the sneak peeks of the animals successfully maintained engagement and supported my child to make predictions about what animal was being thought of.  Very impressed with the quality of the book. Loved the illustrations and prominence of colour. Loved the interactive element, liked that the front cover had a ‘hook’ with the slider (even though it was slightly different to how the interactions continued within the rest of the book). Impressed by the representation of ethnic groups. Liked that it used familiar pets. Enjoyed the rhyming element. Liked how key words were written slightly bigger, which could enhance learning for older cohort. Perhaps could benefit from one or two more pages, or an additional activity page at the end that would extend the older age range’s experience of the book. Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 4 Years

Product Tested By Claire Lumsley – Alfie 4 Years

Claire Awarded The I’m Thinking of a Pet Book 5/5

When this arrived looked good quality. Alfie loves the concept of having a pet dog. Alfie found the sliders easy to use and lots of fun. Alfie loved that it included a pet cat, like our own pet cat.  This did help Alfie understand more about animals.  Alfie commented on the swishy fins of a fish, and pointed out that not all pets make a noise. The images were very relatable.  This book did keep him entertained for the short time it took to read it. We read it twice at the first reading. Then he has opted for it at bedtime a couple of times since. The quality of the illustrations are very good.  My son loved the guessing aspect of this book. I liked the fun pet descriptions. Alfie is 4 going on 5, but I feel he is a little advanced for this book. I would say it was more aimed at 2 to early 4 year olds. This is good value as it is both fun and engaging. It seems high quality and sturdy. The sliders also feel strong. I personally would not buy this just due to the fact I find Alfie a bit too advanced now for it. I would buy this book as a gift for a younger child than Alfie. It is educational, fun, engaging and high quality. I think others would also rate the book quite highly and enjoy it with their little ones.  This was a great book and enjoyed. Claire Lumsley – Alfie 4 Years

I think the book is lovely for any young child to read. The animals are well drawn, it’s tactile with the tab features. I really enjoyed reviewing this book so did my daughter. She loved all the animals especially the fish so much she wants some as her next pet. It’s well made, colourful ,tactile and it’s a guessing game and overall we loved it.


Jennifer Awarded The I’m Thinking of a Pet Book 5/5

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