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incognito Mosquito Repellent

100% protection against all mosquitoes. Stronger than any Deet-based products. Works on all insects, powerful enough to use anywhere in the world. Fabulous fragrance and is non-greasy.

incognito mosquito repellent is one of the strongest repellents in the world and provides excellent protection against all mosquitoes and biting insects. It protects you more effectively than Deet, yet is 100% natural. Safe for all the family and works for at least 5 hours. Our active ingredient, Citrepel 75, is clinically proven to protect against malaria when used in conjunction with an impregnated mosquito net. Repels and camouflages you from ALL insects. incognito incognito is fully tested and meets UK safety and efficacy standards. Effective for 5 hours.

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incognito Mosquito Repellent Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Baldwin – Courtney & Cameron 9 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Baldwin – Courtney & Cameron 9 & 7 Years

Kerry Awarded The Incognito Mosquito Repellent 4.9/5

I was very interested to see if this was going to work. I have tried others before and didn’t think much of them to be honest. The packaging was ideal for this product. It was in a handy size that would not take up too much room in your bag or luggage on holiday. It did smell quite strong when I first sprayed it but it was quite pleasant. The instructions were easy to read and follow. Just shake, hold bottle 6 inches away and spray. This did seem to work for us. We went camping in July and my husband got bitten loads but when we went away again in August, we used this and he was completely fine. The quality is excellent. It states that it is 100% natural which is even better. It does offer great value for money. I have bought loads in the past that did not work, this one did, so worth the money in my eyes. I would consider buying this again. This would be perfect for taking on holiday. I have already recommended it to my parents who are going abroad soon as my dad always seems to get bitten. This really worked for all our family; especially my husband. My husband always gets bitten where ever we go and they can be really irritating and itchy and he came away bite free which was superb. Kerry Baldwin –Courtney & Cameron 9 & 7 Years


Product Tested By Sharon Booth – Lauren and Scott 17 & 12 Years

Sharon Awarded The Incognito Mosquito Repellent 3.8/5

Looked nice wouldn’t know what it was from just looking at bottle. Nice Packaging so no wastage like the design of spray. Nice smell of Lemons. Instructions clear and easy to follow. Unfortunately this did not work for us.We all still got bitten whilst away in West Sussex however not as badly as previous years. We did try for another couple of days but still got bitten as we do seem to always get bitten the insects just love us! The quality of this product is good. If it had worked well and we didn’t get bitten at all I would say yes good value for money. However it may have worked as didn’t get bitten as badly this year! A lovely packaged product that smelt nice didn’t work for us we think however it could have reduced the number of bites we got. Sharon Booth – Lauren and Scott17 & 12 years


Product Tested By Yvonne Philpot – James 15 & Charlie 19 Years

Yvonne Awarded The Incognito Mosquito Repellent 4.1/5

Looked verysmart and nice bottle shape .Keen to try as always getting bitten. Very stylish bottle and good information on the bottle on how to use.The spray had a lovely lemon aroma which I really liked. Very easy to spray on. The instructions are very clear and precise. I sprayed this on when it first arrived and seemed to attract the insects. Not sure why!  But I did not give up as walking the dogs each night I was always getting bitten. I continued to use this and used daily. It did help eventually but not as effective as other repellents I have used. Very good quality and well presented. If it had been effective certainly would have been good value for money. Unfortunately for me this was not as effective as my standard repellent at keeping insects at bay. Would not consider purchasing this as did not work for me. I would recommend as easy to use, smells great and for others it may well be very effective. Definitely worth trying to see if this is ideal for you. A really well made, well-presented insect repellent and worth trying to see if works for you. Just for me was not as effective as my normal insect repellent. Really glad to have tried this and really did love the aroma.Yvonne Philpot – James 15 & Charlie 19years









My husband always gets bitten where ever we go and they can be really irritating and itchy and he came away bite free which was superb. 


Kerry Awarded The Incognito Mosquito Repellent 4.9/5

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