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‘Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook’

‘Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook’ By Zainab Jagot AhmedIndian
SuperMeals is a useful culinary guide for any parents looking to ditch the bland baby food to move on to yummy, adventurous baby food. With the sole focus being Indian inspired cuisine, all recipes have been carefully adapted to suit babies and toddlers little taste buds without overwhelming them, producing some absolutely scrumptious meals without the use of salt, sugar or chilli.

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‘Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook’ Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicki Hickman - Aaron & Jake 9 Months & 5 years

Product Tested By Nicki Hickman – Aaron & Jake 9 Months & 5 years

Nicki AwardedThe Indian Supermeals Baby & toddler Cookbook 4.5/5

Very good, you can tell that a lot of time and thought has gone into the book. The introduction in particular was great to read and very informative. I have the Ipad Kindle Version. Regarding content of the pages – This is very hard to judge again on the IPad version as the pages don’t always correspond in this format to how the actual book looks. Overall; fine. Format of the recipes Perfect, nice and easy to read. Listed very well and I found the recipes and instructions very easy to follow. I have two adventurous eaters and am always looking for new foods to introduce to them so I was really keen to try out some of the recipes. A great idea for tips on how to give your little one the best foods to help boost their immunity and healthy eating. Saves a lot of time hunting for ideas! Information about Superspices was brilliant. I have used a lot of spices over the years but not necessarily known the benefits they offer. To be fair we already use a lot of spices but it did affirm my thoughts on introducing new spices to my baby. I found it helpful to have an idea of when to introduce specific spices to baby as it’s quite hard to find that information. Nutritional information Very useful and easy to understand. The getting her balance right chapters are very useful. It is always good to have the reassurance that you’re offering your baby the right thing and in the right quantities – both for their taste/enjoyment and to be safe! I like to think that we have a good understanding about healthy eating, but it’s always great to get new ideas and recipes to try. I think the boys enjoyed the Chicken pilaf and Korma the best. Most of my recipes looked like the picture on the recipe, although my Korma looked a little more green that the picture! The Korma went down well with both boys and the Pitta Pizzas were a great idea that went down a storm with our guests’ kids on New Year’s Eve! Would love to follow more recipes but it’s disappeared off the iPad?!  Liked the recipes that we have tried and would like to revisit to try more in the future. Great content and recipes. Kindle version is difficult to judge on this. This is good value for money. We had issues downloading the first link sent through. Other than that I think its fine. Personally I prefer to browse for recipes in an actual book so would buy if the price was right. I feel bad really because the book itself I would give a 5/5 if I had received a hard copy.  I‘m really not keen on Kindle eBooks for recipe books hence the 4.5/5. A great book. The perfect introduction to spices for babies and toddlers alike with a really good variety of easy to follow recipes to suit all tastes.  Highly recommended. Nicki Hickman – Aaron & Jake 9 Months & 5 years


ProductTested By Anna Goode – Rufus & Marley 3 Years & 17 months

Anna Awarded The Indian SuperMeals Baby & ToddlerCookbook 4/5

Having used Annabel Karmel for weaning both of my children, I think it is a fantastic idea to have a new weaning book that offers something different.  I think the cover is bright and nice to look at. It looks accessible to all. I downloaded the book onto my Ipad and have to say that I found it really frustrating. I don’t like using cookbooks on Ipads. I would much rather have the recipe in paper format.  Each recipe is spread across several pages, which means you have to keep turning the page whilst cooking.  When you have dirty hands because of cooking, this is rather annoying. I also don’t like having the Ipad in the kitchen. The images are nice and the ingredients and instructions are all clearly laid out.  I like the suggestions of other recipes that you can serve the dishes with. The recipes are all very easy to follow. I was very open to an Indian children’s cookbook, as I think that it is good for children to try a range of food. I think the concept is good, but I have to say that as a working Mum of two; I don’t really have the time to focus on such concepts. I want my children to have healthy and balanced diets, but wouldn’t go as far as to worry about superfoods and superspices. I don’t really have the time or inclination to worry about superspices.  Maybe as a first time mum I would have read such a book and shown more of an interest. I already use a variety of herbs and spices in my cooking and I think that this is very positive for children, but I wouldn’t say this cookbook has encouraged me to use more. I personally have all the spices, but I think they are a great idea for parents that are just starting to use spices. I personally feel confident in knowing about what is nutritionally good for my children, so skimmed over the nutritional information and went straight to the recipe. I just felt generally that there were too many pages of guidance and information and not enough recipes. Although I think it is important to always promote healthy eating, I personally skipped over a lot of this information. I would have preferred more healthy recipes and less information on what foods contain which vitamins etc. My favourite was the ‘Big and Small Kofta Curry’.  I like the fact that many recipes are a fusion of different country’s cuisines.  This one was particularly delicious. My dishes did look like the images in the book.  The recipes are very achievable. Their favourite was the ‘Spiced Creamy Salmon Pasta’.  My boys enjoy fish and pasta, so the combination was a winner. I like the variety of spices for the boys to try.  Although I really would have liked more Stage 4 recipes, as mine are too old for the earlier stages. The quality overall is very good. It is well written and the images are nice. I  just found the formatting on the Ipad frustrating. At £3.99 it is definitely value for money. I would prefer a paper copy. If  not, I would like to be able to view the recipes on one page per recipe on the Ipad. I probably wouldn’t mainly because of the age of my children. I would be more inclined to buy it as a first time Mum weaning for the first time. It offers very good guidance on this. I also think that if you offered this type of recipe to your child from a young age they would be more inclined to be accepting of the later stage recipes as toddlers and young children. I would recommend this to first time mums that want an alternative weaning book. Although it is not necessarily suitable for my own children, I would say that it is a well written book with some nice ideas. This cookbook is a great alternative to the likes of Annabel Karmel and Baby-led weaning if you want to try something different when weaning your little ones. Anna Goode – Rufus & Marley 3 Years &17 months


Product Tested By Karen Olliver – Isabel 2 years


Karen AwardedThe Indian SuperMeals Baby & Toddler Cookbook 4/5

Initial impressions was that the product is not finished. There are a number of formatting and layout issues and the presentation is not overly professional. Front covers (there are 2 of them) are very well put together and give a good sense of the enjoyment intended with the book.  A photo with the author looking and focusing on the child might have conveyed more “it’s all about the kids” feelings though. Layout/flow of sections is often not indistinct ‘chapters’.  For example, the Introduction section has only 1 line before breaking to a new page (maybe this is a device issue though?).  Some sections also have a white background to the text which looks strange and some text tha tis a different colour (black vs. a dark brown/tan). Variety of ingredients and recipes were very good.  The meals were enjoyable for the toddler as well as Mum and Dad. 🙂  Instructions are well put together and the information at the beginning of the book was very informative. First thoughts were that it was a great idea. The blandness of normal baby food was a sad introduction to the world of solid foods. I like the concept and it gives the feeling that we don’t need to worry about the meal –that the hardwork and effort has already been put in. Background information was useful and very interesting to read! This book has encouraged me to use more spices in everyday meals.  Having a small set of spices used in a number of recipes is incredibly useful.  Rather than having a huge variety of spices needing to be bought, it’s refreshing to have such versatility with a small group of spices. Brilliant!  Very interesting to read and the overview helps set the expectations very well. I found the 2 chapters ‘getting it right for your baby’ very useful. I liked the healthy eating focus and did help me. I made 4 of the recipes and Chicken coconut curry was our favourite. When I cooked the dishes they did look like the images in the book. My daughter enjoyed the recipes but the chicken and coconut was her favourite. I will continue to use this book as the information within will be a good reference point for some time! The content of the book I would give full marks but the presentation would achieve lower marks. Does need improvements as visually was hard work to pull out information. I would not consider buying this book as have as e-book. I would recommend this book. Loved the content, research and explanations.  Layout and presentation hard going in places. Karen Olliver – Isabel 2 years










A great book. The perfect introduction to spices for babies and toddlers alike with a really good variety of easy to follow recipes to suit all tastes. Highly recommended.


Nicki AwardedThe Indian Supermeals Baby & toddler Cookbook 4.5/5

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