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Infacare Ultra Mild Night-time Baby Bubble Bath

InfaCare night-time baby bath does more than just clean gently, it helps care for your baby’s skin too. Using a specially selected, safe and gentle fragrance to help baby relax* in the bath, InfaCare night-time bath is ideal to use as part of baby’s bedtime routine, just in time for a restful night’s sleep. Clinical testing proves that InfaCare is gentle on the skin and is suitable for babies and children who may be prone to dry and sensitive skin. Dermatological and pH balanced, InfaCare night-time is mild enough for babies aged from 1 month. *70% of parents agree in user trials.

*Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2014 and Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners 2016* Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winners 2017

£3.49 for 750 ml available from all major supermarkets, as well as Lloyd’s Pharmacy and Boots. For more information:

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£3.49 Asda, Boots, The Co-Op, Lloyd’s, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s

Infacare Ultra Mild Night-time Baby Bubble Bath Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Phillipa Hunt – Lizzie & Zoe – 4 and 2 Years

Phillipa Awarded The Infacare Nightime 5/5

Well packaged when it arrived, the bottles looked smart (and large!). I like the bottle shape – I liked that it’s a large bottle and it’s chunky. I liked that the design was simple and the purple colour suits. Instructions very easy to follow. This is just so easy to use. LOADS of bubbles, without any adult input! This did clean well and I think all the bubbles helped. This was really key for us – my eldest gets eczema and my husband has really severe eczema on his hands. The bubble bath was very gentle on skin and didn’t cause any itching or irritation at all – on this basis alone we will continue to use this brand and product beyond this test period. This also has a lovely smell. This helped my daughter’s dry skin patches, and importantly didn’t irritate my husband’s eczema.I would not say it helped them relax before bedtime.However, that’s because my kids are never relaxed, and is not a reflecting on the bubble bath!Gentle and soft on their skin – very cuddly after their Infacare bath. Great quality I would definitely buy and recommend. I think the price point is higher than other products – but the bottle is much larger, and therefore offers good value for money. I liked the volume of bubbles the product created and also the gentleness of the bubble bath on skin.I would buy due to gentleness on skin. I would recommend for the same reason and also value for money. Overall I was really impressed! I was very impressed with the product – we hadn’t tried it before. We’ve tried other products specifically advertised to help dry and eczema prone skin, but actually the Infacare night time bath was gentler and softer on my children’s skin than other brands. Phillipa Hunt – Lizzie & Zoe – 4 and 2 Years

Product Tested By Kelly Steer – Bobby 6 Months

Kelly Awarded The Infacare Nightime 5/5

Good nice big bottle. Design of the bottle is good, simple but effective. Instructions clear and easy to follow. Great it doesn’t come out fast so it’s easier to control the amount. I couldn’t believe how many bubbles you got from a small drop I used the same as the other brand I was using and the bubbles came over the top of the bath which my older children loved. Cleaned my child great. My son’s skin was lovely and soft and didn’t get any dry skin after using this. I liked the aroma and it helps settle my son for his bed time and it’s not too strong. My son did get mild dry skin from other brands we used and this didn’t do this.This did make him feel relaxed; he was straight to sleep after every bath. A lovely product and left his skin feeling soft and smooth. I was really impressed you only need a small amount to get a lot of bubbles. Great value too. I loved the fact you did not have to use much to get loads of bubbles. This is going to be my new baby bath. I would recommend as it smells great and does what it’s supposed to do. Excellent value for money smells great does what it says doesn’t dry out baby’s skin. Great for all ages my 4 boys from 8 to 5 months used this.I was amazed by how little you had to use to get a good amount of long lasting bubbles. It’s also very easy to Control how much comes out its smells great, it left my baby and children’s skin soft and helps relax them ready for their bed. Really impressed with both products and I will for sure be switching to this brand for the foreseeable it’s by far the best I have used. Kelly Steer – Bobby 6 Months

Product Tested By Gillian Paynter – Jessie & Harrison – 3 & 6 Years

Gillian Awarded The Infacare Nightime 5/5

When this arrived I was impressed by the design and colour of the bottle, very appealing. Lovely soft gentle colours and looked great in the bathroom.Instructions really easy to follow.The bottle is so easy to use and just the right amount comes out. The Bubbles are amazing my grandchildren were delighted with so many bubbles and had a ball each bathtime. This certainly did clean well I was impressed. Also very gentle on my grandchildren’s skin as they both suffer from dry skin patches so we have to be careful when purchasing bath wash etc. This was perfect no issues at all. When they came to stay they loved bathtime and when they came out they smelt gorgeous and skin lovely and soft. My two are very lively, but this did help them calm down a bit and get ready for a good night’s sleep when they stayed over. The quality is excellent. Price is spot on. I really loved just how many bubbles it made and how gentle it was on my grandchildren’s skin. I just loved this product and will be buying more. Have also told my daughter to get some too and would highly recommend. A great product, works well and my grandchildren just loved bathtime. What more could you ask for. Gillian Paynter – Jessie & Harrison – 3 & 6 Years

I am very pleased overall with this product. As a busy mum of 3 I am always after a product that will last a long time and do the job intended. This product is great, it settles my daughter into her routine for bed. The value for money is fantastic as it is a big bottle and you don’t have to use much to build a lovely big froth.


Phillipa Awarded The Infacare Nightime 5/5

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