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Infantino Flip™ -Front & Backpack Carrier

Flip™ -Front & Backpack Carrier
Crafted for moms yet hip enough for dads, our Flip front and backpack carrier is a great all-arounder. It lets baby ride facing in or out, has padded lumbar support to lighten your load and its special BreatheMesh™ fabric helps keep you cool and comfortable. And Flip’s simple looks make it perfect for dads. It’s a flippable, flexible, breathable little wonder that will keep your compass pointed towards go.

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Infantino Flip™ -Front & Backpack Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Kimberley Scully – Baby Oscar 3 Months

Product Tested By Kimberley Scully – Baby Oscar 3 Months

Kimberley Awarded the Infantino Flip 4/5

On taking the product out of the box, it looked to be of good quality and very well made. There were lots of clips and straps which initially looked rather intimidating for me though. The fabric feels strong and durable and is very easy to clean. The carrier uses Velcro and clips to adjust fit. Both were straight forward to adjust. On the first use, I adjusted the carrier with baby in, and minimal adjustment was then needed for subsequent uses. The first time I used the carrier, it took around 15 minutes (even following the instructions!) to get it on by myself. At this point I asked for help from my husband, which admittedly, is not something I would want to do with a carrier every time! With practice I was able to get the carrier on more easily. The most difficult aspect, was clipping the strap that sits high between the shoulder blades as this is rather challenging. I found looking backwards into a mirror made this much easier! Practice was definitely the key, as it feels second nature now to get everything in the right place. This carrier does use more clips and straps than your average carrier, but this does allow for a good fit, and lots of support. I found that getting Oscar in and out was fairly straight forward, and nowhere near as fiddly as getting the carrier onto my own body! He did not need to be pulled about too much to get him comfortable. Oscar felt very well supported in the carrier and I had no safety concerns at all. I used this carrier for various short journeys, i.e. carrying out the school run, and visiting the supermarket. I found the carrier very comfortable when worn for around an hour. Oscar has suffered from colic and reflux since birth, and having him upright in the carrier has made being able to get on with my daily routine much easier, and with a happy baby. I would not feel comfortable making,eating,drinking hot food, drink whilst wearing Oscar is this carrier (or any carrier), but otherwise, I could vacuum; load the dishwasher etc, easily with him strapped to my chest! Oscar has not shown any signs of discomfort in the carrier and generally falls asleep within 15 minutes of being worn. This was one of the biggest advantages of the carrier for me. The Infantino Flip can be used with your baby facing inwards/outwards and as baby grows you can also use it as a back carrier. Due to Oscar’s age, we only used the inward carry; however I am looking forward to use the other features as he grows. The fact that the carrier can be used in several modes would make it very cost effective and competitively priced when compared to other similar baby carriers on the market. I would also feel confident that it could last for more than one child as the product is so well made. Overall, Oscar and I have enjoyed using the Infantino Flip, and continue to reach for the product several times a week. To begin with it did appear difficult to use, and I needed assistance to get the product on. With minimal practice I felt confident enough to get the carrier on without help. Oscar appears happy and comfortable when being worn in the Flip and this has been the biggest positive about the product. I would recommend the product to friends and family, and encourage them to not be put off by how fiddly the product looks on first appearances. Kimberley Scully – Baby Oscar 3 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Dickson – Baby Max 4 Months

Nicola Awarded the Infantino Flip 5/5

The carrier looked nice and comfortable for my baby, it has soft fabric and I found it easy to adjust and fit me and baby. The only problem was the buckle at the top; you need to fasten this behind your back which can be difficult at times. It was very easy to put my baby in to the carrier and I felt very secure carrying him in it because he was very close to me. It’s also very comfortable to wear and I could carry on with most of my daily routine with the carrier on. He loved being in the carrier be able to look around and see what was going on. He also loved it that much he kept falling asleep in it. I only used the facing inwards but I think I would try him facing out as he is now a bit bigger, fantastic value for money too! This baby carrier was a god send when we were snowed in to help me get out the house also when collecting my daughter from nursery it meant I had my hand free to help her with her coat etc. Nicola Dickson – Baby Max 4 Months

Product Tested By Karen Hall – Baby Aidan 4 Months

Karen Awarded the Infantino Flip 3/5

The product arrived in a nice box with good pictures displayed on it. The quality of the fabric is good but it is easily stained. I didn’t find the carrier easy to fit on my own, it took two of us to do it because I found it impossible to adjust on my own. I also didn’t find it easy to load my baby into the carrier, baby felt very unsafe when I was doing it on my own. I think the carrier does not have as much neck support as I would like, Aidan is a long baby and was too high up when in this, so he was very close to my face. Overall, I was quite disappointed with the product because I found it so difficult to get on, so I will be sticking to my other carrier which I find much easier to use. Karen Hall – Baby Aidan 4 Months

Oscar appears happy and comfortable when being worn in the Flip and this has been the biggest positive about the product.


Kimberley Awarded the Infantino Flip 4/5

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