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Infantino Swift Baby Carrier

Classic Baby Carrier
The Swift carrier has a smart and simple design that’s perfect for quick trips and on-the-go families. It’s light and compact so it’s easy to stash or pack in a stroller. This pouch style carrier can be worn inward or outward facing. Plus, it includes the detachable Wonder Cover™ bib to protect the carrier and your clothes while adding a fun element of style. This updated version of our classic carrier includes a handy pocket for all your essentials.

Carry children from 8-25 lbs / 3.6-11.3 kgs
2 ways to carry: facing-in and facing-out
Clever Wonder Cover™ 2-in-1 bib protects your clothing and carrier
Handy front pocket
Washable and wipeable
Easy front buckle system opens and closes in a snap
Adjustable back strap for a tailored fit

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Price £24.00 Available Amazon, Argos, Baby City or click online to find local stockist

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Infantino Swift Baby Carrier Reviews

Product Tested By Roisin O’Hara – Heidi 15 Weeks

Roisin Awarded The Infantino Swift Baby Carrier 5/5

I thought it was well- made, sturdy and lightweight. It also looked very nice and like something I would like to use. The design was perfect! It is lightweight, easy to use and a simple but purposeful design. The instructions were easy to follow. Very easy to use and also easy to use alone. It was easy to get baby in and out of carrier when she co-operated with her legs! My baby looked comfortable and smiley when inside. I felt that my baby was very safe. The Wonder Cover bib was a great addition as my little girl has started teething and this was helpful to catch her dribble. This is a great part of the design as it allowed my baby to sleep when inward and see what was going on when outward facing. The head support was safe and comfortable for my baby. I think the expandable front pocket is a great aspect of the design for easy access.The adjustable back strap was easy to use and quick! This allowed me to ensure that it was a perfect fit for me and my baby. This meant she was happy, safe and comfortable. This is very comfortable and allowed me to keep my baby close and napping and gave me more independence back. My partner did not use it but he helped me to use it. He liked the design. This is perfect for holidays! It is lightweight and could be very easily packed. I would use this 5-6 days a week. I used this around the house to keep her close. I can see this being ideal from birth onwards as adjustable so will grow with my baby. I think it is helpful and would encourage me to buy it knowing I have that 2 year guarantee. It is very easy to keep clean as it can be wiped down. I liked the ease of use and the freedom it gave me. It is very high quality for the price! The price is fantastic for how versatile the product is. I would buy this if I had another baby as great price, easy to use and versatile. I would recommend as it is easy to use, practical and versatile. My baby also loves it. It is a fantastic product designed with baby and mum’s comfort and safety in mind. It is very good value and very easy to use. My baby and I love it and it’s amazing that it can adjust as she grows. A wonderful product that I will recommend! Roisin O’Hara – Heidi 15 Weeks

Product Tested By Zara Toney – Isaac 6 Months

Zara Awarded The Infantino Swift Baby Carrier 3.8/5

The material felt quite cheap, but I hadn’t had high expectations given the price. It felt washable, which is a positive and light, easy to carry for travelling. Simple design and easy to use, could be more ergonomic with lower back support.
Instructions were good for inward-facing but more help could have been given on outward-facing adjustment. I struggled with positioning my baby for outward-facing as his face kept slipping down despite meeting the weight recommendation for it. I will keep trying in case it is a sizing issue. Very easy to put baby in, straps are within reach to loosen or tighten and it was a smooth transition to lift baby out. My baby was very comfortable and enjoyed facing out despite being a bit too low down in the carrier. He was most comfortable inward-facing. Compared to other carriers however, with waist/lower back support I felt he was less secure in this carrier. I found the Wonder Cover bib difficult to attach and stay in place, it didn’t stick down effectively. The head support was excellent when inward facing but slightly awkward when outward facing. I did like the expandable front pocket as great for holding a phone or anything else you would have in a small bag. The adjustable back strap was easy to reach for the straps and pull them so I had a snug and secure fit. Comfortable when carrying baby for about 20 minutes then one needs to readjust the straps, then tend to slip inwards, closer to your neck/midline. Additionally, I did get some backache. My partner did use this, he has scoliosis and found it uncomfortable to wear after a while and needed to readjust so it rested more on his shoulders than closer to his neck. This is compact enough to take on holiday. However, I wouldn’t want to use it on long walks due to lack of lower back support. I would use it for a short journey or sitting/walking around the plane. I used this multiple times a week. Used mostly in the house, cooking and doing chores. Agree with age suitability for the inward range but for outward facing despite reaching the age/weight my son didn’t sit correctly in it. Good to know you have a 2 year guarantee if any damage occurs. Wipeable, haven’t needed to wash yet as. Any mess comes off with a wipe. I liked the forward facing potential once bigger, lightweight and compact. Material feels cheap but easy to clean and lightweight. I’m not sure if it would last multiple children however. For less than £25 it’s an excellent back-up or travel carrier for short distances. I would purchase this as a cost-effective replacement, if I were on a tight budget. I would recommend for a low-cost travel option if needing to go short distances/wear around the house. Cost-effective, lightweight a great option for the early days when out and about. Lacks a feeling of quality definitely no-frills. Comfortable to wear for short periods, no hip/lower-back support so may be uncomfortable with heavier/older babies. Easy to clean but the material feels cheap, which poses questions around durability. I would recommend it for short-term use, with a younger, smaller baby and if wanting to conserve space in luggage. Zara Toney – Isaac 6 Months

Product Tested By Rochelle Smythe – Magdalene 1 Month

Rochelle Awarded The Infantino Swift Baby Carrier 4.7/5

Looked nice design, stylish and was eager to give it a try. A well thought out design with all you need especially with a newborn. I found the instructions easy enough to follow. This was easy to use. I thought this was durable and well made, especially considering the price. I found it very easy to put my daughter I this carrier and get her out. Due to her age we are using inward facing all the time presently. My baby was relaxed and would snuggle up to me and I was confident she was safe and comfortable. She would go off to sleep in this carrier so obviously she was comfortable. I really liked the bib, as my daughter is a bit of a dribbler and addicted to her milk, so this caught any spills. I have only used inward facing presently. Once she is able to hold her head up with ease I will try using outward facing. The head support was just right for my daughter. The expandable pocket is really handy as you can just pop those items you need to keep safe and easily accessible in it. Adjustable back strap worked well and would fit my body perfectly. I found this so easy to use carrying my daughter around the house while dealing with my toddler and doing chores. Also ideal to use when we went out as she was always close, comfortable and safe and I had hands free to keep eye on my toddler. My partner did use this and found it easy to use and used on our regular walks. This is ideal to take on your holidays and will be packed to use when we go away in 4 months’ time. I used this every day. At home and when shopping and trips to the park etc. Ideal from birth onwards I am sure. This has been great for my daughter and over the next few months I will test out all the other aspects of this carrier and using outward facing. Really good to know it comes with 2 year guarantee as shows the company has confidence in their product. So easy to keep clean just give it a quick wipe. I liked how easy it was to use and how comfortable my daughter was in it. I think for the price the quality is Fab. Definitely great value for money. I would buy this and would recommend as works well, easy to use and great price. This has been ideal for me with newborn and toddler. It has enabled me to carry on doing things around the house and having hands free to chase my adorable toddler around. Also lovely for nice walks in the park with my daughter safe and comfortable against me. I really was impressed with this carrier. Rochelle Smythe – Magdalene 1 Month

I would recommend as it is easy to use, practical and versatile. My baby also loves it. It is a fantastic product designed with baby and mum’s comfort and safety in mind. It is very good value and very easy to use. My baby and I love it and it’s amazing that it can adjust as she grows. A wonderful product that I will recommend!


Roisin Awarded The Infantino Swift Baby Carrier 5/5

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