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Integra Baby Carrier Size 1

Designed by Sarah Sadler, the Integra Baby is the must have essential for the style conscious parent. Sarah has worked in the baby carrying industry for over 12 years and is the longest practising Babywearing Consultant in the UK. Together with her team of qualified Babywearing Consultants she has worked hard to bring you the Integra Baby Carrier.

Key Features of the Integra Baby -Optimal support and comfort for infant and carer.- Birth to Toddler.
Soft waist to create a perfect fit every time. Dual Adjustable buckles to ensure an easy close fit. Easy to adjust to different sizes. Front and back carry options. Ergonomic Design. Compact and machine washable. Safety tested.

Trained and experienced support team.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 Baby Carrier category

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£75.00 and you can find all UK Stockists Here

Integra Baby Carrier Size 1 Reviews

Product Tested by: Sydnie Corley – George 10 Months

Product Tested By Sydnie Corley – George 10 Months

Sydnie Awarded The Integra Baby Carrier Size 1 5/5

It was amazing. It felt like a very special
item in its own quality tote bag. The colours were bright andclear. It
looked like a high quality item.I
did not expect it to arrive in its as own yellow bag. There were enough instructionsto go by
but it lacked in the quality that the sling beheld. The images were small
and not clear. Plus there wasn’t enough information for anyone who is new to
buckle slings. Example what do you do with the elastic hoops and the hood when it’s
not in use.It’s a lovely design especially for the warmer
days. It’s easy to use front and back carries. There needs to be more
information on what size is best as personally I should have got the smaller
straps. There more buckles to get your head when compared to other buckle
sling though they seem a nag when your carrying but do allow for more tightening
places so you don’t over stretch your
arm in a front carry. This is a quick easy no fuss design once you have had a
practice or better instructions. I did not check the YouTube
video as I was out and about and couldn’t wait to try it out. Al though videos
are great and very helpful. I still like to read and follow the images in front
of me at my speed. It
is very easy once you have got use to where the strap should be set for you and
your little one. Back carries are easy once you have mastered swinging
your little one around to your front. Front carries once again are easy
and fuss free with practice. Reaching for the strap. This is comparedto
woven and stretchywraps.It was easy though I do wonder
if the extra adjustable buckle is necessaryat the front (side short
strap). This extra buckle does get in the way and bulk of the strap when rolled
up is annoying. But for those that find it harder to twist around I can see
this would be very helpful as it allows you to do a final adjustment to the
tension. It is very easy to go from front carryto backcarry.It was comfortable from the start. No tracking in needed and no digging
or rubbingfor me or my son.I felt my son was very safe
in this carrier. There is less to worry about with putting the belt around your
waist. And the large panel feels supportiveand comfortable.
My son loved being in this carrier. He
loves falling asleep in it. He likes to keep his arms out. If there was away to
help accommodate this for older baby’s this would be a bounce.I
was the only one that used this as my partner does not like the idea of
slings. I can definitely see myself
using this through toddler years. Back
carry as that is what my Son prefers and the straps are less annoying as I
should have got petite straps.I would use this most days. Not
only does it fit into its own little bag but will fit in to most bags, so ideal
to take on your travels. I have not needed to clean this yet but sure it would
clean easily. It looks and feels like quality standard of
materials. I loved its quality and it’s easy to use in everyday
life.I felt completely safe using this carrier
and I have used it every day for four weeks with no issues or concerns.It simply is set for the job and is a quality
item. Most carriers are more expensive but as far as I can see for no
particular reason which is off putting. I will be buying an integra size up
when it’s needed. I will be buying as it has been a life saver for the school run
when I have to run out of the house. For cleaning with a fussy baby and for
walks just because I wanted him close and safe. I have already recommended and they are
amazed by the sling. For
the cost quality and impression this simply deserves nothing but 5/5.
I feel I have fully expressed my overall joy for this item above. Sydnie Corley – George 10 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Burke – William 1 year 3 Months

Sarah Awarded The Integra Baby Carrier Size 1 4.6/5

really colourful & package wasn’t too big. Also had plenty of instructions
& care information. Easy to open, no need for scissors, not too big
& the box clearly showed what was inside after taking it out of the bag. Instructionseasy to understand if used a similar carrier but if it’s the first
one you’ve used you may have to read it a few times & practice without baby
in or with help. The buckles make it easy to use, especially as
they are easy to reach. I like that you can cross the straps over. I did have a
quick look at the YouTube video as it was similar to another carrier I have
used. Once adjusted to correct
length it’s easy to clip on but the first time trying to tighten the straps was
a little difficult. Easy to adjust once you’ve got used to it. Also I
have a bit of extra weight and this fitted with space for it to be comfy unlike
others I have tried that are too small. I did feel comfortable when out and
about using this carrier. Sometimes
it’s easier than having to get a pushchair out. I felt safe using this carrier
as the buckles and material all felt well-made and secure. He did enjoy being in the carrier, unless he
wanted to play, the carrier left no marks on him and held his legs up
comfortably. I was the only one that used this carrier. My 2 year old also had a go in it; he’s a
small 2 year old. He loved it on my back. For my 2 year old back carrying
was easiest on my back and you could tell him to hold on to me whilst I strap
it up. Whereas with my 1 year old was easiest to front carry. I would use occasionally
for quick trips to the shop or times when a pushchair would get in the way. Now
he’s walking I’ll probably use it more as a backup when he’s tired. This is
easy enough to take with you on your travels as it came with a bag to put it in which I keep it in in the car.It
didn’t really get dirty, even when he had a biscuit, but it feels like it would
clean well. Material used isvery
colourful, thick but breathable. I really liked the buckles to fasten it are easily accessible
& can back & front carry. Feels well-made and thought
about ease of use. Definitely
great value, I had a similar carrier when my eldest was younger and it cost
more. If it had been available
at the time I was looking I definitely would have purchased, the choice of
patterns is amazing. I would
recommend it’s a good quality,
ergonomic carrier with amazing print choices as well as being easy to use and
affordable. It took a little getting used to but after that very quick
& convenient to use. Sarah Burke – William 1 year 3 Months

Product Tested By Angharad Bryant –
Mair 8 Weeks

Angharad Awarded The Integra Baby
Carrier Size 1 4.4/5

good quality. I liked the cotton tote bag but the
outer plastic packaging was untidy and looked cheap for an expensive product.
Instructions were clear and easy to follow. I like the concept of a lightweight
carrier that still has more structure than a ring sling or similar.I did
not view the YouTube video as felt the written instructions were clear enough. Slightly awkward reaching around the
back for the straps but that applies to most carriers. Overall simple to put
on. Easy to adjust once
on. Baby felt secure and it was comfortable to wear. Baby felt secure
and fell asleep almost instantly so must have been comfortable! My partner was
happy with ease of use of this carrier. Likely
to continue to use this carrier as convenient when also with older child as it
leaves hands free. I presently use front carrying with my child as too young
presently to back carry. I would use this approximately once a week. Very
easy to fold up when not in use as lightweight. Easy enough to keep clean and
some simple marks just sponged off. Seemed
good quality material, seemed like it would withstand frequent use. I
liked the fact this is alightweight
but secure carrier great for warm weather use as baby didn’t overheat from
thick material.Seemed like product would last. It is an expensive product but if used
frequently then it would be good value. Price is similar to equivalent products
from other companies. I would purchase this as a lightweight carrier and useful
when have older children as well. I
would recommend as easy to use and seemed sturdy. Expensive
for initial outlay cost but useful and secure when carrying baby. The
carrier was generally easy touse if slightly fiddly with crossing the
straps behind the back at first. Seemed like a good quality carrier that kept
baby secure and comfortable. Tote bag is a nice idea for transporting the
carrier but postal packaging could have been more attractive. Angharad Bryant –
Mair 8 Weeks





I will be buying an integra size up when it’s needed. I will be buying as it has been a life saver for the school run when I have to run out of the house. For cleaning with a fussy baby and for walks just because I wanted him close and safe. I have already recommended and they are amazed by the sling. For the cost quality and impression this simply deserves nothing but 5/5. I feel I have fully expressed my overall joy for this item above.


Sydnie Awarded The Integra Baby Carrier Size 1 5/5

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